Best Guards For Babyliss Clippers: Essential Guide to Top Choices

Interesting in finding out the Best Guards For Babyliss Clippers?

When it comes to maintaining a sharp and well-groomed appearance, having the right tools is paramount.

Clippers are essential grooming devices, and Babyliss is a brand that stands out in the haircare and grooming industry.

Known for their precision cutting and durable design, Babyliss clippers have become a favorite among professionals and those who take their personal grooming seriously.

But the effectiveness of these clippers can be greatly enhanced with the right set of guards.

Best Overall
BaBylissPRO Premium Guards

Best Double Magnetic Guards
GAMMA+ Magnetic Guards

Best On Hold
Wahl Premium Guards

The question you might be asking is do the other clipper brands fit your clippers?

The answer is yes! Premium Wahl guards will fit Babyliss fx hair clippers because their builds are the same.

As long as the guard blade on your clipper is around 1.5” in length and 1.75 “ in width, this guard will fit your Babyliss clipper, and after testing the guards above, we can confirm this to be the case!

Do BabyLiss Clippers Come With Guards?

Most Babyliss Clippers should come with guards.

Should they not, you can certainly find compatible ones in this article.

Guards, also known as attachment combs, are crucial for achieving different lengths and styles when cutting hair.

They act as a barrier between the blade and the scalp, allowing you to control the length of the cut precisely.

Whether you’re attempting a fade, a buzzcut, or simply trimming your hair, the versatility offered by a range of guard sizes can be the difference between a good haircut and a great one.

Points Of Consideration

When shopping for guards for your Babyliss clippers, it’s important to consider the material, fit, and range of sizes.

Guards made from high-quality materials will last longer and can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

They should fit snugly onto your clippers without wobbling, to ensure consistent results.

Additionally, a variety of sizes gives you the flexibility to experiment with different hairstyles and lengths. The right set of guards should enhance the functionality of your Babyliss clippers and give you the confidence to achieve salon-quality results at home.


Having covered the essential considerations for selecting guards for your Babyliss clippers, let’s move forward to examine some of the best options available on the market.

With careful research and testing, we’ve found guards that can help you achieve the precision and style you desire with ease.

Top Guards for Babyliss Clippers

When maintaining your hair with precision, quality guards for your Babyliss clippers are indispensable.

The following products have been selected based on their compatibility, durability, and ease of use, ensuring you achieve a professional-looking haircut at home.

Whether you need to replace a worn-out guard or want to expand your range of lengths for more versatile styling options, this lineup offers the best picks to complement your Babyliss clippers.

BaBylissPRO Premium Guards

If precision in hair trimming is paramount to you, these BaBylissPRO Premium Guards won’t disappoint with their solid build and compatibility.

Snug Fit Assurance

Slipping on these BaBylissPRO Premium Guards, you’ll immediately feel the snug fit; they attach firmly, leaving no room for wobble.

Your reliance on these guards grows with each use while you shape hair with unfaltering precision. The guards glide through strands, carving out clean lines – a testament to their quality construction.

Seamless Transitions

Imagine shaping a fresh look, and with these guards, transitions between lengths are seamless, refining your craft.

The metal clip design prevents detachment mid-use, instilling a sense of reliability during your styling routine.


Longevity is a standout feature as well. They’ve sustained daily use without a hitch, evident in their unyielding clips and unscathed combs.

It’s clear these guards are manufactured with durability in mind, ensuring they remain a staple in your grooming kit for extensive periods.


As for compatibility, they’re an excellent match for several BaByliss clippers, albeit with some limitations.

The focus on close trimming might restrict versatility but serves as a boon for those specialised cuts where precision is key.

When you need to replace a worn or broken guard, these come to the rescue, breathing new life into older clipper models.


Caring for these guards is straightforward; yet remember, with any tool, maintenance is crucial.

Keep them clean, and you’ll find they’re a resilient addition to your tools, one that supports you in delivering professional-grade haircuts.

  • Secure fit on various clippers with a sturdy design.
  • Maintains precise length for each cut, enhancing your styling accuracy.
  • Constructed with better quality than many standard guards
  • Limited functionality upgrade
  • Premium price point

“It’s fits strong and Fading is precise. Also snaps on to the 50 calibre and whal clippers.”


Overall, these BaBylissPRO Premium Guards are a reliable choice for professionals seeking a dependable upgrade or replacement for their current set. Their sturdy design and precision will make them a core part of your grooming routine, proving their worth session after session.

GAMMA+ Magnetic Guards

You’ll appreciate the GAMMA+ Dub Guards for their sturdy grip and vibrant colour, making clipper work precise and enjoyable.

Despite the colour scheme being a hit for quick identification, some might prefer a more subdued or traditional look.

Having tried out the GAMMA+ Professional Dub Magnetic Hair Clipper Guards, their grip is the first thing you’ll notice.

Durable Magnet

The strong neodymium magnets firmly attach to the clippers, providing a reassuring security in each glide you perform.

No more worries about clips detaching mid-cut; these guards stay in place.


The brick red colour isn’t just for looks—it serves a practical purpose. When you’re in the middle of a haircut, easily spotting the right size guard can be a timesaver.

Additionally, this vibrant hue adds personality to your toolkit that can often be filled with monochromatic accessories.


Despite the premium price tag, these clipper guards represent an investment in quality.

Their durable build means you won’t be replacing them frequently.

While the colour and price may not be to everyone’s taste, the quality and functionality could make them a mainstay in your professional arsenal or home grooming kit.

  • Compatible across multiple clipper brands
  • Strong magnetic hold prevents slippage
  • Vibrant brick red colour aids in quick guard identification
  • Limited to standard cutting lengths
  • Colour may not appeal to all professionals

“Convenient, easy to use product. Magnets lock on the clippers well. Nice colour as well. Good price for exceptional clipper guards.”


Overall, the GAMMA+ Magnetic Guards blend practicality with a touch of style, making them an asset for stylists and barbers aiming to refine their toolkit.

Give them a go!

Wahl Premium Guards

You’ll find the Wahl Premium Guards indispensable for achieving a precise and consistent haircut every time.

Using the Wahl Professional Cutting Guides, you’ll feel equipped like a seasoned barber.

Range Of Sizes

These secure attachments snap snugly onto your full-sized Wahl clippers, and their sturdy construction instils confidence — no frustrating dislodging mid-cut here.

The assortment of sizes, ranging from 1/8″ to 1″, allows for a variety of cutting options, making gradations and fades downright effortless.


The impression these premium guides leave is one of durability and high-grade design.

You’ll appreciate how effortlessly they attach to the clipper, and they glide through hair with such ease that you might just feel you’re ready to open your own barbershop.

Moreover, these guides feel robust, a stark contrast to flimsier alternatives that sometimes accompany clipper sets.

Point To Consider

A drawback for some might be the omission of the 0 size guard, which can be critical for certain fade techniques.

Moreover, upon delivery, some users reported the packaging appeared unsealed, causing initial concern about the product’s integrity — luckily, the actual guides are far from disappointing.

While the price point is higher than some competitors, the quality reflects the investment, affirming their suitability for professional use.

Keep your style precise and your haircuts professional with Wahl’s reliable cutting guides — your grooming routine will thank you.

  • Snug fit and compatible with most Wahl full-size clippers
  • Built to last with a high-quality finish
  • Varied sizes cater for numerous cutting lengths
  • Lack of a 0 guard might disappoint some users
  • At first glance, the set can appear previously opened

“They seem to be very good quality, they fit nicely. I just wish it came with a 0 guard but its ok, i have one.”


These guards speak for itself.

I honestly believe these are some of the replacement guards out there for the BabyLiss Clippers.

Try them out!

Buying Guide

When selecting guards for your BaByliss clippers, there are several factors to consider ensuring you get the best product for your needs. Use this guide to aid your buying process.


Before purchasing, confirm that the guards are compatible with your specific model of BaByliss clippers. This is crucial to avoid the inconvenience of acquiring non-fitting attachments.

Model No.Ensure the guards match your clipper’s model number.
AttachmentCheck that the fixing mechanism is suitable.

Material Quality

The durability of the guards largely depends on their construction material. Opt for high-quality materials that promise longevity.

High-grade PlasticResists wear and can withstand frequent use.
Metal ReinforcementsAdds strength to the guards, reducing the risk of breakage.

Size Range

A comprehensive set of guard sizes affords you versatility in cutting lengths. Look for a range that satisfies your styling preferences.

SizeCutting Length
Small SizesFor closer cuts and fades.
Large SizesFor longer trims and bulk removal.

Ease of Use

Guards should be easy to attach and remove. Additionally, they should snap securely onto the clippers to avoid in-use dislodgement.

Ease of attachmentFacilitates quick changes between sizes.
Secure fitPrevent unintended guard detachment.


To ensure longevity, seek guards that are easy to clean and maintain.

WashableEnables easy cleaning under running water.
Colour-codedHelps in quick identification and organisation.

By closely inspecting these features, you can be confident in selecting guards that will best meet your grooming needs without compromising on performance or quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How compatible are BaByLiss magnetic guards with other clipper brands?

BaByliss magnetic guards are specifically designed to fit BaByliss clippers. While they might occasionally fit other clipper brands, this isn’t guaranteed due to variations in blade sizes and fittings. It’s best to use these guards with the clippers they were designed for to ensure a secure fit and optimal cutting results.

Are the guards provided with BaByLiss clippers suitable for professional use?

Yes, the guards included with BaByliss clippers are of professional quality. They are engineered for durability and consistent performance, which is crucial for professional hairstylists who require reliability and precision in their tools.

How do I select the correct BaByLiss guard size for my hair cutting needs?

To select the correct BaByLiss guard size, first determine the length you want your hair to be after the cut. BaByLiss guards are typically numbered and each number corresponds to a length measured in millimetres. A lower number means a shorter cut. Choose the guard with the number that matches your desired hair length for accurate trimming.

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