How To Find A Good Barber – (Your Comprehensive Guide)

So you want to know how to find a good barber?

You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I will outline the intricate process of finding a good barber (to avoid the ones that may set you back a week or two).

You’ll find the best tactics place to find the best barbers and sneaky things you can ask your barber that you may not have known.

So, with that said, take a look at the table of contents and let’s get into it.

How to find a good barber

The best way to find a good barber would be by word of mouth from a trusted friend or reviews from nearby barber shops. 

From the reviews, you can look to book an appointment with a barber. 

While in the store you can asses the professionalism of the shop, their work ethic and cleanliness. 

From here present a picture of the types of style you want and ask if they can re-create it. 

If you’re convinced by their ability let them trim your hair, if not, simply ask for just a quick ‘shape up’ or trim on your hairline and neck. 

Gauge their work and from there you can decide if you want a full cut. 

This is only a quick guide on how to find a good barber. 

But what is the correct framework to find a good barber?

What other things should you keep your eyes on to make sure you find the right match?

We go over this next. 

How to find good barbers

No two barbers are the same. 

But naturally, some qualities are consistent among the best barbers.

Let’s get into them below. 


Now, I’m not saying your barber should be decked out in a three-piece suit before the start o the haircut, but they should certainly look like they care about their presentation. 

It’s a place of business and they certainly should want to put their best foot forward at all times. 

If they look presentable to you. It’s a plus. 

If they look, messy and maybe smell, it doesn’t look great, especially in a building that prides itself on improving looks. 


This may not particularly point to the skills of a Barber per se but it shows their character. 

Like I just spoke about previously on professionalism, the same mantra goes to the state at which you find the barbershop. 

The best barber or business wants to create a comfortable environment for you. 

Where you can sit down and just worry about a good quality haircut, not worry about whether you may catch an illness or not. 

Also, a clean barbershop shows the extended habits of a barber. Are they constantly cleaning and aiming to have their shop look its best? If so, it probably applies to their equipment.

It’s the little things that show a lot. 

There’s no point in getting your hair cut by someone just to walk out of the shop with cuts or a rash of some sort. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Even look at their tools.

Do they look as clean as they can be? Are the barber chairs well presented and sanitary? does the barber apply alcohol after a haircut?

Yes this may be overkill and I’m not saying you should do a whole inspection of the place but if you genuinely want the best, it comes to little details.

Ask for a review 

Now, this may be after the work is done, but keep your ears open as it could just solidify this barber as your top choice. 

When all is well and done and you’ve had a cut from your barber (I talk more about how to find a good one later), try to look and see whether they ask for improvements on what more they could do. 

I.e “Do you want the beard line lowered” or “Do you want the top lowered

Do they want to go the extra mile for you?

Now, this doesn’t make a break your decision but like a said, it’s the little things. 

A barber that has a review in mind is one that actively trying to grow their business by putting their best foot forward. 

It would seem a bit crazy to ask for one when they know they have done a horrible job. 

Check the quality of cuts provided and look to see if it’s up to standard. 

Also, this is an indication of another thing that can help you to validate a good barber. 

We talk more about this next. 

How to Find a Barber

Before you even enter the shop, there are some things you could do to make sure they are the right fit. 

The best thing you can do to know if a barber is good is simply to:

Ask someone for their honest opinion.

It is that simple. 

Have a co-worker, friend, or family member that regularly gets haircuts?

Simply ask where they got it from and ask whether that barber may be able to do the same for you. 

They have no reason to lie and if you know their character, you’re sure to get the best answer from them and it saves you from wasting time. 

It’s the best method of validation you can use to make sure you are in the right place. 

But what if you are new to a city and have no connections?

I have a process for that next. 

Online presence 

Any modern barber shop that is looking to grow will have a social media/ Internet presence.

The more old-school and grown barber shop you can find on Google or any other large search engine.

Simple “barbers [near me]” should be enough to see some good one on the map. 

Younger barbers tend to be more on the social media train, it’s fast traffic and it shows their visual work to the masses instantly.

You can hop on Instagram and type in hashtags of your city and if the barbers are marketing correctly, they should come up. 

Don’t Forget
Here you can browse through their best work and see what style suits you. Keep a note of what you like, it comes very important later on

But if you want to specific barber, you can use

  • Yelp
  • Booksy app
  • The cut app

These are great services that help you to find the most professional barbers in your area. 

You can skim through their portfolios and even book in to call for a quick interview or just book an appointment very easily.

Now, no matter which forms of media you use, you need to be looking at 1 thing. 


If you want a good barber on your head then see how well they’ve done on others. 

People don’t hold back, especially when it comes to a cut.

So take it in and use it to make a good judgment of the barber you are after. 

Look to 4 stars plus for a decent barber. 

Anything lower and you run the risk of being part of that negative review list. 

With these methods in place, you should stumble on a good barber.

But what happens when you arrive?

Your answer is below. 

How to find a good barbershop

When you get to the shop you should keep an eye on the traits I mentioned earlier in this article. 

But depending on what Online media platform you used to find you,r barber, you could find yourself at a barber shop with older or younger barbers.

Open mind
It doesn’t matter if they’re younger or older, talent is talent. Just see if they match you and figure out whether you can build a connection or relate to certain topics.

I’m telling you there’s no better feeling than turning to somewhere you feel happy and welcomed. 


Afterward, if you arranged it in your appointment, you can sit down for a consultation. 

Now, you’re not quizzing them on their practices, you’re just telling them your situation.

You could ask them:

  • Ask them how long he’s been cutting hair
  • What is their favorite style of cut to perform
  • pricing

Keep a mental note of their experience, but if they are new to barbering, don’t discount them straight away, ask how much they work for and how active they are. 

Practice over time does equate to skill and if they check off all the other factors I have mentioned, I’m sure they will be a good barber to you. 

And also at the same time, you could talk about your situation such as:

  • New to the city 
  • Just after a decent cut
  • Want a sanitary environment

The barber you’re trying to work with should be listening and be eager to help to get what you’re looking for from the shop. 

Now once you’ve got an idea of the barber and who you’re working with, you can now recommend the type of cut you want. 

Remember the picture I said you should bring with you, yes, this is when you present it.

Talk to your barber about how you want the style to fit your head and explain how you want it to look to fit in within work and everyday life. 

Their head should start spinning and even better, they may give you other suggestions too.  These are signs that they have expertise.

But if you want a specific style, let them know and be very clear on this. 

All that’s left to do is test them out and get that cut.

Trial and error

So you’ve had the cut and it wasn’t what you expected. 

No problem, ask your barber to try and fix it so it looks how you want. 

If they still can’t fix it, take it on the chin and let it go. Hair grows back eventually and you can try again elsewhere.

Now, when you go to the next barber I still suggest you try to go through the process again to best validate the barber.

Try this
But if you don’t have the time, simply just ask them to give you a ‘shape up’ or clean the hairs around your hairline and neck.

They don’t give you a haircut but you do see how they work with their clippers and you can gauge if you want them to go the full distance. 

You can follow this entire process to find a good barber anywhere. 


This article went over the process of how to find a good barber.

  • Get opinions from someone who has been with a good barber
  • Check reviews
  • Book an appointment and set up an interview 
  • Only let the barber trim part of your hair as you asses their work 

If you have found this article helpful please check out other articles on this topic.


Why is it so hard to find a good barber?

Factors such as personal preferences, availability, cost, lack of information, and turnover can all affect the impact of finding on good barber. Look at each of these points and decide which ones are mandatory and which ones can be sacrificed, this will help you find a barber that best suits you fast.

What should I look for when choosing a barber?

Look for a barber who is experienced, has a good reputation, and listens to your preferences. Also, check for a clean and organized shop.

How can I communicate my haircut preferences to my barber?

Be clear and specific about what you want, and provide visual references if possible. It’s also helpful to build a relationship with your barber over time, so they can better understand your preferences.



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