The Best Zero Gap Trimmers for 2024 (and Why You Need Them Now)

There’s a reason elite barbers can produce sharp hairlines from the first hit of their trimmers. 

It’s not luck, “major experience” or even skill.

They come equipped with professional-grade zero-gapped trimmers. 

Ones that safely cut close to the skin right out of the box! 

No need to adjust them. They come sharp and ready for action! 

Do you want an “unfair advantage” in creating laser lines like this:

Well, you’ll need one of the best hand-tested zero-gapped trimmers.

They’re below, take a look.

Best Zero Gap Trimmers

Bottom Line
Best Overall
best line up clipper
BaByliss Metal Fx
Allround elite
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Bottom Line
When it comes to the best all-round zero gap trimmer. These trimmers are in a class of their own. The Gold Fx are professional-grade liners of the Babyliss Pro, barber-ology line. It features a high-speed, high-torque, Italian-designed motor that runs at 7,200 rpm, You’ll love the knuckle barbell grip but what makes this trimmer so good is on top of everything else, it comes zero-gapped right out of the box! … babyliss provides you with a zero gap tool that helps you zero gap your trimmers to precision once more should you lose your gap as you used them. Naturally, this trimmer comes with a graphite deep-tooth blade (a great bulk hair-clearing blade that produces crisp lines). It has 2 runtime hours on a single charge and comes with a hanging hook. All-round it’s an excellent trimmer. If you are new to Babyliss you might have to get used to the shape but once you’re used to the feel, you’ll come to love it. It excels in all aspects and is an investment that will last. P.S, are you a fan of Babyliss? check out their other trimmers
Lithium battery for 120-minute runtime
Knuckle barber grip handle
DLC deep-tooth T-blade
7,200 rpm high-speed Italian brushless motor
Accessories included
The shape can be awkward at first
2.63 x 7.63 x 7.13 inches; 0.5 Pounds/(0.23kg)
Best Longevity
Andis GTX-Exo
Best On Durability
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Bottom Line
If you’re purely after a trimmer built to last as well as cut super close then the new GTX – Exo from the Outliner family might be for you. The Andis 74100 GTX-EXO trimmer is a professional-grade liner that provides consistent power, feels great in hand (though it can be a little bulky for some), and cuts close to producing crisp lines. It comes with 100 minutes of cordless runtime (but you can also use it corded if you want). The cutting performance is also up among the best. The new Andis gold Gx blade provides premium cuts through all hair types with little difficulty and comes far better than zero-gapped when comparing it to the old Andis outliners. It’s another reliable liner from a well-known brand. It will cut how you like but also has the build to last you years (provided you maintain it well). If you’re after a zero gapped with a great build and plenty of longevity, these are for you.
100-minute cordless runtime
Gold GTX-Z blade comes zero gapped
Powerful, high-speed rotary motor with blade speeds over 7,200 SPM
Accessories included

Bulky, not great for small hands
10.83 x 5.24 x 4.49 inches; 0.6pounds (0.3kg)
Wahl Detailer
Premium Pick
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Bottom Line
Maybe you are after the best from the leading brand in the market. If that’s the case, get your hands on the best Wahl has to provide. The Wahl Gold Detailer Li is a professional-grade cordless trimmer that delivers the best cutting performance from all Wahl Trimmers. It features an extra-wide T-shaped gold blade that can cut more hair faster and create crisp, clean lines. The blade has titanium and DLC coatings that make it stronger, cooler, and corrosion-resistant. The blade comes zero-gapped out of the box and allows for super close trimming and detailing. The trimmer has a powerful 6800 rpm rotary motor that runs for 100 minutes on a single charge. It comes with a matching gold and black charge stand, an LED indicator, three attachment combs, and a blade alignment tool. The Wahl Gold Detailer Li is the perfect choice for barbers and stylists who want a premium zero-gap trimmer that shines like never before.

Lithium battery for 100-minute runtime
Sleek gold/black durable cover
Wide T-blade with DLC coatings
6,800 rpm high-speed Italian brushless motor
Accessories included

Gold cover can be reflective in bright light
25.4 x 21.2 x 8.1 cm; 0.5 pounds  (0.4kg)
Best on power
Gamma X-Evo review
Gamma X-Evo
Most powerful
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Bottom Line
You might be looking for a trimmer that cuts hair like a knife through butter. In that case, you should check out these beasts of speed and power. The Gamma+ X-Evo trimmer is a top-notch professional liner that delivers razor-sharp accuracy with a quiet performance. It has a smooth microchipped motor that runs at 10,000 RPM (and you can feel the power in your hand)…but it’s still well-balanced and won’t shake too much. It comes in 3 stylish colour options and has 2 hours of wireless runtime. It features a sharp 2.0 DLC fine tooth blade(the best blade for lining). It’s also one of the easiest trimmers to maintain thanks to the click-off housing. A solid and powerful machine, but it’s probably better for experienced hands as this trimmer can be a little difficult to tame. If you’re already a pro and want to take your trimming power to the next level, try this liner out.
Lithium-ion battery delivers 120 cordless run-times with a 1-hour rapid charge
2.0 fixed blade with DLC deep tooth cutter is ideal for high precision and fine detail work
Turbo charges 10,000 rpm microchip motor
It can be very buzzy in an unsteady hand
1.5 x 1.5 x 6 inches; 1 pound (0.43kg)
Best On Control
JRL Trimmer
Jrl Fresh Fade
Best for Beginners
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Bottom Line
Maybe you’ve heard of zero-gapped trimmer but you’re still slightly on edge and want to make sure you have slower running trimmer that you can better control. In that case, these trimmers belong to you. The JRL 2020 trimmer are zero-gapped stainless steel trimmer that is corrosion-proof. It allows for precise and detailed trimming of hair, beard, and body. It’s also great for lining, dry shaving, and creating fades and edges. But what makes these trimmers great is the slower running motor that gives less kick than the other trimmers on this list. This motor also runs quietly at only 60 dB and you can enjoy 2 hours of cordless runtime. Overall, you get a super-detailed, noiseless trimmer that you have full control over, no matter the skill level. 
120 -minute cordless runtime
Stainless steel zero-gapped blades
Powerful super motor runs at 6,000 pm 
Accessories included
Has a tendency to pull hair on course hair types
8.82 x 5.51 x 5.47 inches; 1.5 Pounds (0.6 kg)

Zero Gap Trimmer

Not sure which zero gap trimmer is best for your specific needs?

That’s understandable.

Not many do.. and not many care.

Most trimmer owners put up with whatever machine they currently own and pray it gives the cut they want.

But shock.. they never do.

In fact, they start to see that their battery keeps constantly dying on them when they need it most, their blades become rough and chipped and the motor begins to sound like a jet engine… On a good day. 

Sucks to be them. But…

However, there are a rare few trimmer owners who know exactly what they’re getting their trimmers and they’re always satisfied.

Best Zero Gapped Trimmers

There’s a reason some people are able to experience an excellent cutting performance from their zero-gapped trimmers.

It’s not steady hands, it’s not about skill and it’s not luck. 

They use a specific set of factors that guarantee they make the correct clipper choice – one that cuts like a dream, leaving them fresh and well-groomed.

What are these factors? 

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for…


Some of us want a zero-gapped trimmer with a super long battery life.

Others want a zero-gapped trimmer used by only elite barbers and some just want a budget pair that will do the bare basics exceptionally well.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, the most IMPORTANT thing is the trimmers you select for the job. 

Here at ClippHub, we’ve handpicked a range of the best zero-gapped trimmers – along with detailed (but simple) descriptions of each.

Need some more insight it each?

Read on.

Best Zero Gapped Trimmer


Babyliss Fx

Best Zero Gap Trimmer

The Best Zero Gap Trimmer


A well knows the brand. Differentiated with their uniquely designed and very premium products. 

The Babyliss Gold fx is on that list of products and it’s simply the best liner Babyliss has produced.

It’s a trimmer, which was damn near groundbreaking when released and it’s been performing and producing crips lines for years.

It’s been tried and tested and is a fan favourite amongst barbers you certainly may have heard or seen these .. they’re that popular.

So.. what does it provide?


If you are looking for a trimmer that produces sharp lines while offering control, and sufficient power, there’s no liner like the Babyliss Fx. 

This trimmer has a metal lithium outlining trimmer that comes equipped with a DLC deep-tooth blade. – Swppedmin for the gold (we’ll get to this later)

best line up clipper

It’s a blade that’s really good for all hair textures but due to the finer teeth, it works best on touch-and-go work such as the hairline.

This trimmer has a high-torque Italian-designed engine brushless motor that runs at 7200 RPM which provides plenty of power, speed, and effective cutting on all hair types.

Noise Level

It comes in at around 70db in terms of noise level, which is the standard noise level for trimmers, so sound won’t be an issue. 

 The trimmer has a lithium-ion battery that offers up to 2  hours of cordless run-time and can be recharged with a universal micro-USB cord that comes with that package.

But what makes this trimmer really good is the control you’ll have whilst in the hand. 

Yes, it naturally is light but also, thanks to the knuckle barbell handle, the trimer is comfortable and provides a secure grip for better control and manoeuvrability. 

line up clipper

The trimmer also has a shiny all-metal housing that gives it a durable and sleek look, if you want to stand and look really professional, these trimmers will match you 1-1 for that. 

And for my barbers, it has a detent hanging hook for easy storage and access. 

These trimmers can work wonders but if you are new to Babyliss the torchlight design may be something you have to get used to. 


And while the DLC blade is a highly efficient blade, it just isn’t the classic FX blade, which does a better job going through bulk and tackling all hair types – hence why you see the swap.

But still don’t be put off all Babyliss by which blade is used, it’s still a premium blade and will Easily cut and trim hair.

This trimmer already comes zero gapped… in fact, all Babyliss trimmers are like this but what makes Babyliss so great is the fact that they provide you tools to precisely zero gap their tools should they lose their gap. What more could you ask for from a zero-gapped trimmer?

You’ll be very satisfied with this trimmer but…if you’re looking for a similar model with a slightly better grip and a longer run time, check out the Babyliss Boost fx!

Babyliss Boost Fx Premium Choice

The Babylissloprofx are versatile and powerful clippers with a super-torque motor, a graphite blade, and a long-lasting battery.

I just prefer the gold FX, it cuts just as well as the boost and comes slightly cheaper too, but this is how they stack up against each other.

Babyliss fx comparison

Yes, the Babyliss boost technically is the latest version of the Gold FX, but in my opinion, there’s not much difference.

Yes, it does have a slightly better grip and a longer run time, but the Gold FX still cuts as well and is slightly cheaper.

If you’re sticking with the Fx, you don’t only have to get the gold.. it also comes in a wide range of colour types.

“Great product, looks beautiful and feels solid. Best pair of clippers I’ve ever owned hands down.”

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Professional grade trimmer

Precision on demand

10Expert Score
Best Built Zero Gap Trimmer

The Fx are simply the best. It has a powerful motor, sharp blade, long-lasting battery, and comfortable handle. It’s premium trimmers that will produce premium lines thanks to it being zero-gapped right out of the box. So if you’re looking to take your lineups to new heights as well as the look part when doing so, then the Babyliss fx are your trimmers. Grab them today at their best current price

Line Up
Battery Life
Bulk clearing
  • High-torque, Italian-designed engine
  •  2-hour runtime
  • Knuckle Barbell grip
  • 7,200 rpm high-speed brushless motor
  • The shape of the trimmer can be awkward, to begin with

Andis 74100 GTX-EXO

Best On Durability

Best Zero Gap Trimmer On Durability

This is the most sturdy and long-lasting trimmer on this list. Its Andis- Gtx is the new and improved liner from the Andis Outliner family. A line of clippers known for their quality and consistency over many years.

The 2-pound, (0.9kg) cordless liner is 10.83 x 5.24 x 4.49 inches; 2 Pounds of consistent power when in use.

Best line up clippers

You can hear the smooth hum of these liners, the moment you turn them on.

All that comes from the new and improved rotary engine built into these liners.


It’s built with a powerful, high-speed rotary motor with blade speeds over 7,200 SPM (Every time the blade moves side to side per minute).

Rotary motors are the most reliable motor but very few brands are able to push, a 7200 pm without wearing out the blades or burning out the motor itself!

Plus, with the Andis, constant Speed Technology coming from the motor, these trimmers are able to very easily cut through all hair types drag without dragging stalling, or pulling!


The blade itself is the new all-all and improved Gold Andis GTX-Z blade that is pre-set with a tighter gap for finer detailing and has a corrosion-resistant coating.

These blades are already cut close, but if you truly want these liners slicing through hair, you can further zero-gap them with the Andis zero-gap tool( But I don’t think that would be necessary).

This latest Andis trimmer is the most zero-gapped trimmer Andis has ever put out.

Yes… It’s more zero-gapped than all the outliners and the bespoke – so that lets you know just how clean-cutting these are!

Another minor, but important detail is that the blades on the trimmers and exposed(Don’t worry, that’s a good thing!).


The exposed T blade allows for precision lining from all angles, no need to worry about the housing or cord getting in the want when you line up from those difficult angles.

But what I will say is you must come with a steady to hold this trimmer, due to its rounder build, and with it having some weight to it, you may also have to adapt a little (but it only takes a couple of uses to get used to it).

But the second you do, you’ll own a professional grade liner able to produce crisp line-ups on demand.

Not only is it great for edge-ups on the face and neck hair details but with a steady hand, it can also double as a beard trimmer.

And obviously, you can use them to set that bald line to begin your whole fading process.


The battery could be better.

These clippers give 100 minutes of cordless which is plenty of run life if you purely looking to use this clipper for lineups.

However, if you’re after more then it may not be enough but you’d have to test it out to find out.

If you are looking for the best premium zero-gapped trimmer, then the Andis x Evo is the one for you.

It has everything you need to create sharp and clean lines with confidence and comfort. It’s the ultimate choice for Andis fans who want to upgrade their trimming game.

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Newest Andis Outliner

Most zero-gapped trimmer on the market

9.8Expert Score
Reliable and Hard hitting

If you looking for the lineup clipper with the most longevity, then pick up the Andis Gtx. Grab it gold or black, hold it, power on the front LED light button, and watch it glow blue with all its glory. Take it for a couple of spins, create some lines, and watch as it effortlessly produces crisp lines on demand. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, return it at no cost to you for a refund. So while it’s currently at its best price, grab the Andis Gtx Today.

Line Up
Battery Life
Bulk clearing
Box Value
  • Zero-gapped
  •  Sharp Titanium T-blade
  • Ergonomic design
  • Powerful Motor
  • Constant speed technology means a motor that cuts through all hair types
  • Bulky, so doesn't work well in small hands

” I don’t when it comes to trimming any facial hair or mustache, these trimmers will do the job. You will not need a razor to clean it up. It is zero gapped. One of the best investment I have made!”


Limited Edition Wahl Detialer Li

Premium Zero Gap Trimmer

Best Premium Zero Gap Trimmer

This is for the Wahl lovers who want a trimmer that performs well and looks flashy!

So…If you want a natural upgrade on the famous classic detailer, one that can offer more power, more precision, and more style, then you should look at the Limited edition Wahl Cordless Detailer Li.

This is a trimmer that combines advanced blades with a full-sized clipper motor to give you flawless cutting performance.

Whether you are a barber, a stylist, or a grooming enthusiast, you will love the features and benefits of this trimmer.

The Wahl Cordless Detailer Li has gold-worthy blades that are made of high-carbon steel with titanium and DLC coatings. These blades are not only stronger and sharper but also run cooler and more resistant to corrosion.


They can slice through any hair type with ease and smoothness.

The blades are also extra-wide and T-shaped, which allows you to trim, detail, and outline with more accuracy and versatility.

And unlike the stainless steel blades on the classic detailer, they don’t catch skin like before.

The Wahl Cordless Detailer Li has a premium lithium-ion battery that provides up to 100 minutes of wireless run time on a full charge.

LED Indicator

The trimmer also has a smart LED indicator that shows you the battery level and charging status and it comes with a matching gold and black charge stand that is stylish and space-saving.

Honestly, this trimmer is an all-around upgrade on the regular detailer and show-stopper that will wow your clients and colleagues with its performance and design.


It also comes with three trimming guides, a pro-set tool, oil, a cleaning brush, and other accessories.

What I would say is that the gold is quite reflective and if you are all about output, it may become annoying on sunny days when light reflects off the case.

But apart from that rare occasion, there’s not much I can fault about these trimmers.

And… even if you don’t like the gold shine, you can simply pick up the black version from below.

If you are looking for the best premium zero-gapped trimmer, then the Wahl Cordless Detailer Li is the one for you.

It has everything you need to create sharp and clean lines with confidence and comfort. It’s the ultimate choice for Wahl fans who want to upgrade their trimming game.

Get Best Price
Wide T blade

Zero gapped out of the box

9.9Expert Score
Premium In All Aspects

If you’re looking to go one step in your professional output, these are for you. If it’s your first Wahl product, grab them, test them out, and get the finished look you’ve been dreaming of. Feel how the trimmer glides across your hairline and sets your taper line just right. If it isn’t for you, return it at no extra cost to you. Don’t hesitate, to get the best Wahl trimmer on the market.

Line Up
Battery Life
Bulk clearing
Box Value
  • Lithium battery for 100-minute runtime
  •  Sleek gold/black durable cover
  • Wide T-blade with DLC coatings
  • 6,800 rpm high-speed Italian brushless motor
  • PositivAccessories included
  • Gold cover can get reflective in bright sunlight

“I’ve finally found one!!! I travel often and need a shaver/trimmer that is cordless because of different voltage in countries. I can take this with me on a full charge and it will last me for two weeks. I will last longer but that’s the longest I’ve tested it. It’s cuts very close, the closest for a cordless I’ve found. It also comes with a zero gap adjustable in the box…. PERFECT!!!”



Best On Power

Best Zero Gap Trimmer On Power

Gamma went all out with this trimmer and that’s not an exaggeration.

If you’re after pure cutting power, look into these.

The GAMMA+ X-Evo Trimmer is their latest high-performance liner with a low-noise and very powerful low-vibration magnetic motor that runs at 10,000 RPM out of the box.

Yup… 10,000, you read it right.

In terms of speed/power, it’s truly in a class of its own.

Gamma X-Evo review

And just because the blades move fast, doesn’t mean they run themselves into the ground, as gamma guarantees over 5,000 hours of motor life from the very first use of these trimmers.

I can vouch for that, I’ve constantly used these trimmers and they’re still going strong!

With that powerful motor comes blades which do their part too!


This liner comes with a double black diamond carbon ultimate 2.0 blade and a deep tooth.

This type of blade has narrower teeth meaning it cuts hair right on contact, making it ideal for high precision and fine detail work.

The blades are close and sharp as they are, but if you want to take the close cutting performance up a level you can even zero them further.

(Again I don’t think it’s needed but the choice is still yours)


The trimmer comes in 3 skin options so you can style it how you please and with up to 2 hours of cordless runtime, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be getting long-lasting performance from your trimmers.

Oh, and do you hate removing your blades to in and around your motor?

Well, you won’t have to worry about going through that whole tedious process as this trimmer has an easy flick-on, flick-motor lid that instantly gives access to the internals.

This way you can maintain your trimmers without the hassle of removing any blades.


All around, it’s a high quality and great professional grade liner but I put enthesis on “professional” due to the sheer power of these liners.

If you don’t have an intricate touch or the grip to control your liners, these may not be for you as they can get quite buzzy in hand.

So if you are purely a beginner, it may be difficult to control at first but you can certainly adapt, but if you’re a professional looking to take your line game to new heights with plenty of power to boot… grab these and see if you can tame them 🙂

If you are looking for the best zero-gapped trimmer on power, then the Gamma x Evo is the one for you.

It has everything you need to create sharp and clean lines with confidence and comfort. It’s the ultimate choice for Gamma fans who want to upgrade their trimming game.

Get Best Price
Robost microchip motor

For seasoned professionals

9.8Expert Score

This trimmer is an excellent choice for professional barbers, stylists, and home use (if you can handle the power). Grab the X-evo, pick it up, and feel how seamlessly it fits into your hands. Turn them and listen to how this liner revs into action. Take them a few spins and give them a challenge. If they don’t perform how you had hoped, swiftly return them for a full refund at no cost to you! While they are currently at their best price, grab the Gamma X-evo today!

line up
Battery life
bulk clearing
In bx value
  • Lithium-ion battery delivers 2 hours of cordless run-time with a 1-hour rapid charge.
  •  2.0 fixed blade with DLC deep tooth cutter is ideal for high precision and fine detail work
  • Turbo charges 10,000 rpm micro-chip motor
  • Fully adjustable Zero gap blade
  • Comes in 3 colour ways
  • Universal charging stand
  • Can be too powerful and buzzy in the hand especially if you're not experienced with liners

“These things are some real hitters for sure. Hitting hard straight out the box!!! Great for those crispy line ups. “


JRL Fresh Fade

Best On Control

Best Zero Gap Trimmer For Beginners

It’s basically the opposite of the X-Evo and comes from a brand on the rise.

JRL itself isn’t as well known as your Wahl’s or Andis but it’s produced a rather sweet zero-gapped trimmer that you might be interested in. 

Let’s start off with the blades themselves. 

These trimmers come with stainless steel blades and they are certainly corrosion proof. 

This type of blade stays sharper longer than traditional blades and can cut through any hair type with ease. 

The blades are also 360° exposed, allowing you to create precise lines and details with maximum control and speaking of lines it produces… 

This trimmer is an elite trimer when it comes to lining up. 

It’s ideal for lining hair, dry shaving, or creating detailed fades and clean edges. It can also be used for trimming beards, mustaches, eyebrows, and body hair. 


That’s all thanks to that zero-gapped close-cutting ability. 

And you’ll also enjoy the fact that these blades stay rather cool as you use them. 

Thanks to the trimmer running slower on average and having cool blade technology, It means that as you use this clipper you won’t ever experience any hot blades whatsoever. 

This means that you can trim your hair without feeling any discomfort or irritation from the heat. 

The cool blade also prevents bacteria growth and skin infections, making it more hygienic and safe to use – neat but you should be cleaning your trimmer anyway. 


Don’t look past the motor either, this trimmer has a super motor that provides you with plenty of cutting power. 

What’s even better is this trimmer only clocks in a low  60dB of noise, creating a peaceful and pleasant working experience overall!

In terms of battery life, you can enjoy two hours of cordless run time and you also have an LED display that shows the battery level and charging status, so you can always know when to recharge it

Allround is a great zero-gap trimmer that runs slowly so you can have better all-around control! 

Get Best Price
Slow running trimmer

Whisper quiet cutting

9.7Expert Score
Best On Manouvrebilty

The JRL FreshFade Trimmer is simply the best zero-gap trimmer on control. It has a cool blade technology that prevents heat and bacteria, a powerful motor with quiet technology that runs at 6000 RPM, and a rechargeable long-life battery that lasts for two hours. It also has stainless steel blades that are corrosion-proof and 360° exposed, allowing for precise and detailed trimming of hair, beard, and body. It is ideal for lining, dry shaving, and edges. And.. the trimmer comes with a blade protector, a screwdriver, a brush, a lubricant oil, and a hanging hook for easy storage and maintenance. Grab it now while it’s currently at its best price.

Line Up
Battery Life
Bulk clearing
Box Value
  • 120 -minute cordless runtime
  •  Stainless steel zero-gapped blades
  • Powerful super motor runs at 6,000 pm
  • Lesser power does mean that at times, the trimmers have a tendency to pull coarse/ curled hair.

“Excellent Trimmers. Use all the time for all kinds of work on beards and fades. Very powerful Trimmer…  “


Buyers Guide – Best Zero Gap Clippers

What are the key factors to consider when buying zero-gapped trimmers? We’ll explore them in this section.

Kinds of the trimmer/line-up clipper:

Corded and cordless.

Corded clippers have a steady power source but need a power socket. The cord can sometimes get in the way but as long as it’s long enough you can still have consistent power and flexibility.

On the other hand, cordless clippers are more convenient but have limited battery life. Some cordless clippers let you charge them while using them.

Blade Quality:

Cutting Length: The quality of the cutting blade is vital for the accuracy of the cut. Stainless steel blades are the most common and reliably sharp hair-clipper blades in the market.

Titanium steel blades are more resilient but they are more costly and you can’t sharpen them well.

Then there are ceramic blades. These are not as durable or sharp as either titanium or stainless steel blades and they can’t be sharpened either, but they produce less friction and don’t overheat much.

The length of the blade is also important to think about. Look for clippers with adjustable blades to achieve different cutting lengths for different hair types.

Motor Power:

The power of the motor determines how fast the cutting blades move which affects the quality of the cut. For professionals, it’s crucial to have a powerful motor to reduce cutting time. However, a less powerful motor will do if you’re only trimming your hair.


Trimmer/line-up clippers don’t need accessories like regular clippers, especially if you only want to use them to finish up haircuts.

However, if you want to use your trimmers for more than that, having accessories like guards can be helpful as it means you can use them in other areas and cut hair close to the skin with control.

Brand Reputation:

Look for reputable brands that are known for making high-quality clippers.

This will ensure you get a reliable product that will last a long time.

More reputable and well-known brands have more money to invest in their product to produce a high-quality item for the market.

Less well-known brands are good, but they tend to copy the larger brand model and use cheaper materials which are not as good as the original designs.


What are zero gap trimmers?

Zero gap trimmers are specialized grooming tools that allow the blades to be adjusted incredibly close to achieve precise haircuts and clean edges.

How do I zero-gap my trimmer blades?

To zero gap trimmer blades, follow these steps: Turn off the trimmer, remove the blade, adjust the screws slightly, align the teeth, and test carefully before use.

Are zero gap trimmers suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, many zero-gap trimmers are designed with skin-friendly features. However, it’s essential to choose a model with adjustable settings and consider using suitable guards to prevent irritation.

How to zero gap trimmer blades

If you don’t have zero-gapped trimmers or you want completely zero-gap trimmer blades, then you can check out our guide below on how to zero-gap clipper blades:

The Ultimate Guide to Zero Gapping Clippers: (All You Need to Know)

Zero-gapping clippers seem to be a buzzword in the barbering space.  But what are zero-gapped clippers?  …

Alternatively, you could also check out this video below which also walks you through the process:

Conclusion On The Best Zero Gap Trimmers

I’m this article, we covered the best zero-gapped trimmers. 

You learned how to pick a good zero gap trimmer and you know how to put it to best use.

So.. now you know the zero-gapped trimmers in the game why not grab one from below? 

Andis GTX-Exo Best on longevity

The Andis GTX-EXO Trimmer is a cordless hair trimmer that takes your styling and creativity to the next level. It has an intuitive shape that gives crystal-clear visibility as you outline, shave, and fade.

Babyliss Fx Best overall

The Babylisslo pro-fx are, versatile, and powerful clippers with a super-torque motor, and a long-lasting battery

JRL FreshFade Best for beginners

The JRL Freshfade has a rotary motor, zero-gapped adjustable t-blade, and comes with three attachment combs. It’s a well-known trimmer for professional barbers and stylists.



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