What do barbers wear? (The Barber’s Outfit)

A few things have been said about what do barbers wear. 

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What do barbers wear?

The most traditional piece of clothing for barbers would be a canvas apron. While canvas aprons provide good cover, they can be quite heady and catch falling hair, hence why barber jackets are the more popular choice now.

Now you could just wear your clothes and cut your hair without any problem. 

But why do barbers wear a cover in the first place? 

I explain below. 

Why do barbers wear aprons?

Canvas aprons provide the bests range of coverage Against long hair.

What do barbers wear

 They act as a shield that prevents hair from getting on your clothes.

While aprons are good shields for hair, at times hair can easily stick to barber aprons meaning they have to be thoroughly brushed off depending on the material. 

Also, aprons with wide front open pockets can catch a lot of unwanted loose hair, and removing can become very difficult and lead to splinters. 

Hair splinters are when a strand of hair pieces through the strat rim Corneum of the skin

It sounds minor but after a long day of cutting hair, it can get quite frustrating and painful. 

This is why barber jackets have become the trend in recent years. 

Barber jackets are flexible, lightweight, and don’t catch as much hair as canvas aprons. They do a very good job of repelling hair. 

Some canvas aprons are not trendy and you may like something sleeker that still looks great, that’s why I recommend you opt for a barber jacket. 

Some barber jackets can be clunky and heavy but this jacket I show below came to find to fit quite well and was rather good in price while the stock was limited.  

I always say to wear attire that fits your personality and your business. 

You shouldn’t have to force yourself to wear something in the hope of looking more ‘traditional’ or professional’. 

Being you, in fact, adds a level of honesty and authenticity. it doesn’t always have to be just black and plain. 

But black does help hide stains so it can be an effective color to wear. 

what do barbers wear

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Try it out while it’s available and if a barber jacket just isn’t for you, you can always return it within 30 days and receive a full refund. 

Why do barbers wear gloves?

When it comes to gloves, it’s all about how safe your want to be. 

But overall it is a preference. 

Barbers wear gloves to protect themselves and their customers from the spread of infection. 

Gloves help provide an important barrier against the transmission of germs and bacteria, they also help to prevent the spread of illnesses such as HIV and hepatitis which can come from any client and you could have no idea

Also, gloves provide a barrier against cuts and scrapes that may occur whilst you’re cutting hair. 

You can easily get hair splinters from just touching and you have no idea what’s on those strands especially if it cuts deep. 

Wearing gloves can give you peace of mind in all areas when barbering.

The other side of this argument is gloves can get expensive. 

Oftentimes, if you frequently wear gloves it adds up as you can replace them multiple times in a day, and over months and years, you could be paying a lot. 

Also, at some point, they will have to be disposed of and most barber gloves are plastic. 

So every disposed of glove can be a problem for the environment. 

But I do honestly say yes to getting gloves. They can be recycled (as long as they aren’t contaminated).

Also, the protection gloves provide overall can be invaluable for yourself, your clients, and the reputation of your business. 

What should you not wear for a haircut?

The simple answer is, Don’t wear anything uncomfortable. 

Whether you’re going to the barber or a hairdresser, you could find yourself in a chair for a very long period, so you might as well be comfortable. 

Opt-in for something loose. Something that isn’t restrictive. 

Wear something with a loose collar as you tend to be moving your head quite often.

Do not wear anything fancy and certainly didn’t wear anything you don’t want hair falling on. 

Wear an old t-shirt, hair seems to always miss a barber’s cape at times so an old shirt can take the hair and you should’ve been too annoyed. 

Don’t wear a standing collar shirt. It can become difficult and very irritating when trying to sweep hair away.


In this article, we asked the question, what do barbers wear 

To conclude, I certainly would say a barber should wear some sort of protective clothing that repels hair. 

The best piece of clothing would be a barber jacket. 

I would also advise the attire fit your personality and not be too restrictive. 

Look to wear gloves as another form of protective cover, it helps prevent your hands from holding dirt and germs. But always wash your hands regardless. 

Would you happen to be a barber? Then why don’t you check out our free clipper maintenance guide to help your clippers to last longer? 


Why do barbers wear black?

Barbers usually wear black because it is a professional and timeless color. It is also easy to maintain and does not show stains easily.

What is the traditional barber outfit?

The traditional barber outfit typically consists of a white button-up shirt, black pants, a white apron, and black shoes.

Do barbers have to wear a uniform?

It depends on the shop. Some barbershops require a specific uniform, while others may allow barbers to wear their own professional clothing as long meet the shop’s standards

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