JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G Clipper Review: Here’s why you need it

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JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G

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JRL Fresh Fade Clipper Review

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Our Review
Amazon Series JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G Clipper
$170.00 ($170.00 / Count)

The JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G Clipper is a professional hair clipper that comes with a revolutionary blade made with a special material that keeps the blade cool to the touch, making it cooler than most clippers in a 30-minute test. The blade is also interchangeable with most professional clipper blades. The clipper has an advanced lever-locking feature that maintains the lever secure for extended use and a quiet motor. With lithium-ion batteries, it provides the clipper with up to 4 hours of battery life. The clipper has two adjustable speeds for cutting versatility (6,000 & 7,200 revolutions per minute) and a patented smart-clip technology that allows for a longer cutting range from 0.5-3.5mm. Included in the package are 1 screwdriver, 1 brush, 1 lubricant oil, 1 blade protector, and 10 comb guards. It also comes with a UK 3 pin plug and a hanging hook.

  • Revolutionary cool blade - Blade stays ultra cool and sharp after extended use
  • Patended SmartClip Technology - Constant speed motor which will not drag or stall
  • High grade stainless steel stationary blade and titanium moving blade
  • Advanced Lever Locking Technology - Maintains Lever Secure for extended use
  • LED Display - Indicates Power Level and Battery Status
  • Lithium Ion Battery - 4 hour Run Time with a 3 hour charge time
  • Quiet Motor - Low noise
  • Rubber grip at the top portion of clipper for added security
  • The lever doesn’t open to a full one
  • Can be on the expensive side
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04/28/2024 11:52 pm GMT

JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G Clipper Review

As a professional hair clipper with Cool Blade Technology, the JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G Clipper has become my go-to tool for men’s grooming.

Its titanium blade stays cool to the touch, making it significantly cooler than most clippers.

One feature I appreciate is the LCD digital screen, which displays the power ensuring a superior clipping experience every time.

It also has smart clip technology that senses blade resistance, adjusting its speed accordingly, so the clipper doesn’t drag.

With a rechargeable long-life lithium-ion battery, the clipper provides 4 hours of usage from just a 3-hour charge.

Additionally, it has an advanced lever-locking feature, ensuring lever security for extended use.

JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G

The powerful motor, equipped with quiet technology, creates a comfortable working environment, with noise levels under 60 dB.

The JRL clipper kit includes a hanging hook, screwdriver, brush, lubricant oil, blade protector, US Plug, and 10 comb guards, making it a comprehensive kit for any barber or hairstylist.

Though some users have experienced varying performance quality, a majority of reviewers are very satisfied with their purchase, praising its top-notch blending capabilities and low noise levels.

As a confident and knowledgeable stylist, I find that the JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G Clipper consistently delivers precise, clean, and comfortable grooming results.

Key Features Of The JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G

Cool Blade Technology

I found one of the standout features of the Amazon Series JRL Fresh Fade Clipper to be the Cool Blade Technology.

JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G

The titanium blade doesn’t heat up like other clippers I’ve used, remaining 7°C (13.89°F) cooler. This made a big difference in comfort during my haircut, allowing for extended use without any discomfort.

Rechargeable Long Life

I was pleasantly surprised by the battery life of the Fresh Fade Clipper. After charging it for only 3 hours, I got 4 hours of use, which is impressive.

The lithium-ion battery also powers 2 adjustable speeds, giving you more versatility while cutting.

The advanced lever locking feature helps the lever stay secure, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting it too often.

LCD Digital Screen

Another great feature of these clippers is the LCD digital screen that displays the power level.

I appreciated the additional control this provided, and the Smart Clip Technology helped me maintain a consistent speed even when encountering resistance.

This made for a smoother haircut experience, without any dragging or stalling.

Powerful Motor with Quiet Technology

Finally, the powerful motor in these clippers operates at under 60dB, making for a much quieter haircut experience.

JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G

This was a significant improvement over my previous clippers, and I appreciated having a more peaceful grooming session.

Overall, the Amazon Series JRL Fresh Fade Clipper offers an array of features that combine to create a great user experience.

The Cool Blade Technology, LCD Digital Screen, Rechargeable Long Life, and Powerful Motor with Quiet Technology all come together to help give professional-quality haircuts without the hassle.

JRL Fresh Fade Pros and Cons

In my experience using the Amazon Series JRL Gold Clipper, I found several aspects worth mentioning.

The Cool Blade Technology, which has a revolutionary titanium blade, stays cool to the touch, making it 7°C cooler than most clippers. With the extra cutting length, it delivers a comfortable haircut experience.

JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G

The LCD digital screen embedded in the clipper is impressive, displaying the power level for a better clipping experience.

Smart clip technology ensures the clipper doesn’t drag by sensing blade resistance and revving up the speed.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is an essential feature, with a 3-hour charge providing 4 hours of battery life.

Furthermore, there are two adjustable speeds for cutting versatility and an advanced lever locking feature for improved security during long usage.

Personally, I appreciated its quiet motor technology, clocking in at under 60 dB. It makes for a more enjoyable working environment by avoiding loud noises.

The clipper kit comes well-equipped with a hanging hook, screwdriver, brush, lubricant oil, blade protector, US plug, and a range of 10 comb guards providing excellent value for the purchase.


While I was impressed by the Amazon Series JRL Gold Clipper, there were a few aspects with room for improvement. Given that the performance of this product might not match that of US-made JRL machines, some users might feel that it doesn’t live up to the expectations set by the price.

JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G

Although this product appears to be of high quality, it would be welcome to have more user reviews to address aspects such as durability and long-term performance.

Overall, the Amazon Series JRL Gold Clipper is a compelling choice for professional hair clippers. The cool blade technology, LCD digital screen, quiet motor, and extensive accessory kit make it a worthwhile addition to any grooming equipment collection.

That being said, it’s essential to keep performance expectations realistic, as the clipper might not be on par with some US-made counterparts.

Real Customer Reviews

I recently had the opportunity to use the Amazon Series JRL Fresh Fade Gold Clipper, and I must say, it lived up to its hype.

Many satisfied customers, including barbers, appreciate its excellent blending capabilities for crafting iced-out fades. The cordless design also proved to be a favourite among users, making grooming hassle-free without tangled cords.

The clipper’s performance is impressive, with its cool blade technology keeping it quiet and smooth. It also boasts an LCD display and corrosion-proof features, ensuring longevity.

However, it’s worth mentioning that some customers found it didn’t quite meet their expectations regarding performance compared to similar US-made JRL clippers.

Overall, the JRL Fresh Fade Gold Clipper has received positive feedback for its quality and ease of use, with a commendable 4.4-star rating from 36 reviewers. If you’re seeking a professional hair clipper, the JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G Clipper deserves consideration.

Final Thoughts

I recently tried out the Amazon Series JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G Clipper, and I was genuinely impressed by its performance. These clippers come with Cool Blade Technology, making them an excellent choice for professional men’s grooming.

JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G

The rechargeable feature and the LCD display make using them a breeze.

The gold clipper feels great to use for creating blended fades, and the interchangeable attachments really elevate the overall quality of haircuts.

The cordless design is certainly a plus as it eliminates the hassle of tangled cords. Additionally, the packaging is top-notch and it arrives swiftly.

However, it’s essential to note that some users feel it’s not worth their investment, as the trimmer’s performance didn’t match their expectations. Nonetheless, I found it to be a solid option for anyone looking for a reliable and easy-to-use hair clipper.

In conclusion, the Amazon Series JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G Clipper offers a wealth of benefits for professional hair grooming, but some users may not find it the best choice depending on their specific needs.

Try The JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G Clipper Now

The Amazon Series JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G Clipper is a top choice for men’s grooming, offering convenience and performance in one package.

If, like me, you appreciate the cool blade, efficient battery, and quiet motor, don’t hesitate. Purchase the JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G Clipper today and experience the difference for yourself!


What sets the JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G apart from other clippers?

The JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G differentiates itself with its Cool Blade Technology that ensures the titanium blade remains cooler (7°C/13.89°F) compared to most clippers, providing a more comfortable experience. It also sports an LCD screen displaying the power, Smart Clip Technology to prevent any dragging of the clipper and a quiet motor.

How does the JRL 2020C-G clipper perform on various hair types?

As an owner of the JRL 2020C-G, I found that it works efficiently on all hair types. The clipper kit comes with 10 comb guards of various sizes (1/2, 1, 1-1/2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), ensuring a precise cut for different hair lengths and textures.

What are the maintenance requirements for the JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G?

Maintaining the JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G is relatively easy. Clean the clipper using the provided brush after each use and apply the lubricant oil to the blade. The kit includes a blade protector to keep the titanium blade in good condition when not in use. Don’t forget to recharge the clipper for 2 hours to get 4 hours of battery life.

How does the JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G compare to the Andis GTX?

Based on my experience, the JRL Fresh Fade 2020C-G offers advantages in terms of its Cool Blade Technology and LCD display. The JRL’s two-speed lithium-ion battery also has a longer runtime compared to the Andis GTX. However, the Andis GTX has a strong reputation in the barber industry, making it a reliable option as well.

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