Do Barbers Cut Women’s Hair? – (Haircut FAQs)

Ladies, sometimes you just simply want your hair cut.

And the most obvious choice would be a barber, right?

But… do barbers cut women’s hair?

In this post, we will discuss this question and I will give you pointers to help you find the best spot to get your hair done. 

So with that said, take a look at the table of contents and let’s get into it.  

Do barbers cut women’s hair?

This is the quick answer: 

As long as it’s a haircut, not complicated styling or coloring, a barber should be able to cut your hair. 

A style that involves clipper/ scissor work should be accepted by most barber shops. 

But before a barber cuts your hair, try to book a consultation with your barber and bring an image to give them a visual goal to aim for, it makes things a lot more simple and straightforward.

This is the rough framework you can follow on deciding whether a barber is the best fit for you. 

But what questions can you ask to validate a barber and how do you know I’d a barber is even the best fit?  

And how do you know you are in the best place to get your hair done?

I cover this in the rest of this post. 

Can Barbers Cut Women’s Hair

Don’t be intimidated by barber shops. 

Any barber looking to grow their practice won’t just throw you out of their shop.

They should see you as an honest customer looking for a service, if they can provide it they take you on. 

If they honestly can’t after you tell them what you want, then they should gently turn you down.

It shouldn’t be a rude or uncomfortable process. 

If you find yourself wrestling with a barber to give you a cut, I don’t think you should be getting this service from them.

Even if you do get your hair cut, I am almost certain it won’t turn out the way you want and the work won’t come from a place of passion or pride. 

Now, in general,  if your haircut involves clippers, and is relatively a short type of cut, barbers should be able to do your hair.

Clipper work is standard for any professional barber. 

But if your hair is longer and you thinking of a certain style that involves scissors, and styling and is quite high maintenance, some barbers genuinely aren’t comfortable doing so, and some and trained in clipper cuts as some barbers are self-taught and don’t go through the “whole” barbering courses.

They may turn you down for your best interest.

I’m sure you’d rather get the best haircut possible rather than a botched attempt and hair loss. 

So to avoid this, find out as much as you can. 

Can Women Go to Barbers

A consultation is key! 

You can get all of your questions answered through this procedure. 

After finding a good barber that’s more than happy to at least discuss the type of style you want, you can ask for their experience. 

It should be an open dialogue and it’s to see if they are the best fit for you, don’t force it.

But by far the best thing you could do before the work even begins is to bring a picture.

If you can show a barber the look your after, they should be able to piece together the cut in their head and make a quick assessment on whether it can be done. 

I’m sure barbers are more than happy to do your hair but they want to know exactly what you want. 

This is especially the case with hair clippers, that’s a barber’s bread and butter, they’re more than skilled enough to perform once they have a plan.

Being very clear on the style you want, gives your barber direction and it gives you an exact cut your after. 


Your barber may even give you some cutting styles and options you didn’t imagine and if they suggest it, they will almost certainly back it up. 

As a barber cuts your hair, don’t freeze up and be quiet, talk and direct them on what’s looking good and what to avoid in the process.

They once again align your goals and kills some awkwardness plus who wouldn’t like a quick chat? 

But let’s say you’ve consulted with multiple barbers and for some reason, they keep turning you down. 

You may possibly be looking in the wrong places. 

Let’s discuss this further. 

Barber vs hairdresser 

Both are professional when it comes to hair, let’s just get that out of the way. 

However, there are slight differences between both professionals that you should know so you can make the best choice for the haircut you want. 

In general, you will find that both barbers and hairdressers and skilled with clippers. 

But when it comes to detail with clippers and sheer experience and passion, barbers are in a league of their own.

Barbers Cut for Women

If you’re looking for cuts such as:

  • Low faded pixie cut
  • Flat cut all over
  • Any type of faded style

A barber should be your go-to location. 

Now if you thinking of a more complicated style that is on long hair. 

Scissors are more likely to be involved as clippers are made to cut closer to the skin. 

If this is the case, a hairdresser may be better suited for you. 

A hairdresser can style it, add color, change texture, and have a lot of other effects. 

The thing is, it does come at a price. 

On average, you could find yourself spending a lot more at a hairdresser than at a local barber shop. 

Barbers keep things simple and straightforward hence why on average their pricing is lower. 

But like I said if after doing a booked interview, your barber is comfortable with achieving the look you are after, by all means, go for it. 


In this post, we asked the question, do barbers cut women’s hair? 

Yes, barbers are hair professionals, so if you provide them with a look that involves using clippers, they would be the best fit. 

However, if the style you are after is longer, slightly more compliant, and requires coloring, you’d be better off with a hairdresser. 

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Can women go to a barber shop for a haircut?

Yes, women can go to a barbershop for a haircut. Most Barbers are trained to cut all types of hair, regardless of gender.

Are there any differences between a barber and a hair stylist?

Yes, Barbers are typically trained in shorter haircuts and often work with clippers, while hair stylists tend to work with long hair and use scissors more often.

Patrick Boulang

Patrick Boulang

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