Wahl Magic Clip Review: (Here’s What You Need to Know About This Iconic Clipper)

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In this review, I’ll share my experience with the Magic Clip (Wahl’s best-selling clipper). We’ll go through what makes this clipper so great, what it could be better, and what it sucks at.

I’ll also be comparing it with the Gold Limited Edition Magic Clip, which is the latest model of this clipper.

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I hope that whether you’re a professional or beginning your hair-cutting and grooming journey, you’ll find this review helpful.

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Wahl Magic Clip Review

I’ve had both the original magic and the limited edition magic clip for a few years now and I’ve come to appreciate what it’s BEST for.

We’ll break down what exactly that is in the rest of this article.

But if you’re in a rush…

Here’s my quick overview of the original Wahl Magic Clip:

Our Review
Wahl Professional 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip Hair Clipper

It’s Wahl’s best-selling clipper, and there’s a good reason for that. The Wahl magic clip is a cordless clipper that offers flexibility and convenience especially when fading hair… The Wahl Magic Clip features a stagger tooth blade with ‘Crunch Blade’ technology. The staggered tooth blade (wahl Patented) feeds the hair better, giving a much smoother cut, and the crunch blade the crunch blade allows you to better hear your clippers as they cut hair, which ultimately helps with fading. The battery gives you a solid 90 minutes of cordless runtime and It comes with 8 attachment combs, a blade guard, a cleaning brush, and a charger. The clipper (for its price) is the best professional-grade clipper you can use to begin learning the craft of fading however for bulk clearing, it could leave you wanting more. 

  • Not be as powerful or durable as the Gold Limited Edition Magic Clip.
  • Struggles to clear through bulk hair.
  • Stagger-tooth blade + crunch blade – it cuts hair faster , smoother and you ca hear it better
  • Highly forgiving, 6100 rpm motor
  • Full Clipper package with guards, oil, and brush.
  • Cordless with a 90-minute runtime
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12/17/2023 04:25 pm GMT


‎ 1.57 x 2.28 x 7.48 inches; 0.62 pounds ; (0.29kg)

Let’s go into detail about what exactly makes this clipper so good…

Beginning with the power!

Wahl Cordless Magic Clip Review

The clipper features a fairly powerful 6100 rpm motor. Compared to the other Clippers motors on this list it’s a slower running but..

This means that this clipper is highly forgiving compared to the more powerful gold magic clip (We’ll get to this one later).

By more forgiving, I mean it doesn’t punish as much as those clippers if you incorrectly flick up as you blend hair so you kind of have more room for error, something the more powerful clippers won’t give you. However, that does come with some negatives (We’ll talk about this next)

This clipper is equipped with high-quality stainless steel blades that are designed to cut close and precisely – and it certainly does.

To be more specific, this clipper has a stagger-tooth cutting blade (unique only to the magic clip), that aids it in creating cleaner and more texturized cuts. 

This is a feature exclusive to the magic clip line and is one of the reasons why this clipper is SOOOO popular.

The blade also has crunch blade technology meaning you can you can literally hear these clippers as they cut through the hair so you know exactly when you’ve reached or are going past a guideline. 

Great for those who are beginners who haven’t quite developed the intricate flick of the wrist.

The Wahl Magic Clip is lightweight, weighing only 290 grams. This makes it easy to handle and comfortable to use. The ergonomic design also reduces fatigue and strain on your wrist and hand .

It also has that “classic clipper build” The clipper is also very lightweight, which makes it easy to manoeuvre around the head. When you put it all together, that’s what makes this a great and effective at-home clipper for producing quality fades.

It comes with accessories including 8 guards, a cleaning brush, and oil. This makes it ideal for use on all hair types and lengths.

All around this clipper has many benefits and how I would describe it is: The best budget hair for beginners who want to get the hang fading.

Now onto what this clipper could certainly improve on..

Disadvantages of the Wahl Magic Clip

The clipper has a lithium-ion battery that provides up to 90 minutes of cordless runtime – which.. for professionals isn’t great.

You’ll probably have to double up with another trimmer or you’ll have to get a charging stand (something the clipper package does not provide).

However, if you are interested in this clipper for at-home cuts, 90 minutes is more than enough for those cuts here and there but the battery life is something you MUST be aware of.

As I said, this clipper doesn’t come with a stand or storage case, which doesn’t really help when it comes to trying to keep my grooming tools organized. I would have loved for it to come with some kind of storage case as other clippers do, such as the gold magic clip…

Another negative is that while this clipper is fairly powerful, it doesn’t clear through bulk hair, and at times it does struggle. In fact I would say it sucks at it. So if you’re looking to get this clipper to chop down a whole lot of hair.. I wouldn’t recommend it for that purpose if I had to be the host.

To put it simply, they are great budget clippers that excel at detailing work, especially in fading but they lack the power to really saw through hair, and package accessories could leave wanting in terms of the latest in-box value features.

Corded Magic Clip Vs Classic Magic Clip

Let’s also touch on the Corded Magic clip:

The Wahl Magic Clipper is both corded and cordless, which makes it quite flexible in how you use it. I personally used it cordless most of the time but it’s up to personal preference whether you use it cordless or not.

The corded magic clip is similar to the original magic … just without the power and batter restraints as it sports a powerful V9000 Electromagnetic Motor. What’s the benefit of this you ask?

It means you can now cut through bulk hair better but it also means your clippers are SIGNIFICANTLY Louder.

It has a cord that is 8 feet long and chemical-resistant. This requires around 120 volts to function. Another thing to mention is the cord’s weight. It weighs roughly 1 lb and has dimensions that are 8 x 2.8 x 3 inches.

You get consistent power and the chord isn’t too heavy but you are less maneuverable with it.

If you are a classic barber who likes the magic clip but hates the poor battery life and the power output, then the corded version of this clipper might be worthwhile but…

Wait until we touch the limited edition before you change your mind as those may give you all you’ve been looking for.

Design and Appearance

The Wahl Magic Clip Cordless Clipper’s design has a lightweight body. Thanks to this, I’ve never had my hands aching or getting tired using these even when I’m cutting hair for hours straight.

Another aspect of this clipper that I highly appreciate is the thumb-adjustable lever. This makes it so much easier to change the cut length on the go.

In summary, I can definitely confirm that the Wahl Magic Clip Cordless Clipper was very cleverly designed to have the perfect balance of great technical features but also a thoughtful design that still makes it convenient and easy to cut all sorts of hair.

Performance Evaluation

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the Wahl Magic Clipper’s ability to cut hair. As mentioned before that stagger tooth blade and crunch make a killer combo for fading.

Its staggered teeth stainless steel blade provides effortless fades and blends, so it’s no wonder that this clipper is so popular among professionals and beginners.

It really gives you that creativity to attempt a whole range of hairstyles and it’s not even a clipper solely for beginners.

I position it best for beginners because of its forgiving nature but this clipper in the hands of someone experienced can truly produce some inspiring work.

But you’ve had to get them to find out.

Battery Life

As mentioned before, The Wahl Cordless Magic Clip has a battery run time of up to 90 minutes.

Not great. This slightly weak motor is what holds this clipper back. This does make sense as these clippers were released a decade ago.

Sadly 90 minutes just isn’t able to cut it.. However, you can extend the battery and its cordless capabilities by making use of a portable battery such as the Tomb 45:

This adds another 20-30 minutes to the 90-minute battery life giving you more cordless freedom.

And with that said, that’s all you’ll need to know about the Wahl magic clip.

Now.. onto its gold counterpart.

Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic

If you thought the Wahl Magic Clipper was good, then the Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic clip takes things to a new level.

Here’s a quick overview:

Our Review
Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic Clip Hair Clipper
$165.00 ($165.00 / Count)

When it comes to the newest gold magic clip, this clipper is just like the original magic clip but boosted in every aspect. The gold limited edition magic clip features the Wahl patented stagger-tooth blade which now has titanium and DLC coatings, it features crunch blade technology allowing this premium clipper to make a crisp, crunch sound when cutting, it has a boosted 100+ minutes cordless runtime and more power..6800rpm worth of power. This gives you plenty of time flexibility to cut as you please. This clipper by itself is the only tool you need to create premium blends while still keeping that classic clipper build. It’s like combining the classic magic clip and the seniors. If you love Wahl and are after the latest cordless premium clipper that can be offered, it’s these right here. 

  • Not widely available or in stock
  • Battery life is only a few minutes more than the original magic clip dispite only being released a few months ago.
  • Premium guards included with charging stand
  • It has a more powerful rotary motor that can cut through thick and textured hair with ease.
  • It has a blade with titanium and diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings that make it extremely strong, corrosion resistant, and lower blade temperatures while in use.
  • It has a lithium-ion battery that can run for 100+ minutes on a single charge, which is longer than the regular Magic Clip.
  • It has a matching gold and black premium charging stand that adds to its elegance and style.
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12/17/2023 03:21 pm GMT


9.29 x 6.34 x 3.86 inches;0.7 Pounds (0.35kg) 

Wahl Gold Magic Clip Review

The main selling point and advantage it has over the Wahl Magic Clippers is its incredibly powerful motor, capable of delivering continuous hair-cutting horsepower. Not even the thickest of hair will be able to withstand the power of this clipper.

Because it was designed with professional barbers in mind, it’s jam-packed with even more functionality and efficiency than its younger brother (The Wahl Magic Clippers).

It boasts a battery life of more than 100 minutes, American-made high-carbon steel blades with titanium and DLC coatings, and a smart LED feature, just to name a few.

It’s clear that Wahl built this clipper longevity as I’ve had these clippers for a year now has had very few technical issues. However, this is unlike the original magic clip which after a few months (depending on where you get them), does drop off in performance. Which again is understandable.. they were released a decade ago. So when comparing the two clippers you can certainly feel and see the difference in the quality of the product.

To put it simply, the limited edition magic clip is an all-round upgrade. Now let’s compare this clipper with the original magic clip in a bit more detail.

Wahl Magic Clip Vs Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic

Let’s now get into a little comparison between the Wahl Magic Clip and the upgraded Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic Clipper…

The Wahl Magic Clip and the Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic share a few similarities. They are both professional cordless hair clippers that are designed for creating seamless blends and fades and they both have the patented stagger-tooth blade technology, which cuts hair faster and improves blending.

They both feature a convenient thumb lever that adjusts the taper and texture without changing blades and both come with 8 attachment guards(The limited edition comes with premium guards) , a blade guard, a cleaning brush, and blade oil.

So, both are packed with a good amount of features, enough for if you’re a professional or at-home user.

However, of course, there is a price difference… and this is where both clippers begin to separate in quality.

Wahl Magic Clip Gold Review

The Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic is constructed with a more powerful motor (6800rpm) compared to the (6100rom) on the original magic clip.

It has a durable gold-coloured, durable plastic body which is more durable compared to the original magic clip plastic cover.

The blade of the Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic has titanium and diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings that make it extremely strong, corrosion resistant, and lower blade temperatures while in use.

It even has a matching gold and black premium charging stand, while the regular Magic Clip just comes with a cord.

This makes the Gold Clip feel so much more premium and sleek in my opinion and just performs better in general.

To no one’s surprise, The Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic has a larger lithium-ion battery that can run for 100+ minutes on a single charge, while the regular Magic Clip has a smaller lithium-ion battery that can run for 90 minutes on a single charge.

… in all honesty isn’t a big gap but when you have a fast charging stand in which you can pop the clipper in and take it when you feel like it, it does give you the impression that your clipper battery is going a long time.

But both models have a smart LED charge system that indicates the battery level and charging status.

I believe both the Wahl Magic Clip and Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic are excellent choices for clippers. They create great fades, and sharp cuts, have a good battery life, and feel great to use.

However, the Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic has some advantages over the regular Magic Clip, such as a stronger motor, a more durable blade, a longer battery life, and a more elegant design.

It completely depends on the personal budget you may have but if you can afford it, I would highly recommend getting the Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic.

And.. if you want to customize your clipper with your own engraving, get the FULL limited edition bundle…

Grab the Gold magic clip from the world around Barber Nation:

Limited Edition Magic Clip Bundle Best Value Bundle


You can also grab the black version of the magic clip below:

Conclusion – Wahl Magic Clip Review

After carefully reviewing both the original Magic Clip and the newer Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic, I feel pretty qualified to produce a Wahl Magic Clip Review.

Both clippers have their own set of advantages, but when it comes to overall performance and versatility, the Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic takes the cake by far.

All in all, I believe that if you’re serious about professional or at-home grooming, then the Wahl Magic Clipper and Wahl Professional 5 Star Gold Cordless are an excellent investment which combines durability, precision, and convenience, making hair cutting and grooming an effortless task.

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How does Magic Clip compare to Wahl Detailer?

In my personal experience, I’ve found that the Magic Clip and Wahl Detailer serve distinct purposes. The Magic Clip is a versatile clipper that’s well-suited for a wide range of haircuts, and it comes in both corded and cordless versions. What sets it apart is the stagger-tooth blade it features. On the other hand, the Wahl Detailer is primarily used for precise detailing and outlining, thanks to its T-shaped blade which allows for intricate designs and trims. While both models have their own strengths, the Magic Clip shines in its versatility and ability to handle various tasks, whereas the Detailer truly excels when it comes to precision work.

What makes the Wahl 5 Star Magic Clip special?

What makes the Wahl 5 Star Magic Clip truly stand out from other clippers is its one-of-a-kind crunch blade technology. This cutting-edge feature, paired with its robust motor, delivers a remarkably smooth cutting and blending experience. What’s even better is that the Magic Clip offers the freedom of cordless operation, features a handy adjustable lever for effortlessly changing the cut length, and comes complete with a set of eight guide combs. All of these fantastic qualities make it a go-to, versatile, and efficient tool that hairstylists and barbers can rely on for their craft.

Are Wahl Magic Clip clippers suitable for beards?

Yes, the Wahl Magic Clip clippers can be used for trimming and maintaining beards. With its staggered teeth blade and adjustable lever, the Magic Clip creates effortless fades and blends, which makes it a solid tool for achieving various beard styles. Additionally, the included guide combs ranging from 1.5mm to 25mm offer flexibility in trimming lengths.

What is the battery life of Wahl Magic Clip cordless?

The Wahl Magic Clip cordless clipper offers an impressive battery life of up to 90 minutes on a full charge, giving you plenty of time to handle multiple haircuts or beard trims without worry. With its lithium-ion battery, you can count on consistent power throughout its entire runtime. Plus, if you ever find yourself running low on battery, you can keep using it while it’s plugged in, ensuring uninterrupted use whenever you need it.

Wahl 1919 vs Magic Clip: Which is better?

Both the Wahl 1919 and the Magic Clip are fantastic clippers, but they have unique qualities that suit different tastes. The Wahl 1919, a limited edition commemorating Wahl’s 100th anniversary, comes with a vintage-inspired design and a strong motor. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a premium look and feel. On the flip side, the Magic Clip is celebrated for its versatility, cordless convenience, and the exceptional crunch blade for seamless fades. If you’re looking for an everyday, all-around performer for a variety of haircuts, the Magic Clip is the practical choice. However, if you value that special touch of premium design, the Wahl 1919 could be your go-to pick.

What are the main uses of Wahl Magic clippers?

The Wahl Magic Clip clippers are a great choice among barbers and hairstylists due to their versatility. These clippers shine when it comes to crafting smooth fades, seamless blends, and handling close cuts at different lengths. Plus, their cordless feature provides the freedom to move around without any limitations, making them particularly handy for precise haircuts and beard trimming. All in all, the Magic Clip is an all-purpose clipper that’s perfect for both professional use and at-home grooming needs.

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