Best Hair Clipper Oil – (Bring Your Blades Back)

We take our hair clippers for granted.

We expect the best from them at times. Peak performance and nothing less.

But is it fair to ask for this when our blades are struggling?

It’s not and in this post, we’ll learn more about the best hair clipper oil to revive your blades and help them work to their best.

Below are the best, clipper oils at their current best price.

Best Hair Clipper Oil

Bottom Line
Wahl Hair Clipper Oil
Best overall
Mineral oil based
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Bottom Line
Wahl Hair Clipper Oil is a premium lubricant that helps to maintain the longevity of blades, by decreasing friction between the guard and cutting blade which does result in better cutting performance from your clippers.
Thanks to extra lubricating and synthetic agents added to the premium wahl formula it does help to prevent blade rust but just not as well as the Andis oil. Also, compared to the other oils on this list, the dropper doesn’t release oil as smoothly but overall, it’s a high-quality oil made from the biggest brand in the clipper space.
Prevents Rust
Reduces blade friction
Premium formula with added lubricating agents
colourless & Odourless
Works on all clippers
 1.18 x 1.18 x 23.62 inches; 4.16 Ounces/0.12 kg
Andis Hair Clipper Oil
Prevent Rust
Mineral oil based
Get Best Price
Bottom Line
Andis Hair Clipper Oil is a high-quality lubricant that is specially formulated to stay on blades longer than average clipper oil meaning works better at preventing rust. compared to wahl clipper oil, its dropper is smoother when releasing oil allowing for more accuracy when applying. However, in terms of lubrication, it’s ok because the oil doesn’t run fast, it stays put almost meaning you have to go through more of the bottle on average. But when partnered with Andis Cool Care, both can leave blades cleaner and running smoother.
Lubricates blades
Colourless &Odourless
Reduces blade friction
Best at preventing rust formation
‎ 1.75 x 1.75 x 4.88 inches; 2.8 Ounces/0.1kg
Oster Hair Clipper Oil
Quick Spreader
Mineral oil based
Get Best Price
Bottom Line
Oster Hair Clipper Oil is also another premium lubricant from a premium brand. It’s the lightest and most refined oil on this list and you’ll see it as this oil spreads fast and wide so, if you have a trimmer it may run too quickly and leak but it will work a charm on regular clippers. The oil
reduces friction between your blades and when used consistently will increase the cutting performance of your blades.
Covers all parts of blades when applied fast
Reduces blade friction
Colorless and odorless
Works on all clippers
‎ 10.87 x 7.83 x 1.81 inches; 4.23 ounces/
0.12 Kg
Evo Dyne Hair Clipper Oil
Increase Blade life
Mineral oil based
Get Best Price
Bottom Line
Evo Dyne is an American clipper but premium like the other clipper oil before it. However, still lubricates restores, and protects your finest blades against rust, and keeps them cutting well but just not as well as the premium oil. But it’s still a reliable clipper oil that gets in between your blades working better. But note, as it’s an American, fast shipping of this oil is only offered to American buyers
Rust preventing
Helps Extend blade life
Reduces friction
Works on all clippers
 6.5 x 2 x 2 inches; 8 Ounces/ 0.23 kg
Hair Clipper Oil
Gadora Hair Clipper Oil
Pure & Safe
Food grade oil-base
Gest Best Price
Bottom Line
Gadora is the purest oil and is the best oil for you if you take extra caution with refined crude oils. (Even though all the oil on this is safe for use on clippers and skin, Gadora is a little bit different). It Uses food-grade non-toxic oil in its formula comp. This means is 100% safe on the skin (Again, so are the other oils on this list, just this one isn’t completely mineral based). This oil still lubricates blades and helps to prevent rust, and ultimately will help your blades go the distance.
Ouderless & Colourless
Clean & safe formula
Works on all clippers
 7.06 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches; 9.91 Ounces/0.28 kg

You can’t go wrong with any of the options provided, they all do the same thing with just slight variances between each but not owning a clipper oil isn’t an option if you want your blades.

There’s a reason all hair clipper owners have clipper oil. 

It’s not for aesthetics or just another “barber tool” to own. 

Hair clipper oil is the most important substance you can use to improve your blade performance instantly!

There are many types of oil out there, some great, some ok, and some outright horrible. 

You should always look out for the best!

The best clippers oils can:

  • Decrease blade friction
  • Prevent rust 
  • Prolong blade life 

Owning a good clipper that works for you, can put your mind to rest. 

Seek performance with peace of mind

Below I’ll go through the best clippers oils to aid and prevent struggling blades. 

With that said, let’s get into it.


Wahl hair Clipper oil

Best overall clipper oil
Get Best Price
Best value overall

Overall most effective lubricant

  • Usable on all Clipper brands
  • Doubles as a coolant
  • Rust resistance

My number 1 choice for you.

Wahl hair clipper oil can get it done. The oil comes in a light 14-ounce bottle. A slight squeeze is all you need to release the small drops onto my blades.

Wahl oil gets in between my blades and spreads evenly across your blades.

A few drops easily covered both the cutting and guard baldes.

The oil from here works tirelessly to reduce all friction between both baldes.

Dry blades grind against each other causing high tension, and overheating which leaves your blades cutting poorly.

The wahl formula leaves clipper blades smooth and ready to perform. Made up of 95% pure white mineral oil, this refined, petroleum-based lubricant will last you months and has fast-acting lubricating properties.

Along with the mineral oil base, the Wahl formula contains extra nontoxic, lubricating agents and synthetic oils making up the remaining 5% of the formula but playing their roles well.

The lubricating agents provide extra deep deep lubrication and the synthetic oils help to protect your blades.

On leaving your blades, a light layer remains stays on your blades, preventing the formation of rust.

Out of all the other oils in this review the Wahl clipper oil is the most effective with this feature, always working to keep your blades at their best.

All clipper blades deserve nurtured by the hardest working oils.

The exclusive formula is designed to replenish and protect clipper blades without leaving a mark or smell as the oil is clear and odorless.

Buts that’s not the only good physical property.

A high boiling point allows the oil to tackle all temperatures without deformation, doubled with its low viscosity, the Wahl doctor gets in and out quickly dealing with all wounds in the process. 

  • Rust Prevention
  • Prolongs Blade Life
  • Premium Formula
  • Effectively reduces Dull Blades
  • High-Quality Lubricant
  • Dropper doesn’t allow for a smooth release of oil.

“I have bought and used this lub oil (third time) now on shavers and cutters etc and it does what it’s recommended for, well pleased and at a very good price, so nothing to complain about, a very good product at a very good price, what more can you ask for.”


At the time my blades needed help, this was the solution. But such a premium oil is heavily in demand. Don’t hesitate on getting your bottle today.

You’ll receive fast delivery on orders from the link below.

Consistently use the oil every 2-3 you use your clippers,  if you don’t see a change, a gracious refund is swiftly provided when returned within 30 days.


Andis Hair clipper oil

Deep lubricant
Best clipper oil
Get Best Price
Rust Prevention

Helps tackle rust formation

  • Usable on all Clipper brands
  • Easy hold
  • Secure cap lock

The Andis oil is a very close second… Clipphub takes pride in providing the best advice on all things hair clippers. While this may not match the Wahl oil 1-1 all-round, it excels in its own right.

The Andis hair clipper oil is the definition of a hair clipper oil.

Its light 80% mineral oil formula gives sufficient lubrication to your blades. It reduces friction and prevents corrosion. However, the 8-ounce bottle can be difficult to access. 

A sturdy no drop lid means all 122ml of content stays inside the bottle but you can also struggle to get it out. Compared to its counterparts in this review I found applying the oil to my blades quite challenging. Being accurate was difficult and slight spillage was common in the testing process.

However, once past this, the oil’s content can stand amongst the best. The wahl formula has the right amount of lubricating agents and synthetic oils to provide your clipper blade with solid lubrication. But there’s a feature to Andis that makes it different.

Andis has a secret weapon. The Andis brand contains a range of products but more specifically I am referring to the Andis cool care line. When combined, true restoration takes place.

The deep cleansing nature of the Andis blade care partnered with the refreshing lubrication of the Andis clipper gave my blades an extra edge.  Micro hairs hidden within my clippers were promptly dealt with when I utilized this combination.

As a duo, this Andis combination is immensely reliable. It’s one that has not gone unnoticed by the maintenance obsessed.

  • A tight seal helps to prevent spillage
  • good corrosion resistance
  • Good lubricant
  • Premium blade formula
  • The cap can be difficult to open and is not the easiest to use.

“Works great, keeps our clippers quiet. Can be difficult to access the red nozzle to open it, but doable. Good quality and plenty of it, good size bottle, not too big or small.”


Get your Andis clipper oil for good blade lubrication but partner it with blade care to receive the full benefits of rejuvenated blades.

If you seek longevity, this combination can take your blades the distance.

Observe as your blades are cured from heat friction and become robust once more. If you are unhappy with what you see, simply return the oil for a refund.


Oster Hair clipper oil

Fast spreading
Best clipper oil
Get Best Price
Hits all parts of your blades

Get Baldes back to the working temperature

  • Usable on all Clipper brands
  • Long-lasting
  • Rust resistance

Clipper oil should be adaptable. It must fulfill its purpose no matter what. Oster hair clipper oil does just that.

The features of this oil are subtle but work well on your blades.

Applying the 4.23-ounce hair clipper oil was straightforward. The slim plastic nozzle allowed fixed precision. The 118 milliliters of content easily slid down my blades, spreading out evenly after just 3 drops. 

The oil runs fast. With only a few drops my blade teeth were coated and oil was already making its way down to the sole plate. it’s got the speed, but does it have action?

Oster oil is thin. While it may not be as effective as the previous oils above, it’s still good oil that is adaptable to all hair clippers.

The petroleum mineral oil passes through a multi-refinement process from its natural crude oil form. The depth of refinement is what makes Oster oil, the least viscous oil within this review.

The oil is formulated solely from mineral oil so while it may not lubricate as deep as the Wahl hair clipper oil when it comes to cheap, reliable choice, Oster can be your blade oil solution.

  • pinpoint dropper
  • prolongs blade life
  • Price
  • Can spread too quickly especially when applied to a lot of oil is applied

“I love this oil. It is the preferred oil for my clippers and it last a long time. I’m a casual barber so I don’t use it on too many people, but it does the job as I expected.”


Check out the Oster hair clipper oil for cheap, reliable oil. When you receive the oil, unscrew the cap, apply 3 drops to your clipper blade, and watch as it coats your blade in a matter of seconds, lubricating your blades from the start.

If you are disappointed, return for a prompt refund at any time, free of charge. Get your Oster clipper oil from the link below.


Evo Dyne Hair Clipper Oil

Increase Blade Life
Best clipper oil
Get Best Price
Blades Stay Lubricated

The light coating stays to keep blades smooth

Take your clippers the distance.

Hair clippers are built for everyday use. Frequent cutting and trimming are their true purpose.

But just like with any machine they can wear themselves out. Blades get worn and cut horribly.

In a situation like that, your blades are in need of an oil that can bring them to life.

Evo dyne. A small American oil company focused on lubricants has produced oil that supports your clipper blades as they work.

Their highly refined mineral oil extracted formula easily spreads on application and to all sides of your blades.

Hold the generous 8-ounce bottle and place 3 drops of the oil across your guard blade (where the teeth meet) and 2 on either side of the sole plate.

The oil gets to work on sweeping away any trapped micro hairs and smoothening the surface of both blades to reduce friction and improve performance.

A truly impressive formula to give your machine lubrication for performance.

  • prone to spillage with no seal opening

Pleased with this hair clipper oil. Great price and great quality, too.”


Gadora Hair Clipper Oil

Pure & safe
Best clipper oil
Get Best Price
Safe Application

Extra safe non-toxic formula

Safety assured.

Gatora matches that.

This clipper oil brand has produced a food-grade, chemical-free, hair clipper oil.

Made from high-quality white mineral oil.

The Gatorara mineral oil is for those who can make a mess In maintenance. Sometimes, as hard as try, oil just seems to fly everywhere as we apply it. Occasionally, we even miss our clipper blades themselves.

Drops fly and dribble everywhere and it mainly lands on our skin.

With Gatora hair clipper oil, don’t stress on the afterward on your mistakes. Their formula keeps you safe no matter how it lands on you.

With the oil that does make it onto your clippers, you can expect high a high-performing helper produced to maximize blade longevity.

The oil slips in between the cutting and guard blade provide lubrication all around, keeping heat and friction away.


“Very useful. It comes with a decent amount, edification for hair clippers, so you can use when you need & you’ll know that you’ll have enough for a long period of timewhich brings great piece of mind.”


I urge you to get your hands on the South after Gatora hair clipper oil today if you’re looking so safety and performance in a bottle.

Not satisfied, easily return it for a prompt refund at no cost to you. Grab it while in stock.


How to oil hair clippers.

To oil hair clipper blades, place 3 drops of oil across the teeth of the blades
(where the front cutting rail and top cutter meet). Place two drops on either side of the blades. 
Turn the clipper on and allow work the leaver to allow the oil to spread then wipe away any excess oil. For more details, read how to oil hair clippersOil hair clippers

Should I oil my clippers before or after use?

Hair clippers can be oiled before and after use. However, it is to oil your hair clippers after you have cleaned and sterilized your blades. This allows the oil more surface area to lubricate your blades

How often should I oil my clippers?

You should be looking to oil your hair clippers every 2-3 uses, this will keep your blades well lubricated but not drowning in oil.

Will oil treat my already rusted blade?

Hair clipper oil does not repair rusted blades? The rust will have to clean away or the blade will have to be replaced. However consistent use of hair clipper oil will help to prevent hair clipper rust.

Is it best to have oil clippers wet or dry?

Hair clipper blades should be oiled dry if you want the maximum effect. Not only do wet hair clipper blades develop rust but they also repel the oil, meaning the oil cannot deeply lubricate the blade.



Wahl Hair Clipper Oil is a premium lubricant that helps to maintain the longevity and performance of hair clippers, while also preventing rust and corrosion.
Limited Stock


ANDIS HAIR CLIPPER OIL: a high-quality lubricant that stays on blades longer and prevents rust and corrosion. Keep your clippers sharp and smooth.


Oster hair clipper oil: a fast-spreading, long-lasting, and effective oil that lubricates and protects your blades

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