Oster Fast Feed vs Wahl Magic Clip – The Ultimate Comparison

Oster vs wahl is two powerhouses in the clipper industry. 

Two brands are known for their quality clippers but how well will two of their most popular products pair up against one another? 

In this article, we’ll compare the Oster Fast feed vs Wahl magic clip and see which one will fit you best. 

With that said, let’s get into it.

Corded Oster Fast Feed vs Wahl Magic Clip

In this guide, I’ll be comparing the corded version of the magic clip with the corded Oster fast feed.

This is for two reasons the cordless Oster feed does a disservice to what the fast feed should be: raw power. 

By doing this guide this way, it will also keep it neutral between both. 

I will touch on cordless versions of both clippers if that is your type of clipper but the bulk of this article will be on the corded versions. 

So, let’s talk specs.

Oster Fast Feed vs Magic ClipCorded
Blade TechnologyStainless steel
Cryogen-x blade
Stagertooth blade + crunch blade 
Lever cutting lengths
0.5 mm -2.3 mm
Hair Clipper Size
6 x 2.1 x 1.6 inches
6.25 x 2.36 x 1.57 inches
Hair Clipper Weight
1.7 pounds/ 771 grams
0.7 pounds /317 grams
Motor Type/speed
Pivot  3600 rpm 

Magnetic 7200 rpm 
Cord length
8-foot professional-grade cord
8-foot professional-grade cord


Oster fast feed. 

If I could beat describe this clipper it would be powerful and consistent. 

The Oster fast feed is slightly shorter than the two clippers at 6 inches. 

However, it has a shorter body (2.1 inches), compared to the magic clip’s 2.36-inch body.

But It is awkwardly shaped.

With this type of shape, if you have longer fingers with a wide palm, this may be your type of clipper but we’ll get to that later. 

Moving away from the body, we’ll head inside tor the beastly motor which powers the Oster fast feed. 

The Oster fast feed sports a 3600 rpm pivot motor. 

It’s a torque motor it doesn’t need speed to cut. 

Essentially, the more torque, the more hair the clippers can cut while maintaining speed. 

The pivot motor is durable and can take some drops and hits without becoming displaced. 

Charged by an 8-foot chemical-grade power cord, your pivot motor will receive plentiful energy at all times and won’t skip a beat when in action. 

All this power is to get that cryptogenic x, titanium steel blades working. 

The blades themselves on the Oster fast feed are to anything rave about. Simple reliable stainless steel blades that are sharp and will cut well. 

With a higher torque motor to partner it, maintenance will be needed but your blades will last longer than a clipper wholes motor moves its blades faster. 

But the downside is the clipper isn’t great at removing large amounts of bulky compared to the magic clip which has both the power and feed. 

The adjustment lever on the fast feed out-of-the-box can move the blade to 0.5mm (1/50”) when closed and up to 2.3mm( 3/32”)  when the lever is open

You can even zero the gap to 0.0 if you want better cutting efficiency. 

This wide range in cutting length allows you to experiment with cuts, especially if you fading. It also means you can use these clippers on various hair textures,e curly, and straight. 

You aren’t limited. 

However, the best thing that comes from the pivot motor would be how forgiving the clippers are. 

If your e a beginner, you may need some time to tame these clippers out of the box as like I said, it’s a powerful clipper. 

So you’ll be glad to know that due to the low torque in the clippers, it means, you have slightly more room for error. 

Less torque also means your blades move slower so if you move up accidentally to cut hair it won’t just take off all your hair in one go. 

But keep in mind, the pivot motor isn’t as popular currently, and not many models of clipper hole this type of motor.  If you damage your fast feeds finding a replacement may be difficult or very expensive. 

Wahl Magic clip 

The wahl magic clip is the leaner and longer clipper out of this and has the build of most traditional clippers. 

When you hold these clippers for the first time, it won’t feel awkward and the relatively light weight means you will be able to adapt to them rather quickly. 

As you hold the magic clip you notice the long 8-foot charging cord which moves the magic clip’s magnetic motor. 

The magic clip holds a powerful magnetic motor. Out of all the motor types, the magnetic motor is the fastest, moving the cutting at up to 7200 rpm

Unlike the fast feed, the cutting blade will move rapidly, meaning this clipper has the power to cut through hair like butter this is aided but the fact the magic clip blades have crunch blade and stagger blade technology

A stagger blade is a cutting blade that has varying hair teeth lengths. The stager blade is designed to blend hair and create texture while cutting. This blade is also designed to create seamless blends when hard or soft lines when fading.

You also have crunch blade technology which is when the teeth on your blade are so sharp, as it cuts hair, you can hear a ‘crunch’ as it cuts. 

Crunch blades help you to give a blunter cut and a smoother finish all around. 

If you want an even tighter fade, you can zero gap these clippers to make the cutting length 0.0 when the guard is closed. 

But all this high-speed-cutting power means, you can create a clean fade without difficulty, especially on curly shorter hair. 

But at the same time, if you don’t what you’re doing, the wahl magic clip isn’t too forgiving and will cut whatever hair you place them on. 

If you’re new to barbering and tend to jerk or make mistakes, these clippers may give you a hard time, to begin with, but once you get the hang of them you should be fine. 

To add to this, you will constantly have to keep cleaning, oiling, and maintaining your clippers/ blades to make sure your blades stay with you for longer as they can wear out pretty fast.  

wahl magic clip vs Oster fast feed

Now, let’s go over what these clippers are with and how they’ll feel while in use. 

Oster Fast Feed vs Magic ClipCorded
Noise Level
Low noise
Low noise
Comfort Ease of use
Not very ergonomic
1/4 guard to 8 guard 
 ½ guard to 8 guards


In terms of noise, the Oster noise, despite the power of the motor, the Oster fast feed is fairly quiet and doesn’t produce too much noise. 

The slower running motor means there’s less movement and blade sliding so it creates a quiet cutting experience and it stays that way as long as you clean and maintains your clippers. 

On the other side, the Magic clip has everything moving at different high feeds, while this is great for cutting it does push the Magic clip to be louder than the Oster fast feed and if you have sensitive ears, it can be bothersome but in my opinion, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 

When it comes to the ergonomics of both clippers and comparing how they’ll feel, I’d say beginners would have an easier time handling the magic clip compared to the fast feed.

The Oster fast feed doesn’t have a traditional clipper design and might take some time to get used to, but when you get comfortable with them, they too are an easy-to-hold and easy-to-apply hair clipper

Ergonomically, both are very sound.

Now when it comes to guards and the attachments that come with your clippers, there is a big difference. 

On purchasing the wahl magic clipper guards ranging from the #1 to #8 (1/8″ to 1″), including the #1/2 and #1 1/2 ,1/16″ and 3/16″. 

Wahl clipper guard set

The guards are your standard, high-quality cutting guards which hold hair true to length and will certainly help you get the fade/taper yours after. 

On the other hand, the fast-feed guards are far from this.

When you purchase the Oster fast feed you receive four guards ranging from a 1 guard ⅛ (3mm)to a 4 guard (13mm). 

These blades are flimsy, weak, and don’t cut to length. 

You’d be better off swapping the with andis guards which fit the fast feed model. 

So in terms of attachments, that goes to the magic clip. 


Overall the Oster faster feed is a powerful clipper that is forgiving thanks to its high torque, and low speed. 

At first, it’s awkward to hold, but once you get the hang of the power it’s a great clipper to begin cutting hair with and excels in tackling a wide range of hair types thanks to the large difference in cutting lengths.

Oster Fast feed
  • Good for budgets
  • Quiet & stays cool
  • Very poor Guards
  • Not a bulk hair cutter

On the other hand, the magic clip is both speed and power but not very forgiving to beginners. In the right hands, it will blend hair smoothie and is precise on cut. It excels on short, curly hair.

But the nature clipper means a high amount of maintenance is needed to keep this clipper working at its best for a long period. But all clippers need maintenance, it’s nothing new.

But these clippers cut to the truth and with providing very good blends and fading.

Wahl Magic Clip
  • Sharp/ precise blades
  • Powerful magnetic motor
  • Heavy maintenance needed

What are the main differences between the Oster Fast Feed and Wahl Magic Clip?

The Fast Feed is lighter with adjustable blades, while the Magic Clip has a more powerful motor/faster and stagger-tooth blade.

Which clipper is better for fading and blending?

Both clippers are suitable for fading and blending, but the Magic Clip’s stagger-tooth blade allows for more precise blending.



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