Best Babyliss Trimmer Blade (Upgrade Your Trimmer Game)

So you want to know the best Babyliss trimmer blade.

Ones that produce this level of cutting precision:

In this post, you’ll get that…

But, you must understand the importance of choosing the right one for your specific needs.

See, there’s a reason the most elite barber is able to create precise lineups or easily clear bulk and set the neat bald guideline with their Babyliss trimmers. 

It’s not skill or “experience” or even by chance. 

It all comes down to the type of blade that’s on their trimmers. 

The barbers who create the perfect lines with their trimmers know they’re only as good as their tools. 

So they make sure they choose a blade made of cutting-edge technology, have the correct set of guard teeth, and have the capability to be zero-gapped for better cutting potential. 

Only the very best T blades which offer their own unique qualities from Babyliss are below. 

Check them out if you want to take your trimmers to new heights.

Best Babyliss Trimmer Blade 

Bottom Line
Babyliss glassic gold fx plade
Babyliss Fx707Z Standard blade 
Best Overall
Get Best Price
Bottom Line
It’s the most balanced of all the blades on this list. If you’re after a blade that can do it all, grab these. The Babyliss Fx707z blade is a standard guard blade that comes in at a depth of 1.6mm which means it’s able to perform when producing both edge-ups and removing bulk. The DLC Titanium coating prevents the blade from getting too hot during multiple haircuts and it’s quite durable. All around it’s a blade all Babyliss trimmers work well with and it won’t limit you in any way.
DLC Titanium coating
Adjustable, zero-gapped T-blade
Great for all hair textures
High Strength
Low blade temperatures
‎0.5 x 3.75 x 4.88 inches ; 1.25 ounces ; 35.4 grams 
babyliss graphite 2.0 blade
Babyliss Fx707b Fine-tooth blade
Best For LineUps
Get Best price
Bottom Line
After A Babyliss blade that is purely to produce crisp lines on demand? Grab the Fx707B blade. The Babyliss Fx707b blade is a fine-tooth graphite replacement T-blade that can be used with any FX787 trimmer. It has a graphite 1.2 mm blade depth which provides an ultra-precise, clean cut with no hair pulling to boot. Overall the blade is of great quality and fits perfectly on all Babyliss fx trimmers.
Ideal for all hair textures, especially fine
Great blade for edge-ups and detailing work 
Extremely Durable
Ultra Low Friction
Low blade temperatures

‎0.5 x 3.75 x 4.88 inches ; ‎0.353 ounce ; 10 grams
Babyliss glassic gold blade
BaByliss FX707G2 Deep tooth Blade
Best on Bulk
Get Best Price
Bottom Line
Looking to instantly clear bulk and produce some sharp lines with ease? Then the fx707G2 blade may be for you. The Fx707 G2 is a great blade for easily mowing through hair as it has larger gaps between its teeth and a bigger blade depth of 2.00mm(the largest out of all blade types), this allows for bulk removal of hair quickly, making it great for all hair textures, especially coarse hair. Its coated titanium makes the blade strong and quite durable. All around a great blade to take away some hair.
Ultra-thin, adjustable T-blade for an ultra-precise, clean cut
Handles thick coarse hair with ease
Low heat temperatures
Produces sharp lines
‎0.5 x 3.75 x 4.88 inches ; 1.07 ounces ; 30 grams. 

Best blade for babyliss fx trimmer

If you aren’t quite sure if you need an upgrade to your trimmers… 

You must ask yourself are your current Babyliss blades cutting to their full potential? 

Do your trimmers still slice through hair, as they did when you first took them out of the box and edged out your first line? 

Can you easily put the mental image of what you want in your mind onto your client’s head? 

Or do your current blades worn out, pull hair and leave your client wondering why they even say down in your chair in the first place? 

No one who’s looking to make a name for themselves with their services wants this. 

What makes this worse is while you tolerate your blundering blades your competitors are trimming with precision and delivering cuts that have their clients eager to book more sessions with them weeks in advance. 

So why limit yourself? 

If you’re tired or capping your true potential, get the natural upgrade that unleashes your creativity to the max. 

To help you get there, we have inspected only the best Babyliss trimmer blades and provided easy-to-understand descriptions of each so you know exactly which Babyliss blade best fits your trimmer for what you want to achieve. 

All the blades fit the most classic Babyliss trimmer which is:  fx797, fx787, fx726, fx773n 

So basically all classic Babyliss trimmers (The torchlight-shaped ones like this).

Best line up clippers

But some fitting exclusive Babyliss models only (so be aware of this)- we’ll mention it too. 

Read the descriptions and select which Babyliss T blade will make the biggest difference to your trimmer game. 

Take a look below. 


Babyliss Fx707z blade

Best All round Babyliss Blade
Get Best Price
Most Balanced Blade

Loved By Barbers

Babyliss Fx707z.

Overall, the babyliss Fx707Z blade is the best blade you can stick on your Babyliss trimmers to excel at both lining up hair and clearing bulk hair. 

It’s a blade that’s in the middle between the deep tooth and fine tooth blade with a 1.6mm depth 

While this does mean it doesn’t shine in one or the other compared to the other blades in this blade, this blade is still high quality and gives you that flexibility that most barbers are after. 

The Babyliss FX707Z DLC Titanium blade is a replacement blade for all classic  BabylissPRO Skeleton, classic Babyliss trimmer, boost as well as the Babyliss Lo Pro’s.

It’s a titanium blade, which is a blade that’s known for higher strength blade, known for its hardness allows as well as naturally stays sharp longer, compared to other blade types,

The titanium blade is also hyper-allogenic meaning it doesn’t cause reactions making it great for sensitive skin and giving you peace of mind that your clients should be safe. 

It’s a naturally ultra-thin blade that is set to cut close out of the box but if you want more cutting potential you can further zero gap them which pushes them more into being a fine tooth blade, meaning it hits out those edges a little better. 

The standard tooth blade also comes in the fx7038 blade in black or the fx703g  blade in gold but these blades only fit the Babyliss Fx3 only (Just be aware of that).

  • DLC Titanium coating
  • Adjustable, zero-gapped T-blade
  • Great for all hair textures
  • Hypoallergenic
  • High Strength
  • Doesn’t excel in one particular aspect so you could say it’s too balanced.

“Product Came Fast! The Blade Was Brand New And It Comes Fully Set Up! As Sharp As The Original Blade! Will Buy Again!”


Grab the Babyliss Fx707Z Blade, and take it for the test.

Watch it easily cut through all whilst leaving no marks.

On the off chance they’re not for you, return for a full refund at no cost to you.

Grab the Best All round Babyliss Blade at it’s best current price today.


Babyliss Fx707b Blade

Best Blade for Lineups
Get Best Price
Hard-hitting line-up blade

Accurate detailing on demand

If you want your Babyliss trimmers to create sharp, crisp lines on demand then you’ll need the Babyliss FX707B Black Graphite Fine Tooth Blade. 

This blade has a short depth, and a narrower spacing between the teeth meaning it feeds less hair and cut quicker and faster than any other blade on this list, making it perfect for creating sharp lines and detailed work.

It comes with a 1.2 mm teeth depth which allows for that skin close cutting.

The blade is made of graphite meaning it’s durable and creates low friction in motion so overall has a lower blade temperature. 

It’s easy to clean and just the best all-around blade for detailing. 

However, when it comes to clearing bulk, it’s not the best and you’ll be left wanting more- but it will do it.

But overall, choose this blade if a better edge-up blade is what you’re after.

  • Ideal for all hair textures, especially fine
  • Great blade for edge-ups and detailing work
  • Extremely Durable
  • Low blade temperatures
  • Ultra-low friction
  • Struggles at clearing bulk hair, due to finer, shorter teeth

“Very nice product at a great price. It was very easy to install, and well made. I would definitely recommend.”


Overall, the Babyliss Fx707b blade is a great choice for barbers who are looking for a high-quality blade that can help them create sharp lines and detailed work.

Grab it, test it out on your blades use see how well it performs to the current blades, and watch it cut through hair with little difficulty. 

If you don’t like its performance, return it at no cost to you. 

While in stock, grab the Babyliss Fx707b blade today!

Best Deep Tooth Babyliss Blade

If you’re after a Babyliss blade to help you instantly clear bulk hair with little difficulty, you’ll need a deep blade from Babyliss. 

A deep tooth blade literally has a ‘deeper tooth’ depth of 2.0 mm  meaning it can feed a lot more hair compared to the fine tooth and standard tooth blade

Deep tooth blades can and will still create sharp lines, just not on the same level as the standard tooth and certainly not on the same level as the fine tooth blades. 

All of the blades can be zero-gapped to get them cutting closer, and it will give you a better cutting range as well as help you produce better lines, but it won’t make it as finer cutting as the fine tooth blade and the blade is simply different.

Out of all the blades available, Babyliss produces the deepest tooth blades and a wide range with each type of blade offering different things based on the material used. 

I’ll put them in order of which I think is the best but you can always choose which one best works for you.


FX707G2 Gold Titanium Deep Tooth

Best deep tooth blade
babyliss Titanium deep tooth blade
Get Best Price

Best material for a dep tooth blade

The Fx707G2 blade would be around the best Babyliss blade if you want, a durable, sharp blade that’s hypoallergenic. 

The titanium itself means it can deal with all hair types but the strength makes it a great blade for cleaning through thick, curly bulk hair. 

And to be honest the material is why it’s the best deep tooth T blade, I have a bias for strength but the blade below is on par with this strength is what you’re looking for in a blade 

It is designed to fit all BaBylissPRO Outliner Trimmer models and is the standard blade on most Babyliss Pro trimmers.

But all around, it’s the most flexible deep-tooth blade for styling. 

It comes in 3 colorways: Chamelion, Rose Gold, and Classic Gold. 


FX707B2/BAB7072U Black Graphite Deep Tooth

Best deep to Blade on durability
Best Babyliss trimmer blade
Get Best Price

Long lasting adaptable blade

The graphite blade from Babyliss is similar to the DLC 2.0 blades(below), but this blade has great friction and heat resistance.

While it’s not naturally as durable as the titanium blade, it comes close and that’s why it’s another great blade to have for the long run. 

Once again it is for all classic Babyliss trimmers and can be zero-gapped if you want more precision. 

This blade is similar to the titanium blade, but you should probably opt for this blade if you want a durable blade that is black.


FX707BD2 DLC 2.0 Deep Tooth T-Blade 

Best deep tooth blade ob friction prevention
Get Best Price
Friction resistant

Less heat on cuts

Next up in the deep tooth collection would be the DLC 2.0 blade. 

This blade isn’t as strong as the titanium blade but the carbon coating around the blade makes it ideal for more wear resistance and all-around decreases blade friction, ultimately meaning the blade will last longer from that sense. 

This blade fits all Babyliss trimmers and can be zero-gapped further. 

So if you find yourself doing multiple cuts a day and want a blade that can also handle clearing hair when needed, this would be the blade for you. 

  • Ultra-thin, adjustable T-blade for an ultra-precise, clean cut
  • Features titanium 2.0 mm deep tooth
  • Handles thick coarse hair with ease
  • Not great at the ultra-precise fade blade

Blade Buyers Guide

When choosing a Babyliss blade, there are some things you should be aware of to make sure you have the right insight before picking your blade. 

Here are the criteria:


Some materials will offer different qualities. 

Babyliss provides a wide range of blade material and knowing exactly what you want from your blades will help in making sure you pick the right blade for your needs. 

Blade teeth

You need to be aware of the teeth on your Babyliss blades. 

The blade teeth determine how hair is fed into your guard blade blades to be cut by the cutting blade.

Some cut hair closer, some allow more hair to be fed through before they cut. 

This will change how effective the blade is at the specific task you want it to perform so be aware of this.

Zero gap Ability

Babyliss blades out of the box come pretty sharp and will cut close regardless, however, manufacturers still hold back. 

This means babyliss blades (guard t blade) and (cutting blade)  can be pushed right to the edge of each  

The comb guide: Look for a trimmer with a comb guide that can help you achieve the desired length of hair.

How To Change Babyliss Blades


What makes the Babyliss Trimmer Blade stand out from other brands?

The Babyliss Trimmer Blade boasts exceptional sharpness, durability, and precise cutting performance, making it a preferred choice for professional stylists and home users alike.

How often should I replace the Babyliss Trimmer Blade?

When you start noticing signs of wear and tear especially hair pulling

Can the Babyliss Trimmer Blade be used for different hair types?

Yes, the Babyliss Trimmer Blade is versatile and suitable for various hair types, including coarse, fine, thick, or curly hair, delivering consistent results with precision and ease.


In this article we went over the best Babyliss trimmer blades, all Babyliss blades are great but they all offer their own unique qualities.

Keep that in mind when choosing a blade to take your trimming game to new levels, again, these are the best blades, grab one and test them out.

Babyliss Fx707Z Standard blade Best overall

The BaBylissPRO Ultra-Thin Zero-Gap Hypoallergenic standard tooth blade and a very balanced blade that is great for all hair textures.

Babyliss Fx707b Fine-tooth blade Best for line ups

The BaBylissPRO Fine Tooth Graphite Replacement Blade FX707B is an ultra-thin, adjustable T-blade with graphite 1.2 mm fine teeth for precise detailing.

BaByliss FX707G2 Deep tooth Blade Best for bulk hair

The BaBylissPRO deep Tooth Graphite Replacement Blade FX707G2 is a thin, adjustable T-blade with titanium 2.0 mm deep teeth for easy bulk clearing

If you found this article on the Best Babyliss Trimmer Blade helpful, please check out other related topics below.



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