Barber Not Cleaning Clippers (The Surprising Truth About Barber Clippers)

Do barbers clean clippers, It seems a lot has been said on this topic.

Do they have to? What could happen if they don’t and what can you do to keep yourself safe? 

We talk about this throughout this post. So check the table of contents and let’s get into it. 

Do barbers clean clippers

Yes, most barbers with any integrity will clean their clippers.

It’s in a barber’s best interest to keep their tools clean. It’s part of their maintenance routine. This includes cleaning the blades, oiling them, and making sure the clippers are in good working condition.

It allows your barber to provide the best cuts, so if they’re good with their clippers more than likely they keep them clean. 

In most states, it is actually illegal to not Sanitize clippers before use in clients. 

If your barber has a professional barber license, they are required to sterilize clippers.

If they don’t, then it’s more about their ethics and how they wish to treat their clients.  

You should never feel pressured to get your hair cut with just any hair clipper.

If you feel worried about the state of your barber’s clippers, your well with your right to ask them to sterilize them before they use them on your head. 

What happens if your barber doesn’t clean their clippers 

Barbers who don’t clean their clippers put their clients at risk. 

Not only that, it can wrench their equipment. 

The blades may become dull and ineffective, which can result in uneven haircuts. 

Cutting hair becomes difficult. Hair pulling becomes frequent. 

Not only does this reduce the lifespan of their clipper but it creates an uncomfortable experience for them and their clients. 

Another problem is the clippers can become dangerous. 

Hair clippers can hold all sorts of batterie viruses and fungi as they work on different types of hair. 

If suspect your barber doesn’t clean their clippers properly,  don’t get you’ve hair cut. 

No haircut is worth scabies, lice, or even HIV. All it takes it’s a simple cut for any king is a disease to pass on to you.

Don’t risk it if you don’t feel safe. 

After the haircut, your barber should be brushing down their clippers and disinfect them using a spray and cooling liquids disinfectants. 

This must be done before use in the next client. 

Infection from barber clippers

Luckily, catching an infection from barber clippers is rare and in most cases, the most well-known barber shops in your area will be safe.  

Barber clippers can potentially cause infection if they are not properly cleaned and sterilized between uses. 

Hair clippers can come into contact with all sorts of bacteria and viruses, such as staph or hepatitis B and C. 

If the clippers are not properly disinfected, these harmful pathogens can be transmitted to the next person the clippers are used on. 

This can lead to skin infections, such as folliculitis, or even more serious blood-borne infections. 

It’s also important to note that if a person already has a cut on the skin, the clipper can also spread the infection.

This is why it’s critical hair clippers are cleaned bodies use. Don’t put your health at risk. 

If you have clippers yourself, why don’t you learn how to clean them..and oil and sharpen them?

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In this article we asked, do barbers clean their clippers? 

The simple answer is yes, most barbers who value the longevity of their clippers and want to build trust and clients will clean their clippers.

In most cases, it’s required for barbers with a license to clean their clippers before use. 

You are not obliged to cut your hair with any hair clipper so feels safe to ask how sanitary their clippers are.

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how often do barbers clean their clippers?

How often a barber cleans their blades depend on them, shop policies and local regulations But most barbers surveyed disinfect their clippers after every use with a spray and give them a deep clean at the end of a working day before oiling and storing away. 

Patrick Boulang

Patrick Boulang

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