Clean Clippers With Alcohol (The Ultimate Guide)

We all want to be cut by clean clippers. Clean healthy clipper blades give the best cuts. 

In this article, I will teach you how to clean clippers with alcohol(and other methods too!)

So with that said, take a look at the table of contents, and let’s begin.

Clean Clippers With Alcohol

When looking for clean clippers with alcohol, you need to make use of isopropyl alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol kills organisms by denaturing their proteins. It is most effective on bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This is the alcohol you need.

Can You Clean Clippers With Alcohol

But wait. 

Don’t use isopropyl alcohol by itself, It has a musty, sharp odor that can stay on your blades for a while. 

Use rubbing alcohol which contains isopropyl alcohol but also ingredients that make it less harsh but still effective.

How to Clean Hair Clippers at Home With Alcohol

Clean Clippers With Alcohol
You will need rubbing alcohol, a bowl, and a brush
Turn your hair clippers off.
Using a hard bristle brush, brush off any hair/ debris on the cutting of your blades. 
Place some rubbing alcohol in a container, enough to slightly submerge both blades (only put your blades’ teeth into the alcohol)
Now turn them.

Allow your clippers to run for 10-20 seconds or until most hair and debris have left your clippers.
Remove your hair clippers from the rubbing alcohol and wipe them down with a cloth. 

It’s simple. That is the simple way you can sanitize your hair clippers at home.

However, while this is a simple method of disinfecting your hair clippers, your blades aren’t benefiting as much as they could. 

Further down this article, I will introduce you to products that won’t only sterilize your blades but leave them better than before, all without removing your blades. 

It’s all below, but before we get to that, you must understand why deep disinfection of hair clippers is important. 

I talk about that next.

Disinfect Hair Clippers

Clean Clippers With Alcohol (

We like to be clean.

The cleaner we are the better we feel. Your clippers feel the same.

Your blade teeth are arguably the most important part of your hair clippers. It’s the part that gets the work done on hair…

However, it’s also part of your clippers that is most vulnerable to hair. Strange isn’t it?

But yes, hair can easily get trapped on the guard edge of your clippers and this type of hair doesn’t simply just leave. It can stay for a long time. 

Clean Clippers With Alcohol (

The hairs that build up in this area are microhairs.

These are thin strands of new hair that find their way into the grooves of your blade teeth. – title box

This hair can wear your blade teeth down over time, dramatically reducing their cutting performance. 

In the worst scenarios, they can actually damage your blade teeth due to the sheer amount and build-up. 

But there’s something even scarier that can take place on this battlefront…

What happens if you don’t Disinfect your clippers?

Bacteria. At this point, your hair clippers are a breeding ground for any bacteria and germs found in your hair. 

If you work on clients, your blades come in contact with a range of heads and surfaces. Not everyone’s head is as clean as you would hope for it to be. 

This means your clippers can contact blood, bodily fluids, and bacteria. That collects along your guard edge and can be transferred to the next poor client in line or yourself. 

This causes skin irritation (bumps and red spots), rash, and severe infections.

If you work on clients, you can bet they won’t be coming back, and if you cut your own hair you’re putting your health at risk. 

There is no way as a professional, you should have dirty hair clippers. Disinfecting your hair clippers should be a constant action as you use your hair clippers. 

Even if you don’t use them daily, they should still rescue some sanitary action when you do. 

But don’t panic if you have,t practiced deep hair clipper sterilization, I will guide you on how to do so to ensure your clippers are as pristine as they can be. 

Let’s begin.

How to sterilize hair clippers at home

If you’re a professional, the method I outline below should become part of your routine after every cut. 

Adding this to your routine may bring you raving customers, I certainly received many compliments when I practiced this in front of clients. 

For this sanitation process, you may need just one product, the Andis cool is 5 in 1 spray. 

This spray is all you need to quickly sterilize your blades with every use. The 16-ounce spray actively works to clean, sterilize, and lubricate your blades. 

Andis produced a formula that can be applied to all clippers no matter the brand. It’s a spray commonly used by top professionals and the reviews on the product show how well it can sterilize the blade front. 

As you spray the solution on your blades it rapidly displaces water on the blade front, not only does it clean your blades but stops it your blades from oxidizing to produce rust.

Have a try on the Andis clipper, If you aren’t satisfied you may quickly return the product, if you are, certainty could make the difference in customer satisfaction. You can read more about my recommendation in my Best Clipper Disinfectant Spray article.

Hair clipper spray

Andis Cool Care Best Value Clipepr Spray

A 5-in-1 spray that excels at cleaning and lubricating hair clippers. It provides decent lubrication for hair clippers to help prevent rust.

If you have the Andis cool care, you can now put it to use.

Below I will guide you on how to best use the products and how you can implement them into your routine for the cleanest cuts. 

Step 1:

Turn your hair clippers off.

Step 2:

Using a hard bristle brush, brush off any hair/ debris on the cutting of your blades. 

Brush in the direction of your blades, if you brush across your blades, you risk blunting your blades over time.

Brush the side sides of your blades too, and brush in the direction of the blades.

Step 3:

Hold your clippers at arm’s length away from your body, with the spray halfway to your clippers.

Step 4:

Aim the Andis cool at your blades and spray all around your blades for 10 seconds. 

Step 5:

Turn your hair clippers on your hair clippers to allow the solution to work around your blades. (Aim your clippers down so any more solution just trickles out).

Step 6:

Grab a cloth and wipe down your blades of any excess solution. 

And just like that, your blades are ready to be used on the next client. 

Look to incorporate this after you are done cutting your hair. As you can see, the process is very simple, and adding it to the end of a task can turn it into a positive habit.

While this process sterilizes clippers well enough to be used again, It may not remove and deeply sterilize your blades enough to remove micro hairs trapped with the blade teeth. 

The steps laid out below do just that for you.

How To Disinfect Hair Clippers At Home

Clean Clippers With Alcohol (

How to Sanitize Hair Clippers

Earlier in this article, I laid out the steps to sterilize your clippers at home using rubbing alcohol.

While that method can be effective at eliminating bacteria and removing hair from your clippers, It doesn’t provide the deep cleaning that the steps below can achieve. 

It isn’t mandatory you follow the steps below for a sterilized clipper. The two methods I have given to you already, are more than enough to disinfect your blades. 

This process is for the top professionals who want to provide the best service for clients and take their blade hygiene and health to new levels.

With that said, you will need three products:

  • The Andis cool care 
  • The Andis blade care 
  • Andis hair clipper oil/ any other brand of hair clipper oil.

In this process, the Andis blade care replaces the rubbing alcohol as it produces more benefits to your blades after use. 

The blade care has a  Vitamin E enriched formula that: cools, deodorizes, lubricates, cleans, prevents rust, and decontaminates.

These extra features help increase your blade life as well as remove micro hairs for active usage. 

How to clean hair clippers

Andis Blade Care Best Value Blade Solution

This 7-in-1, Vitamin E enriched formula cools, deodorizes, lubricates, cleans, prevents rust, and decontaminates

When you have these products, you can begin the steps below.

Step 1: Spray down

Follow the previous steps above and use the Andis Cool Care to clean and sterilize your hair clippers quickly.

Step 2:

Once you’ve sprayed down your blades with the Andis Cool care, you can start using the blade care. 

Partially fill the lid of the Andis blade care tub with the blade care formula (enough to cover both blades as I  previously told you at the start of this article.)

Step 3:

Now just as we did with the rubbing alcohol, place your blades in the blade care solution and turn your hair clippers on.

How to clean hair clippers in water

Allow your clippers to run in the solution for 10-20 seconds and watch the micro hairs leave your clipper’s teeth

Step 4:

After you are satisfied with how clean your blades are, take out your clippers and wipe away any excess blade care solution.

Now take the blade care solution place it in a container and dispose of it.

Step 5:

Now you need to oil your hair clippers. 

With your hair clippers in hand place 3 drops of hair clipper oil along the front cutting rail and 2 on the side. 

Then turn your hair clippers and massage the oil into the blades by opening and closing the lever. 

Do that for 30 seconds then turn your hair clippers off and wipe away any excess oil. 

And just like that,  your blades have been deep cleaned and sterilized all without your taking apart your hair clippers. 

You can practice the deep cleaning process every week, but if you want clean blades every day it can also be done daily.

But most of the time, the Andis Cool Care spray is enough to sterilize your blades before use. 


You now know Clean Clippers With Alcohol. 

You can sterilize your hair clippers at home with rubbing alcohol. In most cases, this is an easy at-home solution to sterilize your clippers.

However, rubbing alcohol doesn’t provide more benefits after that.

You can also use andis cool care to sterilize your blades while you use them but the best way to truly sterilize your blades would be a mix of the Andis cool care and blade care.

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How often should I disinfect my clippers?

Cool spray can be used every time you use your clippers and the disinfecting can be done at the end of every working day if you want serious sanitation but it can also be a daily/weekly.

Is it safe to clean my clippers with alcohol?

Yes, it’s safe to clean clippers with alcohol as long as you follow the correct steps and let the clippers dry thoroughly before use.

Can I use any type of alcohol for cleaning my clippers?

It’s best to use rubbing alcohol with at least 70% concentration to ensure proper disinfection and to avoid damaging the clippers.

Patrick Boulang

Patrick Boulang

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