How Often Should You Replace Hair Clippers? (Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs)

How often should you replace your hair clipper?

It’s a simple answer but at the same time complicated.

In this article, we’ll go through the process of deciding whether you should replace your clippers (and I’ll give you some pointers on your possible next steps if they do need replacing).

with that said, let’s get into it.

How Often Should You Replace Hair Clippers

Quick answer:

How well you maintain your hair clippers will determine how often you should look to buy a new pair.

If the problem lies with your blades, you should replace them every 6-12 months. However, if the problem lies with the performance, try to fix it before replacing it.

There is no set time In which hair clippers should be replaced, the more well-kept your clippers are, the longer they last.

If you were to buy new hair clippers what should be the signs to look at for?

Signs To Replace Clippers

  • Blades are dull or damaged
  • The motor is weak or making strange noises
  • Clipper gets hot quickly
  • Cord or battery life is short
  • Clipper is no longer cutting as well as it used to

These are some of the main reasons why your clippers may need replacing and they all stem down to these factors:

  • Quality
  • Frequency of use
  • Maintenance
  • Storage
  • Type of hair being cut
  • Rust

I go more into depth on these factors in my article on how long hair clippers last:

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For this article, we will focus on the signs that are already present.

Damaged Hair clipper

Damaged hair clippers can lead to pulled hair, cuts, burns, and burns from overheating. Not to mention the poor performance of your hair clippers themselves. 

Whether the damage is internal, like the motor, or external, like the clipper blades. Keeping the hair clipper is a risk that should not always be taken.

Corded hair clippers with cuts to the wire can be a serious fire hazard, and such risks should not be taken.

Do not gamble on these hair clippers, replace them.

The hair clipper Constantly Stops working

The most common cause reason for replacing a hair clipper is it simply stopped working. A Warn blade and a dull motor that shorts and overheats now and then are signs your hair clippers are slowly wearing out.

Sharpening or replacing your blades can bring them back to life, such a small change can give your clippers of a new lease on life.

A Dying motor is bad news as it’s the powerhouse of any hair clipper. you will tend to see your hair clippers overheating more than usual as well as Loud high-pitched noises coming from them. 

when it comes to a failing motor, replacing it is not so simple.

Even if you were to successfully replace a hair clipper motor by yourself, I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t feel too safe putting those near my head.

 I think you would need to get replaced.

Rusting Hair Clippers

Rusting Hair clippers are a clear sign of your hair clippers’ aging.

The rust can arise from a lack of oiling, leaving your clippers in damp areas, and not drying your hair clippers sufficiently.

Removing rust by simply cleaning your clippers could do the job. 

However, this is not a permanent fix, the damage has been done. With your hair clippers already rusty, no matter how much you clean and try to get it off it will always come back. 

Hair clippers rusting more than likely mean they need replacing. It’s all good knowing you need to buy new hair clippers but I’m guessing you wondering how you can go about choosing a hair clipper that will last you.

Not to worry. I am going to help you out with that next.

How Do You Know If A Hair Clipper Is Good?

When looking to get new hair clippers here are some of the factors you should look out for:

  • Motor type
  • Blade Quality
  • Corded vs Cordless
  • Brand Reputation

These are all important but next, I’ll more into depth on the really important factors

What hair clipper brand is best?

When looking to replace hair clippers, you need to make sure that the next set you get is up to date with the latest machinery and performance.

You should be looking at hair clippers that will last you a decade or more if maintained correctly.

While you could pick a hair clipper from a less established brand, you run the risk of landing yourself in the same situation as you are currently in a year from now… choosing a new hair clipper. We don’t want this a yearly thing, quite frankly that is very expensive, to say the least. 

Clippers from Andis, Babyliss, and wahl are made for barbers and built to cut hair regularly. You would not be wrong in taking a hair clipper from one of these established brands

Off-brand clippers may work well at the beginning but will not have the longevity of branded clippers and you may find yourself back to buying new hair clippers before you know it.

Corded Vs Cordless

Deciding between corded or cordless is not as complicated as it is made out to be, it all depends on how mobile you and your clients are.

If you’re always on the move, i.e cutting clients’ hair in their homes, you should opt for a cordless hair clipper. 

You do not want to be restricted to a certain amount of space all because an outlet is positioned in a certain location. 

Also, if your clients are occasionally kids and are always moving, corded hair clippers can get in the way, become tangled, and overall be a headache. Having cordless clippers instantly fixes this problem.

On the other hand, if you are not so mobile and are looking at getting hair clippers for personal use or your clients are more mature, corded hair clippers would be a better bet. 

When it comes to consistent power and performance, corded hair clippers are in a class of their own. Due to them being corded, their output of power is direct, going straight from the outlet to the motor, then the blade.

Generally, most corded hair clippers will outlast their cordless counterparts. A cordless hair clipper may last you a few good years, but a corded hair clipper will most definitely last you a lifetime. 

When looking to replace your current pair of hair clippers, knowing which type to move to next, must be weighed into your decision. 

Check for your Ideal Hair clipper Motor

There are three types of motors when it comes to hair clippers,

  • Pivot motor
  • Rotary monetary
  • Magnetic motor 

The motor is the engine of a hair and knowing how each one operates is key to deciding your next pair of hair clippers.

A magnetic motor is the fastest type of motor and tends to be found in corded hair clippers. Hair clipper blades move 120hz per second, providing the finest cutting and performance. 

These are the go-to motor for barbers. However, magnetic motor clippers, do tend to overheat and their shear power can make them hard to control when cutting hair. 

Having the experience to handle this type of motor would be ideal but it can be quickly learned so do not shy away from them.

Rotary motors are found in the majority of cordless hair clippers as they are rechargeable. If you are looking to perform cuts on a range of hairstyles.  A rotary motor hair clipper can help to see you through such obstacles. However, in terms of longevity, these are the types of motors than tend to give way first. 

Pivot motors are more powerful than magnetic motors, however, pale in comparison when it comes to blade speed.

Hair clippers that sport a pivot motor rarely overheat and can perform for many years. 

How you use your hair clippers, but if your looking for longevity a pivot or magnetic motor should be your go option. 

But as long as you purchase from a well-known brand the quality should be assured and they will be with you for a good amount of time as long as you keep up with maintenance.

Take note of included accessories

Make sure your hair clipper set comes with all the correct attachments and accessories.

Not only to help you to provide the best cut possible, But the parts, such as the guards can protect parts of your clipper, like the blades, from damage. 

In the long term, this can extend the life of your clippers.

A good hair clipper set should contain:

  • clip-on guards to aid in cutting to precision
  • Brush/comb 
  • Hair clipper oil
  • Storage case 


With all that said, I’ll now recommend some of my favorite hair clippers that will give you a good cut and last you a while.

If you’re looking for the best cordless clippers, check out these top picks below:

WAHL 5-STAR SENIORS Overall Top Pick

The Wahl Senior Clippers are powerful cordless clippers that feature a high blade speed with increased torque. They have a thin profile blade with a flat bottom which allows for closer cutting and precision fades

Babyliss Pro Fx Bestproffesional grade

The Babyliss Pro model is a best-professional grade clipper, it’s durable, has a powerful cutting motor, runs quietly, and is equipped with premium Babyliss guards

Gold Wahl Magic Clip Premium Pick

The Wahl Gold Magic Clipper is a cordless clipper that is designed for heavy-duty fading and has full housing for precision and control. It has a lightweight adjustable taper lever for greater variation in cutting lengths and a 120-minute charge with 100 min run time 

You can also check out other clippers from our guides such as the best hair for Fades or or the best hair clippers for home use.

Maybe your looking also looking to buzz your hair or to go completely bald.

And if you’re also in the market for a line to pair with your clippers, check out our article on the best line-up of clippers so you can have a crisp cut.


You came to this article to find out how often should you buy a new hair clipper and the simple answer is every 3 years if you want the latest performing models. 

However, this may not be necessary and your hair clippers can last you far longer than a few years if maintained correctly. However, signs to look for that indicate you need a new pair of clippers would be 

  • Seeing notable damage on a hair clipper 
  • Rusting 
  • Lapses in performance and overheating 

And things you should look for when looking to purchase a new set of hair clippers are 

  • Deciding between  corded or cordless 
  • Correct motor to match performance 
  • Accessories included with the hair clippers

If you are looking to keep your new hair clippers performing at their best for as long as possible or know how long hair clippers should last,  be sure to look at our articles on hair clipper maintenance:

If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment. And if you would like to give your idea on how often you should buy a new hair clipper, please comment below too


How long do hair clippers typically last?

Hair clippers can last for several years if properly maintained but typically have a lifespan of 5-7 years.

Can I extend the lifespan of my hair clippers with proper maintenance?

Yes, regular cleaning, oiling, and blade sharpening can extend the lifespan of hair clippers.

Are there any signs that indicate it’s time to replace hair clippers?

Signs that indicate it’s time to replace hair clippers include dull or damaged blades, a weak or noisy motor, and a shortened cord or battery life.

Patrick Boulang

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