Do You Oil Clippers Before or After Use? (Clipper Care 101)

Hair clippers need oil. You wouldn’t expect your car to run without oil and the same sentiment goes for your clippers too. 

In this article, I will answer your question on whether you should oil your hair clippers before or after use (I’ll also provide you a free maintenance guide.)

I will give you a framework you can use to decide the right time to oil your clippers. 

With that said, take a look at the table of contents, and let’s begin.

Do You Oil Clippers Before or After Use?

Here is a quick overview of when to oil clippers:

You should always oil brand-new hair clippers before you use them. 

Then oil your clippers every 2 uses (after using them) and always oil your clippers after you have deep cleaned them and before storing them away.

This is a brief guide you can keep in mind when deciding when to oil your clippers.

But why is it so important to oil your clippers? And how is it done? 

In the remainder of this article, I will answer these questions and go more into depth on the right time to oil your blades so you can get the best out of them.

Now let’s go over the benefits you’ll attain from oiling your blades consistently.

Benefits of oiling hair clippers 

Should I Oil My Hair Clippers Before Or After Use
  • Performance Enhancement 
  • Increased life expectancy 
  • Prevention of rust 
  • Maintain clipper temperature 
  • Reduce noise 
  • Increase hygiene 

Performance Enhancement 

Properly oiling clippers is essential for them to operate smoothly. Want to avoid hair pulling? Then you can’t have blunt blades. 

Nobody wants to keep having to go over the same patch of hair just to cut it. But without oiling your clippers this may very well be your fate. 

All the friction produced from your blades can wear out to the point where they simply cannot cut hair .. Don’t let this be your clippers. 

If you were asking yourself: “Why Is Clipper Oil Applied to the Clipper and Trimmer Blades and Movable Parts After Each Cut?” – well, there’s your answer

When the blades and internal components of a hair clipper are adequately lubricated, they can move more smoothly, resulting in a cleaner, more efficient cut.

Increased life expectancy 

As a result of the oil, your clipper will last longer and perform better. 

If you don’t oil your blades, you’re allowing them to constantly grind past each other. This isn’t good for your blades. 

The constant chipping not only decreases blade performance but slowly wears down your blades. You could be taking life from your blades so be sure to keep oiling them. 

Prevention of rust 

Most modern hair copper blades are made of stainless steel, and while that does help to prevent your clippers from rusting, you shouldn’t take it for granted.

Use clippers oil such as Wahl or Oster. These oils apply a lasting layer over your clipper’s blades which protects them from rust. It’s a simple benefit you shouldn’t avoid.

Maintain Clipper Temperature 

Oiling helps to maintain the clipper’s temperature. A well-oiled clipper reduces friction and hence reduces heat generation.

From there you can use your clippers for longer without worrying about burning someone. Surely that’s a positive. 

Reduce noise 

Your clippers will let you know when they need oiling. The loud noise produced by clippers that need oil can be deafening.

This is noticeable when cutting around the ear.

It is very irritating. However, you can easily get rid of it with a bit of oil.

Proper cleaning and frequent oiling of the clipper blades are the first steps to help silence hair clippers.

Knowing how to oil hair clippers will prevent them from overheating, and limiting the amount of friction on your blades keeps them sharper for a longer period.

Look to oil your blades every two uses.

Increase hygiene 

Oiling your hair clippers is part of the maintenance handbook. All of the steps in this handbook are to keep your clippers as hygienic as possible. 

Adding oil to the hair clipper routine adds an extra layer of protection which can help with transforming your clippers. but I would still say sterilizing your blades is your best bet.

I’m sure these benefits all sound great to you but you’re probably asking yourself how exactly do I oil my clippers to get these results?

I have the guide for this below but first, you need the right equipment for the job.

Should I Oil My Clippers Before Or After Use?

Earlier I provided a quick guide to help you hatter understand the right time to oil your hair clippers. 

I will now go into more in-depth on the topic. 

As I said earlier always oil your hair clippers if they are brand new. 

Most hair clipper sets come with hair clipper oil as part of the package. 

Make use of it. New blades tend to be dry so the risk of them wearing against each other is high. 

Oiling your blades adds that protection from the very first use.

Now, you don’t have to panic if you don’t have hair clipper oil when you first buy your clippers, using them without oiling should be fine. 

However, you should look to find some as soon as possible so you can start reaping the benefits of oiling your clippers.

These are some of the oils I would recommend to you:

I speak more on this in the best hair clipper oil guide.

Note that your clipper manufacturer guide will give you the best advice on when to best oil your clippers. Found in the package when you first buy your clippers.

Look to reference that for answers first as every hair clipper is different, however, the process I provide below provides you with a trusted process. 

Should You Oil Clippers Before First Use

When you begin to use your clippers more frequently, there are differing opinions on when you should oil your clippers. 

When to Oil Hair Clippers

  • ‘Oil your clipper after each use only’ 
  • ‘Oil your clippers before each use only’
  • ‘Oil your clippers monthly and don’t worry about oiling them at all
All of these opinions are valid but I say base when you oil your clippers on how frequently you use them. 

Casual Use

If you casually use your clippers for personal use or you use them on clients from time to time, oil your clippers before you use them and oil them after too. 

But only oil them afterward if you have cleaned and sterilized your blades. 

I say this because you may leave your blades for days, months, or weeks, so they need oil to get them going and they need oil after you’ve cleaned them to protect them if they’re to be left for a while. 

You could do this every time you use your clippers but I would say to do this every 2 uses.

Frequent Use

The more you use your clippers, the more you need to oil your clippers but this too is managed. 

If you are a barber and work on multiple clients daily, you want your blades working at their best so oil your clipper every 3-4 uses. 

But after every haircut, you should be stabilizing your blades. 

Hair clipper sprays not only sterilize your blades but also lubricate them. But for every couple of cuts, you need to apply actual hair clipper oil to make sure your blades are well-oiled.

At the end of a working day, you can use a solution like Andis Care to deep clean your blades. After this, apply oil to your blades one more time before storing them away. 

Now that you know when to oil your hair clippers you can now oil your clippers but how is it done? 

Not to worry, we cover that next, 

How To Oil Hair Clippers

Should I Oil My Hair Clippers Before Or After Use

Time needed: 1 minute

The simple steps to blade longevity.

  1. OFF

    Turn off your hair clippers

  2. DROP

    Place 3 drops of oil across the front cutting row of your hair clipper 


    Place a drop of oil on either side of your hair clippers

  4. WORK

    Turn on your hair clippers and let your hair clippers run for 15 seconds allow the oil to work around the blades 

  5. DRAIN

    Turn your hair clippers off and turn them upside down. 

  6. WIPE

    Any excess oil that drops off the blade is wiped away with a cloth

I go into this process in more detail in my how to oil hair clippers guide. 


In this post, we asked the question Do you oil clippers before or after the use


  • Oil your clipper before use 
  • Oil your clippers after you have deep cleaned your blades to protect them from rusting. 

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Do you need to oil wahl clippers before the first use?

Yes, oil newly bought clipper blades. It helps to ease your blades into clipper action. However do not worry if you don’t have oil in hand, you can use your new clippers without oiling.

Should you oil your clippers before use?

Yes, oil your clippers before you use them. It gets blades ready for use and can help to move micro hairs on the blade edge.

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