Patrick is the founder of Clipphub. He has a sales background, however, has always had a passion for barbering and personal self-grooming. He now spends most of his time giving information to hair clipper users to get them comfortable with personal grooming and improve their work on clients as he believes anyone can become skilled with their blades.

Mathew Kisenyi

Clipphub Mathew

Professional Entrepreneur & Barber for 3 years and I inspire Barber knowledge to those who seek knowledge in the barber industry. To know more about me and my work check out my socials!

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The Name’s Romeo, I am the primary Editor of Clipphub. I have 5 years of in digital marketing and take pride in delivering content that is easy to read, understand and consume, hope you enjoy the content!

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Fine Artist, entrepreneur & Barber for over 2 years – approaching barbering with the artistry and flair akin to my creative background, ultimately seeking to improve the well-being and confidence of men and women, one head at a time. I want to give due diligence of the day-to-day tools I use, to enable barbers to make well-informed purchases to take their game to the next level. To know more about me and my work check out my socials!

Getting Into Clipphub

As I’m writing this, I have just finished research for in-depth articles to be published on the Clipphub blog. 

However, before this, the latest information will be tested and trialed. Then it will be written and produced in an engaging format that you can easily digest. 

My name is Patrick and I am the main content producer for

At Clipphub, we aim to give you the most valuable information your need on hair clippers and grooming.


Life can be busy. On top of this work can be competitive. 

I experienced this firsthand as a sales rep working for a broadband company. Every day was a battleground for sales, deals, and client satisfaction. 

Deadlines and targets would sneak on you without you realizing and while my security was secured, I couldn’t help but fear that at any point I could be released. In the current economic landscape, that wasn’t an option.

Constant sacrifices with friends and family were made to be on top of work at all times. 

It was a struggle every day but what added the most pressure was the odd success my peers would always achieve.

They were always on the ball, permanently closing leads and generally always ahead of me. 

Why was this?

I was one of the most experienced reps on the team and had worked on my craft for years yet there seemed to always be a step ahead. 

So one day I sucked in my pride and simply asked a colleague of mine named Mathew how he became so ruthless. 

He simply said:

‘It’s all about confidence Patrick. You get one opportunity to impress, look the part and come in true confidence and success isn’t too far away. 

It wasn’t groundbreaking advice but I seem to have missed this out. I truly looked at my ‘competition’ and it was true. 

They wore the latest Brioni and Brooke brother suits, Seiko and Timex watch reshaped their wrist, and Amberjack and Beckett Simonon shoes pieced it all together. 

But their most impactful feature which I hadn’t noticed until Samuel brought it to my attention would be how smart and well groom my colleagues were.

Every day, they appeared as professional as they could be and the success just poured out from there. I had to replicate it.

In Action

I wanted to feel my best at all times and wanted the way I showed up to work and the world to be the cornerstone of this. 

Grooming had to become my priority and mastering the skill of looking my best on-demand became my mission. 

I had always had hair clippers. But I never truly understood how to use them. 

I would frequently be on the web browsing forums, watching videos, and looking at types of websites. 

But I never truly got the information I need. The web is a tornado of opinions, some right, some wrong, and some genuinely dangerous. 

I needed a resource that was simple and easily digestible and that could put my burning questions on clippers to rest in a matter of minutes. 

This came from a friend called Kieran (another writer for Clipphub). He is an experienced barber who had all the answers to my hair-clipper problems. 

Over a matter of months, I practiced and learned from him.

It was a methodical process that taught me all I needed to know about grooming. 

before I knew it I became very competent when using the blade. Finally, I could look as I please on demand. 

And oh did I reap the benefits. The change in my life was subtle but It didn’t go unnoticed.

Everything from my work life to my social life turned on its head. I become ruthless at work. Praises and promotions I had only wished for came at me frequently… 

I felt the extra love from my partners, and I now became the person advising on how to kill it in life. 

The new skill I had nurtured for the past few months surprisingly also became another revenue. From it, I was able to secure clients and push my imagination to a new level when I had those blades in my hand,

But this all came from the knowledge I received from a reliable source.

Flash now to the present and I want everyone who owns hair clippers to feel the same and just feel better with personal grooming and self-development, as well as know the ins and outs of their tools.

From that thought..that is how Clipphub was formed.

Knowledge On Demand

Clipphub is the only place you need you to need to get your answers on all things clippers and grooming. We are an expert team of self-employed and senior barbers who have mastered the art of blades and want you to as well. 

All content we provide to researched and tested to make sure you only learn what you need to know. Search through our website, and easily find the query you want to answer. skim through and find the solution and read on further to develop your understanding. 

We believe in interactive learning. That is why we will highlight the key points you need to remember, link out to the most relevant source for extra assurance and update you on the latest you could be utilized within the industry. 

But within our email community is where you can receive the greatest amount of value. On signing up you will receive all our maintenance guides. From oiling to sharpening, cleaning, and blade replacements. A quick round-up of all the content on our blog and they all become yours when you join our community. 

Such information is the reason we have received many grateful messages from hair clippers owners around the world whose questions have been solved by the gracious Clipphub team. 

So don’t hesitate to master your hair clippers. Delve into Clipphub and enjoy what we offer at no cost to you. We believe you will be pleasantly happy with what we have to provide and if you have questions, we are always available when you contact us.

Don’t Hesitate

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We truly believe you will be satisfied and if not simply unsubscribe but we doubt you will. 

We are grateful to have you. Don’t hesitate on utilizing our treasure chest of knowledge specifically produced for you. 

Get involved in the Clipphub community and reap the reward of success today!

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