Best hair clippers for bald heads (A Perfect Head Shave For 2024)

A clipper that can cut right down to the follicle is essential when going bald.

Choose the wrong one, and shaving your head becomes a difficult and time-consuming operation.

You’ll be left feeling harassed by an itchy scalp and covered in cuts and bruises.

Choose the right one, and you’ll feel sharp and fresh every single time.

But only specific tools allow getting a specific type of bald look…

Want the best clippers for the job?

They’re below. Take a look.

Best Overall:
Wahl Balding Clipper

Best for shallow growth:
Wahl Corded Detailers

Best Best on Control & Maneuverability:
Remington Shortcut Pro

Best For Fresh-Growth & Wet Shave:
Pitbull Skull Shaver Pro

Best for travel & Cordless Buzzing:
Ritter Hair Clippers

Best Hair Clippers for Bald Head

Bottom Line
Best For Bald Buzz Cuts
Wahl Balding Clippers
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Bottom Line
The Wahl balding clipper is a professional-grade, corded hair clipper that can deliver an extremely close cut for men looking for that buzzcut look where you just about make out your hairline. it’s zero-gapped out of the box, and it can shave hair down to 0.2-0.5mm. It doesn’t have a lever so it’s not flexible to cut any varying levels and it does have some weight to it but that’s because it sports a powerful motor that shreds through the hair with ease thanks to its corded capabilities.  If you looking for a clipper made by a top brand that specifically buzzes your hair as low as possible with ease.. these should be your #1 choice…
Cuts to 0.1mm
Powerful V5000 motor for cutting through any hair type
Professional grade clipper
Zero gapped blades
Stainless rust-resistant blades
Comes with accessories
 ‎ 1.97 x 2.17 x 7.09 inches; 1.41 Pounds(0.6kg)
Best For Shallow Growth
Wahl Corded Detailers
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Bottom Line
If you want and lightweight, highly precise clipper/trimmer that has a long cutting blade, you might want to opt for the Wahl detailer. This lightweight, quiet, yet powerful trimmer offers top-notch precision and functionality. It boasts a powerful rotary motor with t-blades that cut to 0.2 mm out of the box by can be further zero-gapped to increase its cutting ability. It also has an ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It also comes with a wide range of accessories should you wish for more length. The package included 3 guards, a cleaning brush, a red blade guard, and operating instructions. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about power thanks to the 8-foot, professional-grade, chemical-resistant cord that supplies this trimmer with constant power. You have all you need to achieve that clean buzzed look. 
Smooth, precise, ultra-close trimming T-Blade that can be adjustable and zero-gapped
ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand
A lightweight, quiet, yet powerful, trimmer that offers top-notch precision and functionality
‎1.75 x 1.75 x 5 inches; 0.6 pounds (0.27kg)
Best on Control & Maneuverability
Clippers for bald head
Remington Shortcut Pro
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Bottom Line
Maybe for you,  it’s about comfort in hand as well maneuverability… In that case, give these clippers a spin. The Remington Short Cut Pro is a compact and lightweight clipper with a less powerful motor than the Oster or wahl clippers, but it still easily cuts low to give that buzz look (0.3-0.6mm). But what this clipper also offers is head contouring thanks to the uniquely shapes blades that match your head like a glove meaning more consistent cutting at all levels. It does have a slower blade speed that may cause it to pull hair if used too quickly as the battery could leave you wanting more.. but for the control, maneuverability, and weight it may be something you don’t mind, especially if you don’t like corded clippers if you want to make buzzing simple, opt-in for these. 
Powerful universal motor for cutting any hair type
Cordless, 40-minute runtime
Lightweight clipper
An extra-wide curved blade that follows the contours of your head

 9.75 x 7 x 2.5 inches; 1.15 Pounds(0.5kg)
Best For Fresh-Growth & Wet Shave
Best hair clippers for bald heads
Pitbull Skull Shaver Pro
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Bottom Line
This should be your go-to clipper/shaver for fresh growth. If you looking to cut and shave right down to the follicle then the pit bull pro hood shaver is the grooming tool you need. It has a 90-minute cordless runtime, automatically clips hair to (0mm), and is waterproof so it has wet/dry shaving capabilities. The clipper comes with Pitbull’s patented shaver design for a comfortable grip and easy hold, and with an easy pop chamber, they are easy to clean once you got that bald cut/shave. When it electronic cutting tools to shave bald, the pro shave is in a league of its own.
4-direction floating heads, ultra-flexible pivoting blades for extra reach, and multi-directional shaving.
Smart self-shaving kit
The ergonomic handle ensures smoother and more intuitive shaving of your head and face.
IPX5 waterproof
7.83 x 6.69 x 3.5 inches; 1.52 Pounds (0.68kg)
Best for travel & Cordless Buzzing
Bald head clippers
Ritter Hair Clippers
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Bottom Line
The Ritter Hair Clipper is a small, portable, and lightweight tool with a long battery life(240-minute cordless operation
). It has two speeds, one slower and another with increased power. These clippers are naturally zero-gapped, cutting as close to (0.1mm) making them true professional-grade balding clippers. The blades are very sharp but don’t nick. On some areas of the head, you may have to do a couple of passes as the blade is super flat and doesn’t smoothly adapt to the head. But overall, if you want a cordless and light travel clipper that is easy to pack and cuts bald when needed, then these clippers are for you.
Ergonomic + powerful
Quite + Long lasting battery
Sharp zero-gapped blades
Powerful 7Watt motor with two speeds
4.5 x 1.57 x 1 inches; 4.1 Ounces(0.56kg)

The Right Clipper

Looking to get a balding clipper …but still not sure which clipper is best for your specific needs?

That’s understandable.

Not many do.. and not many care.

Most clippers owners put up with whatever machine they currently own and pray the random clippers they pick up from the local store will be enough to do the job. 

It’s often far from that and those same clippers come to eventually die on them in a matter of months and never give them the shave bald cut they were after…

But the clipper owners that know what to look for in a balding clipper always achieve the exact type of bald cut they’re after.

You see…

They use a specific set of factors that guarantee they make the correct clipper choice – one that cuts like a dream, leaving them feeling sharp and smooth every single time. 

What are these factors? 

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for…

Some of us want a clean-shaven head that’s smooth and full of shine….

Others don’t like the look or feel of a completely bald head. PSST.. if that’s you… check out this article on the best clippers for buzz cuts.

The 5 Best Hair Clippers for DIY Buzz Cuts in 2024

A clipper that can cut right down to the follicle is essential when choosing a buzz-cut clipper Choose the wrong …

And a few just want a clipper that can be used every other day to keep a clean bald appearance.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, the most IMPORTANT thing is the hair clipper you select for the job. 

Here at ClippHub, we’ve handpicked a range of clippers – along with detailed (but simple) descriptions of each.

These clippers buzz hair to varying lengths and also give you the chance to wet shave with a razor after should you want to go any shorter.

Need more details? Take a look below. 


Wahl Balding Clippers

Best Balding Clipper
Best Hair clipper for bald head
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Built Specifically for balding

Consistently powerful

It’s wahl and it’s 5 stars. 

When it comes to clippers made to consistently buzz low, there isn’t much like it on the market. 

This  ‎1.97 x 2.17 x 7.09-inch clipper weighs a light 1.5 pounds and comes with 2 attachment comb cutting guides (1/16″ and 3/16″) in case you want a little bit of length for your cut. 

The guards work well to give you some additional length but the real magic comes from the blades. 

The stainless steel blades are manufactured zero gapped meaning they provide the sharpest cut right out of the box. 

They are flat and thin and allow for closer cutting ability without ever cutting the skin. 

These blades are powered by a  powerful v500, 120 v – 60hz  electromagnetic motor that cuts at twice the speed of the average cordless clipper. 

Put a powerful clipper and a low, sharp blade together and you have a clipper that easily cuts through all hair types. 

You don’t have to worry about Inconsistent power either, thanks to the 8-foot professional-grade cord. 

It provides consistent power to your clippers at all times and gives you plenty of room to maneuver and adapt as you see fit. 

Close-cutting, easy to use, and powerful. 

That’s what the wahl balding clippers can provide to you if you’re after that bald look. 

The Balding clippers I own below are the original balding clippers.

The newer balding clippers (click the link below) pack more punch and are even more durable, all-around, best hair clippers you can get if you’re going for a bald buzz kind of look.

Check out how well they cut:

  • powerful electromagnetic motor
  •  stylists a surgically close cut up to 0.1mm
  •  comes with 2 attachment comb-cutting guides
  •  8-foot professional-grade, chemical-resistant power cord for consistent power
  • Prone to hair clogging if not maintained well
  • Heavy

“These clippers are very easy to use and they are truly balding clippers”


If you’re after a reliable balding clipper from a reliable brand, opt in for the wahl balding clippers today. 

Grab them, turn them in, and test them out. 

Watch how they easily cut hair down to 0.01 mm. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied. 

In the chance you aren’t, simply return your clippers for a full refund at no cost to you. 

Grab the wahl balding clippers while in stock at their best price yet.  


Wahl Corded Detailer

Best corded trimmer for balding
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Close Cutting Trimmer

Easily clears through the hair with no hair-pulling

The Wahl detailer comes from Wahl Professional’s commercial-grade line of products. 

It’s not a clipper but a trimmer that is far more precise than a clipper ever could be. 

The Detailer is engineered to deliver the sharp performance that experts shave on demand. 

This trimmer contains an extra long exposed with a t-blade that allows for more hair coverage as you cut. 

But because it’s also thin and made of stainless steel, not only do they have rust-resistant properties, but they also last a lot longer and cut hair more finely, up to 0.2mm. 

But what makes it better is you can also zero gap them to cut even closer but do be careful as you could end up cutting yourself. – But it’s an option if you’re after finner cutting performance.

This trimmer is highly ergonomic. It fits and feels great in the hand and due to it being lightweight, it allows for great amounts of maneuvering. 

It also runs quietly, so noise won’t be a problem. 

Oh, and for extra convenience, the detailer comes with all the accessories required for use. 

The package includes the trimmer, (3) attachment comb cutting guides (1/16”, 1/8”, and 1/4”), oil, cleaning brush, red blade guard, and operating instructions. 

Plenty of tools to keep this trimmer running well as well as add some length should you need it.

While this is a great trimmer for shaving your head low, you must be aware that it isn’t as sturdy as a clipper so you must avoid using this trimmer on large clamps of bulk hair. 

As long as you keep it to less than 2 weeks of growth, then this trimmer will perform for years with no problems.

Look how clean it cuts: 

While at its best price, get the most powerful balding trimmer on the market. 

Hold it, run it through your hair. Feel it take off clumps with ease. 

If it isn’t quite your trimmer, return it at no cost to you. 

Simply click the button below and try out the corded Wahl detailer today. 


Remington Shortcut Pro

Best on maneuverability
Clippers for bald head
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Ergonomic easy grip

Adaptable to head

If you simply just want a small clipper that’s highly adaptable, buzzes low, and is easy to maintain…

Then, get your hands on the Shortcut Pro.

Thanks to the unique Remington curve blade, you have a blade that literally works with the shape of your head, giving you the flexibility to cut from all angles without having to adjust the blades whatsoever. 

The curve blade contours your head to perfection, and from there, the zero-gapped stainless steel blades do the business. 

It’s an easy hold and lightweight clipper too, which makes it a great travel option if you’re looking to cut abroad or away from home. 

It’s also very simple to use just turn it on, place it on your head and push – no need to get confused on levers et. 

When done, wash the blades off and they’re set to go again.

And if you want some extra length,  these clippers come with a 14-guard kit. Plenary of lengths to experiment with looks if you please. 

(A cleaning brush and hair clipper oil are also included, just for extra help with maintenance before you store them away in the Remington pouch).

It’s a one-job clipper and it does the job you want to close precision. 
However, The motor in this Remington is not as powerful as in the Oster, wahl and the blades do move slower so buzzing can take some time but the tradeoff is minimal size and weight and far better control.

But all around, very reliable in cutting take a look at this clipper in action:

  • Adaptable Extra Wide Curved Blade
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Lightweight Clipper
  •  100 percent washable 
  • Guard Set Included
  • Average battery life 
  • No battery indicator

“Does exactly what I need. Shaves my head in half the time as my Wahl and does so in the palm of my hand with no cords. What more could you want? I use it without a guard”


If you are after an ergonomic clipper to bald your head, grab the Remington shot cut pro now. 

Hold the lightweight clipper. Feel its ergonomic design and test the wide-grip blades on your hair. 

If it isn’t for you, simply return the clippers at no cost to you. 

Grab the Remington Pro while in stock. 


PitBull Gold Pro Shaver

Best On Fresh Growth
Best clippers for bald heads
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Balds Head right Down To The Follicle

lightweight and ergonomic hold

If your purely looking for that completely clean-shaven look, then you’ll need a hair clipper that lays flat on the head. 

The pit I’ll shaver is that clipper and works best on less than 4 days of hair growth. 

It’s a clipper engineered with precision in mind. 

The skull Shaver features 4-direction floating heads, ultra-flexible pivoting blades for extra reach, and multi-directional shaving, and the 4D rotary shaver automatically adapts to the contours of the face, neck, and even the jaw, giving you a more comfortable and efficient shaving experience

It also comes built rather uniquely. 

The shave has an ergonomic handle and provides patented especially to pitbull. 

The shape allows you to easily shave as the perfectly fits in your hand allowing easy access to all areas of your head. 

On and if you’re a fan of wet shaving, these are more than capable of handling that task.

The pit bull has IPX5 Water resistance technology, allowing you to shave in the shower under running water. 

You can wet shave with cream, gel, or foam or dry shave, you have that flexibility.

And what’s even better is, you can enjoy this for a long time thanks to the 90-minute cordless runtime. 

Allround, a well-built balding clipper leaves you with no hair, it cuts the closest out of all the tools but does it in its one unique way.

While the other clippers can work on longer hair growth, these clippers are specific new brand new growth or keep that bald cut.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Professional Precision
  • Powerful and compact
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Accessories included
  • Blades are vulnerable to damage when being replaced. 
  • No additional blades

“Simply put this thing just works. I use it every two to three days to keep the stubble at bay and can’t be happier. It holds it a charge and is super easy to clean……..”


If you want to shave as is your using a razor.. without actually using one then get your hands on this unique clipper/shaver. 

Use it against fresh growth and see how smoothly it cuts. 

If you come to find it isn’t quite for you, return it at no extra cost to you. 

Grabs the pit bull gold pro today.


Ritter Hair Clippers

Bald head clippers
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Reliable clipper

Convenient storage options

Ritter has produced a clipper that has gone under the radar and it needs more attention. 

The Ritter balding clippers are an underrated clipper that puts cutting performance at the top of its benefits. 

Small, compact, and portable with long battery life and It’s size and weight make it perfect for traveling.

The zero-gapped stainless steel blades can bald hair to 0.5 mm. 

It cuts fairly short but still leaves your scalp a little bit fuzzy, so you won’t get a true ‘bald’ cut but will set your hair up for a razor if you want a complete, clean shave.

They have a powerful 7Watt motor that can work at two speeds and can cut through any hair type.

 They have a rechargeable Li-ion battery that gives you up to 4 hours of cordless run time after 90 minutes of charge

It’s also an easy hold. The clipper weighs a measly 4 ounces with a ‎4.5 x 1.57 x 1-inch body. 

It easily fits you and glides across your hair with no struggle. If you’re looking to take them for traveling you won’t even notice their there. 

You can enjoy 240 Minutes of hair-cutting action, corded or cordless, the Ritter is always for that. 

This is a true professional-grade barbers tool. With real strength, precision, and power.

  • Ergonomic Clippers
  • Quite Clippers
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Sharp zero-gapped blades
  • Weak/awkward guards

“I clip my head every day, and this device is the best I’ve ever found. Small, compact and portable. Long battery life. Its size and weight make it perfect for traveling.
It cuts closer than any clipper I’ve owned in 20 years – super close – but it is surprisingly comfortable and easy to use. Very happy I purchased it.”


It’s quiet, zero-gapped, and easy to use. 

What more could you want in a balding clipper?

Get a reliable clipper from and up and comb my brand wanting to prove a point. 

Try out the Ritter balding clippers today. 

Bald Head Clippers Buyers Guide 

When looking for a clipper to cut bald or close to being bald, there are some things you need to think about. 

I go through this next.

Blade quality: 

Look for clippers with high-quality blades with sharp, durable blades. 

This will ensure a smooth, close shave without pulling or snagging your hair. 

It also means you can safely cut close to the skin and have a better chance at getting the look you want. 

Motor power: 

Clippers with powerful motors will help you achieve a smooth cut quickly and efficiently. 

It also means the clippers will last longer as a motor. 

A weak or poor-quality motor will not have longevity and may die in you quicker than you would’ve liked. 

Corded or cordless: 

Cordless clippers are more convenient, but they may not provide the same level of power as corded clippers. 

That doesn’t mean cordless clippers won’t perform as well, it just means corded clippers have a more consistent power output. 


Look for clippers that are comfortable to hold and use for extended periods.

Clippers with an ergonomic design will reduce hand fatigue and make the shaving process a lot more comfortable.

Accessories: Some clippers come with additional accessories, such as guide combs, cleaning brushes, and oil. 

Consider which accessories you need and whether they come with the clipper you’re thinking of buying.


What is the ideal blade size for a detachable bald head?

For bald head shaving, a size 000 or 00000 blade is ideal.

Are corded or cordless clippers better for bald head shaving?

Both corded and cordless clippers can be suitable for bald head shaving, but corded clippers tend to be more powerful and consistent. However, cordless clippers offer greater flexibility and convenience.

What should I look for in terms of maintenance and cleaning?

It’s important to keep your hair clippers clean and well-maintained to ensure they continue to perform well over time. Look for clippers that come with a cleaning brush, oil, and instructions on how to properly maintain the blades. 

How to Shave Head with Balding Clippers

Now you have your clippers, how do you put them into action? 

Here’s how to do so: 


In this article, we went over the best hair clippers for bald fades

Here is a summary of my top picks. 

Best hair clippers for bald head Summary

Wahl Balding Clippers Best Overall

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper is a powerful, corded hair clipper with sharp blades designed for achieving a smooth, close shave on bald heads.

Remington Shortcut Pro Best For Control

The Remington HC4250 Pro Balding Clipper is a cordless, rechargeable hair clipper with stainless steel blades and a compact design for easy use on bald heads.

If you found this article on the Best hair clippers for bald heads helpful, please check out the other articles below.

Patrick Boulang

Patrick Boulang

Patrick is the Primary editor for Clipphub. He has sales background however has always had a passion in barbering and personal self grooming. He now he spends most of his time giving information to hair clipper users to get them comfortable with personal grooming and improve their work on clients as he believes anyone can become skills with their blades.