Can I Use Baby Oil On My Clippers? (The Surprising Truth)

Baby oil!

Everyone just seems to have a bottle lying about.

It has many great uses when it comes to lubrication but you’re probably asking yourself, can I use baby oil on my hair clippers?

Are there better alternatives? All of these questions I had when I needed a quick fix in oiling my hair clippers. 

But don’t you worry, I have the answers to put you on the right track. Let’s take a look.

Can You Use Baby Oil On Clippers

Quick answer on baby oil for hair clippers:

Yes, baby oil can be used to lubricate hair clippers.

Baby oil is a low-viscosity oil that can tolerate high temperatures while having strong lubricating properties.

Such features make it a viable option to be used as a hair clipper oil.

But I would advise you to use it as a temporary solution.

Oiling your hair clippers is important.

But it’s just one part of the whole process of hair clipper upkeep.

Why not get the full process, for free? It’s right below.

What is hair clipper oil?

Baby oil is okay for your hair clipper and it does the job.
But I will always push you to use actual hair clipper oil in the long run.

But what exactly is hair-clipper oil?

Hair clipper oil is an oil-based lubricant used to grease the blades of a hair clipper. Hair clipper oil is made out of petroleum-based minerals making it a type of partial mineral oil. 

This makes hair clipper oil a grinding fluid oil which is great for lubrication.

Hair clipper oil is a thin oil and easily spreads around the blades when applied. Easy spreading is vital when it comes to greasing the blades of a hair clipper. 

It is essential the oil can get all around the cutting blade to stop the friction between the front cutting rail and the top cutter. 

Hair clipper oil does contain a small percentage of lubricating/synthetic oils making it very resistant to heat.

What is hair clipper oil made of?

The correct balance between mineral oil and lubricating agents makes hair clippers a great lubricant for hair clipper blades as they tend to overheat at times.

Baby Oil For Hair Clippers

Baby oil is a mineral-based lubricant. 90% of baby os baby oil is made of highly refined mineral oil and the remaining 10% is fragrances. Baby oil is non-comedogenic which creates barriers on the skin that lock in moisture. 

To know whether baby oil can be used on hair clippers, we must first understand what baby oil is.

Baby oil has been a household item for decades and can be an easy fix for hair clipper grease when you run out of hair clipper oil. 

The mineral oil in baby oil is highly refined making it non-comedogenic (it doesn’t clog up pores in skin).

medical health

Yes, we’re not on about oil on the skin, however, such properties make baby oil a great alternative to hair clipper oil.

The mineral oil in baby oil is highly refined making it non-comedogenic (it doesn’t clog up), such properties make baby oil a great alternative to hair clipper oil.

Baby oil has a very high boiling point due to the high amount of mineral oil within it. This heat resistance allows baby oil to tolerate heat while being very effective as a lubricant.

Baby oil is made to spread easily, and lubricate, and its ingredients make it tolerable to heat. Baby oil is made for the skin but such qualities just make it a great lubricant for hair clippers too. 

Fantastic product all around to be honest.

Features to Look for In Hair Clipper Oil Alternatives

There is a lot of confusion as to what can be used as hair clipper oil. It is key that you know what to put on your hair clipper blades.

Pouring the wrong type of oil can lead to damage to your hair clippers from the inside. Making this mistake can stop your hair clippers from ever working!

When looking for a replacement for baby oil, you should look for a product that has 

  • Low viscosity (thin)
  • Can withstand high temperatures

Having a low-viscosity oil means that the oil can get around the blade easily without it clogging and building up within the clipper. 

If the oil was to clog up and dry it could disrupt the mobility of the blade, eventually leading to poor cutting performance. 

The oil you chose must be an oil that can also withstand high temperatures—hair clipper blades when active are constantly sliding past each other at a very high speed. 

This movement causes a great amount of friction from that heat. You need an oil that heat and is a lubricant for the blades to allow better cutting.

Other Alternatives

A viable alternative to baby oil as a lubricant would be just Mineral oil. It is a low-viscosity oil and can handle high temperatures. Both vital attributes are needed for a hair clipper oil.

Mineral oil is a refined petroleum-based hydrocarbon, similar to baby oil and Vaseline (dont use this). Such properties make it a good lubricant. Mineral oil also has a combination of paraffin, naphthene, and aromatic oils making it a great cutting and grinding fluid.

Science direct

These lubricating properties doubled up with the low viscosity factor, making it a great alternative as a hair-clipper oil. 

However, you should be careful as to how long you actively use mineral oil as a hair-clipper oil alternative. 

Even though most hair clipper oils are from specifically formulated mineral oil, pure mineral oil can have some toxic properties.

The constant use of pure mineral oil on your hair clippers can cause damage as it stays on your hair clippers longer than organic hair clippers and baby oil. 

So although the properties of making mineral oil make it a good alternative to hair clipper oil, it should be used sparingly and almost as a stop-gap, while you source proper hair clipper oil. 

Always look to have genuine hair clipper oil.

Below are some of the most used clipper oils used by barbers.

Can I Use Baby Oil On My Clippers? (The Surprising Truth)


Wahl Hair Clipper Oil is a premium lubricant that helps to maintain the longevity and performance of hair clippers, while also preventing rust and corrosion.
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Can I Use Baby Oil On My Clippers? (The Surprising Truth)


Andis Hair Clipper Oil is a high-quality lubricant that is specially formulated to keep hair clipper blades running smoothly and extend the lifespan of the equipment.
Can I Use Baby Oil On My Clippers? (The Surprising Truth)


Oster Hair Clipper Oil is a premium lubricant that provides long-lasting protection for hair clipper blades, ensuring optimal performance and preventing rust and corrosion

You can find the best-reviewed hair clipper oils in my best hair clipper oil guide.

What oils should not be used on hair clipper blades

You should not use any oils that have high viscosity and poor heat tolerance. Bad alternatives would be coconut oil, canola oil, olive oil, and vegetable oil.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil should not be used as a hair clipper oil as it’s too thick (viscous). The thickness of the oil will make it a poor lubricant.

Coconut oil can go from its oil state to its solid state very quickly. This means that hair clippers are left in a cool environment, which is recommended. The oil can clump up back into its solid form and remain stuck in your hair clipper. 

This will eventually lead to poor hair clipper performance as it will attract debris such as hair to stick and stay within the hair clipper.

This can eventually blunt the blades or cause the motor to overheat which will eventually spell the end for your hair clippers. 

Canola oil 

Canola oil should not be used as a hair clipper oil. as it’s thick and clogs up hair clippers leading them to perform poorly.

This oil has a high viscosity which makes it a bad alternative as a hair clipper oil, Not only will it struggle to get into the hair clippers but will stay inside the hair clipper and build up

The quick build-up can damage the motor, eventually leading to a broken hair clipper. 

Vegetable oil

Pure vegetable oil should not be used in hair clippers. Due to it being so thick, it would struggle to properly get around hair clipper blades and lubricate them sufficiently. 

Vegetable oil like any other cooking oil over time will build up and attract debris such as hair and cut hair.

All of these can rapidly build up within your hair clipper which can affect performance and leave a bad smell.

These oils are harmful alternatives and can aid in the build of dirt of oil and hair within your hair clipper. Want more guidance on correct clipper care? Read on

It is essential to practice good cleaning and overall hair clipper maintenance.

How often should I oil my clippers?

You should oil your hair clipper blades every two uses. While your hair clippers must stay lubricated, oiling your hair clippers after every use can lead to a rapid build-up of oil within your clipper and can be a waste of resources. 

You should apply three drops of hair clipper to the front cutting rail and drop either of the sole plates.

Then turn your hair clippers upside down and allow them to run for 10 seconds to ensure any excess oil is removed from your hair clipper. 

Oiling hair clippers is vital and should not be neglected if you want your clippers to last a long time. 

After a month or so, remove your blades and wipe away any grime any build-up caused by hair clipper oil.

Do you oil Clippers before or after use?

A brand new pair of hair clippers should be oiled before use. However, hair clippers that are being used can be oiled every two uses after they have been cleaned.

It is excessive to oil your hair clippers before and after every use.

Hair clipper oil especially from brands such as Wahl will provide your hair clippers are great lubricating oils and not much of it is needed to oil your hair clippers well. 


You came to this post asking yourself, can I use baby oil on my hair clipper? Simply, the answer is yes. Baby oil has properties that make it a great hair-clipper alternative.

  • Low viscosity (thin)
  • The oil can withstand high temperatures

These two features make it great at getting around the blades and providing deep lubrication without clumping up and leaving a bad smell. 

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What oil can you use on hair clippers?

Lightweight and heat tolerant oil should be used as hair clipper oils. Avoid cooking oils as although they have a high tolerance to heat, their high viscosity can build up in a hair clipper leading to bad smells.

Should you oil hair clippers?

You should frequently oil your clippers. Lack of oiling will lead to your hair clippers overheating due to the friction between the blades. This will eventually blunt the blades leading to poor hair-cutting performance.

Should you oil hair clippers?

You should oil your clippers every two uses. This can then become, every use if you notice poor blade performance, hot blades or loud noises around your blades. These are common signs of blades in need of oil.

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