Best Hair Clipper Guards: Upgrade Your Grooming Arsenal

How important is finding the Best Hair Clipper Guards?

Maintaining a well-groomed appearance is essential for many, and hair clippers are a staple tool in achieving that polished look.

Hair clippers are versatile, able to trim, edge, and shape hair on the head, as well as facial and body hair.

Integral to the functionality of these clippers are the guards or guide combs that attach to them.

These guards ensure an even cut, protect the scalp from the blade, and enable a range of lengths for styling purposes.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Wahl Premium Guards

Best Guards For Fades
Babyliss Pro Premium Clipper Guards

Best Guards For Long Hair
Gamma+ Magnetic Guards

Best Guards For Fine Hair
Andis Magnetic Comb Set

What Guards Do Barbers Use?

Choosing the right hair clipper guards is crucial for both professional barbers and at-home stylists alike.

The guards are categorised based on the length they leave behind, typically numbered from the shortest (1/16 inch) to the longest (1 inch).

Material durability, flexibility, and compatibility with your clippers are key aspects to consider.

It’s important to select guards that securely snap onto your clippers and won’t detach during use to avoid uneven cuts or possible injury.

Wahl Guards

Hair Clipper Guard Sizes

When shopping for hair clipper guards, assess the build quality—guards made from high-grade plastics or metal can withstand the rigours of frequent use.

Additionally, consider purchasing a set that comes with a variety of sizes to allow for greater versatility in cutting lengths.

Now equipped with a fundamental understanding of hair clipper guards and the factors to keep in mind, you’re ready to explore the products that stand out in this category.

The following recommendations have been carefully considered to help ensure your grooming routine is efficient, precise, and safe.

Top Rated Hair Clipper Guards

When it comes to maintaining your haircut, the right tools are vital for that polished look.

Quality hair clipper guards allow you to trim your hair with precision, ensuring an even length throughout.

Whether you’re a professional barber or someone who prefers to cut their hair at home, having a dependable set of clipper guards makes the process smoother and more efficient.

The following list provides you with the best clipper guards available on the market, each offering durability, a range of sizes, and compatibility with various clipper models.

Best Hair Clipper Guards For Men

Wahl Premium Guards

Crafted for precision and durability, these Wahl Premium Guards ensure your haircuts are always consistent and neat.

Navigating the world of hair clipper guards, you’ll appreciate the precision that these Wahl Premium Guards bring to the table.

As you attach one to your clipper, the secure fit immediately stands out, so there’s no worrying about guards coming loose mid-cut.

The assorted sizes provide ample options, whether you’re blending a fade or just trimming the ends.

The construction gives a professional feel, reinforced by the metal clip ensuring that these guards outlast their plastic counterparts.

The first time you run the clippers through your hair, the quality of the cut is evident.

Wahl Guards


Every pass is smooth, the guides seamlessly transitioning across various lengths.

There’s no tugging or pulling, just a straightforward cut that feels both efficient and thorough.

However, your toolset won’t be complete without the smallest 0 size, which requires a separate purchase.

This might not be a setback if you rarely use the smallest guard, but for those detailed jobs, it’s something to consider.

While these guards are versatile, check your clipper model to ensure compatibility, as these premium guards favour Wahl clippers.

Upon personal experience with these guards, I observed their compatibility with not only Wahl clippers but also:

  • JRL Clippers
  • Gamma Clippers
  • Stylecraft Clippers
  • Babyliss Clippers

The quality does come at a higher price, but the investment speaks for itself after the first use.

  • Snug fit and compatible with most Wahl full-size clippers
  • Variety of eight different guide sizes for diverse styling options
  • Constructed with sturdy metal to enhance longevity
  • Lacks the smaller size 0 guard that some users might need
  • May not fit other clipper brands despite wide compatibility
  • Higher price point compared to basic clipper guards

“They seem to be very good quality, they fit nicely. I just wish it came with a 0 guard but its ok, i have one.”


Wahl has delivered a well-thought-out set of guards that combine functionality with professional-grade construction.

They feel at home in a barber’s hand and serve just as well for personal use. The thoughtful design provides a secure attachment that instills confidence with every haircut.

The hygienic fiber notice suggests a quick wipe before the first use, a minor inconvenience given the overall quality and performance assured by the trusted Wahl Brand.

I honestly believe these are some of the Best Hair Clipper Guards.

Try them out!

Best Clipper Guards For Fades

BaBylissPRO Premium Guards

You’ll appreciate the quality and durability of BaByliss Guards if precision and sturdiness are what you seek for your clipping needs.

Slipping the BaBylissPRO Guards onto my clippers, their secure fit was immediately evident.

Unlike some flimsy alternatives, these snapped on with a satisfying click – a clear sign of their superior build.

The confidence that they wouldn’t detach mid-cut was reassuring.

During the trim, the smooth glide through hair was a testament to the precise engineering.


Adjusting lengths was straightforward, enabling creative styles and meticulous fades without snagging or pulling.

I’ve often found that with inferior guards, the risk of an uneven cut is always looming, but this set kept things consistently even.

After several uses, the guards remained as reliable as day one.

They prove to be a robust addition to my toolkit, withstanding the wear and tear of daily use.

They fit well on compatible BaBylissPRO clippers, but do check for compatibility if you have other models.

Having used them, I’ve noticed that they also fit:

  • JRL Clippers
  • Gamma Clippers
  • Stylecraft Clippers
  • Wahl Clippers

The additional cost over standard guards pays off in the long-term performance and the noticeable uptick in the quality of my cuts.

  • Enhanced grip and fit
  • Durable build quality
  • Precise trimming
  • Limited functionality upgrade
  • Premium price point

“It’s fits strong and Fading is precise. Also snaps on to the 50 calibre and whal clippers.”


Experience quality and durability with BaBylissPRO Guards, offering precision and secure fit.

Glide seamlessly for creative styles, enjoying consistent, reliable performance even after extended use, making them a robust addition to your toolkit.

Trust when I say these are ideal for great fades.

Check them out below!

Best Clipper Guards For Long Hair

GAMMA+ Magnetic Guards

If you’re looking for a sturdy and vibrant upgrade for your clipper guards, the GAMMA+ Magnetic Guards could be just what your grooming kit needs.

After taking the GAMMA+ Magnetic Guards through their paces, their responsiveness to adjustments did not go unnoticed.

Switching between guards was a breeze, without the hassle of snaps or clips that can often wear out over time.

You’ll find the magnetic hold is robust, avoiding mid-cut slips which can be a real annoyance.

Compatibility with clippers from numerous brands is a relief, particularly if you’re a professional with an array of tools.

These include:

  • JRL Clippers
  • BabyLiss Clippers
  • Stylecraft Clippers
  • Wahl Clippers

They snap on quickly due to the strong magnets and sit flush against the blade with no gaps – a sign of thoughtful design and precision you will surely appreciate.


The brick-red colour is practical beyond its aesthetic appeal.

Easily distinguish between guard sizes at a glance, saving you precious time during a cut.

While the colour is a stand-out feature, it’s the build quality and grip that seal the deal, ensuring a consistent cut with fewer passes.

With these guards, your investment reflects in the quality and experience during use.

The reliance on magnets, however, means they may not suit every user’s preference or existing equipment.

Despite the colour scheme being a hit for quick identification, some might prefer a more subdued or traditional look.

  • Neodymium magnets provide a remarkably secure grip
  • Compatible with various clipper brands, improving versatility
  • Vivid colour enhances visibility and differentiation of sizes
  • Limited to those who prefer magnetic attachments
  • Colour may not appeal to all professionals

“Convenient, easy to use product. Magnets lock on the clippers well. Nice colour as well. Good price for exceptional clipper guards.”


Overall, the GAMMA+ Magnetic Guards blend practicality with a touch of style, making them an asset for stylists and barbers aiming to refine their toolkit.

Buy them, try them…

If they are not for you, return them at no extra cost.

Best Clipper Guards For Fine Hair

Andis Master Magnetic Comb Set

I’ve had the pleasure of adding the Andis Master Magnetic Comb Set to my grooming routine, and it’s a game-changer.

The dual magnets are brilliantly efficient at keeping the combs attached to the clipper, offering a sense of security that allows you to focus solely on the cut.

It’s noticeably more reliable than the single magnet alternatives that I’ve tried before, which often wobbled during use or detached unexpectedly.


During each session, the durability of these combs stands out.

They just don’t feel flimsy or brittle, a common issue with other guides that can be annoyingly delicate.

You can wash or wipe them clean without worrying about the material degrading.

Their snug fit on the Andis clippers is particularly impressive, especially if you’re accustomed to guards that slip or require constant readjustment.

However, I observed that the set comes with only five guard sizes, so it’s possible that you might miss a specific length necessary for certain cuts.

When it comes to compatibility, be mindful that these guards are intended for Andis clippers, so trying to fit them on a different brand may not yield the best results.

From what I’ve noticed, they only fit Andis and Oster clippers.

Despite these considerations, grooming with these has been straightforward every time: clip on, cut with confidence, and detach with ease.

  • Dual magnets ensure secure attachment
  • High-quality build offers longevity
  • Fits a variety of Andis clippers with ease
  • Limited to five sizes, limiting versatility
  • Incompatibility with non-Andis clipper

“I use the set with my Oster fast feed clipper. Not all fit perfectly but the double magnet holds guards firmly. Great feel and flexibility when cutting hair. Best guards I’ve had an the last ones I’ll ever need!”


Overall, this set has a high rating for good reason, and once you try it, you’ll understand why it’s preferred by so many professionals and home users alike.

Despite the colour scheme being a hit for quick identification, some might prefer a more subdued or traditional look.

But you may have a different opinion.

Give them a go!

Buying Guide

Material and Durability

When selecting hair clipper guards, assess the material’s quality. Guards made of high-impact plastic are less likely to break and can endure the rigors of repeated use. Look for a hardy composition that resists wear and tear.

Size Range and Compatibility

Check the size range available in the set. Ensure it covers the lengths you require for different hairstyles. Confirm compatibility with your existing clippers; guards are not universally fitting.

Size (inches)Usage
1/8″Close cuts and fades
1/4″Short styles
3/8″Classic cuts
1/2″Blending and tapering

Attachment Security

Attachments should securely clip onto your clippers, preventing them from dislodging mid-use. Look for a strong yet easy-to-attach mechanism.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Guards should glide smoothly over the scalp without causing discomfort. A comfort edge can provide a more pleasant experience. Confirm ease of attachment and detachment for quick changes during a haircut.


Choose guards that are easy to clean. Removable guards that can be washed under running water offer convenience and promote hygiene.

Marking and Identification

Having clear markings on the guard makes it easy to identify the size. This can save time and prevent mistakes during haircuts.

Guard NumberColour (Suggested)

By considering these factors, you’ll be poised to select the best hair clipper guards that meet your grooming needs.

Best Clipper Guards For Barbers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what clipper guard to use?

Select a clipper guard based on your desired hair length. Guards are usually numbered, with lower numbers indicating shorter cuts. Experiment with different lengths to find the one that suits your preference.ent

Are metal clipper guards better than plastic?

The choice between metal and plastic clipper guards depends on personal preference. Metal guards may offer durability, while plastic ones can be lightweight. Consider your needs, preferences, and the compatibility with your clipper model.

What guard do you use for short hair?

For short hair, start with a lower-numbered guard (e.g., #1 or #2) for a closer cut. Adjust based on the desired length, keeping in mind that smaller guard numbers result in shorter hair.content

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