What Is Hair Clipper Oil Made Of? (The Ultimate Guide)

Wahl is arguably the number one brand when it comes to anything hair clipper oil.

But what exactly is Wahl hair clipper oil? or any hair clipper oil…

With the electric hair clipper industry projected to reach 6.3 billion dollars by 2025, there will be a whole lot of hair clippers that need oiling however should Wahl hair clipper oil be the go-to brand?

Let’s find out.

What is Clipper Oil Made of

Hair clipper oil is mainly made up of highly refined petroleum-based white mineral oil. This can make up 95% of the hair clipper oil. The e remaining 5% consists of lubricating agents to improve performance and synthetic oils to help prevent rust.

What is hair clipper oil made of?

Wahl Clipper Oil Ingredients

What is clipper oil made of?

What Is Wahl Clipper Oil Made Of

Wahl hair clipper oil, it’s completely made from white mineral oil.

Wahl Data

How does this differ from other oils?

Hair clipper oil is a special type of hair care product that is used to keep hair clippers running smoothly. Typically made from a blend of oils and natural ingredients, hair clipper oil helps to clean hair clippers while also conditioning the blades and protecting them from rust and wear.

The most common ingredient in hair clipper oils is purified white mineral oil. White Mineral oil gives hair clippers the lubricating properties they need to help keep hair clipper blades smooth and performing at the optimum level.

Purified white mineral oil is highly resistant to heat and easily able to handle the heat produced by hair clippers when they overheat due to a lack of oiling.

Mineral oil has the perfect balance of lubrication and heat resistance which greatly helps in keeping hair clipper blades smooth. 

This is why purified mineral oil is the main ingredient in Wahl hair clipper oil.  In some of the other brands of hair clipper oil, mineral oil makes up 100% of the formula.

Then a label is slapped on the bottle and called ‘hair clipper oil’.

Purified mineral is not only a great oil for hair clipper blades but it is 100% skin-safe and is an ingredient used in many skincare products. 

The other ingredients in some hair clipper oil can be:

  1. Synthetic oils
  2. Lubricating agents

Synthetic oils are artificial compounds made using chemicals, they are designed to have specific properties, in this case, it’s to give hair clipper oil better resistance to rust.

Synthetic oils are derived from natural substances such as petroleum, petroleum is what mineral oil is formed from but the synthetic oil in different hair clipper oils have a different carbon length and are refined for longer.

This is what allows synthetic oils to bring other beneficial qualities to hair clipper oil and due to their similar nature, the formula for hair clipper oils is safe all around.

Lubricating oils are just other natural types of petroleum-based oils added to the hair clipper formula to balance the whole formula in general. The mineral oil in hair clipper oil can be a lubricating agent in itself.

Altogether all of the oils come together and provide maximum lubrication to your blades, keeping them smooth and working at their best.

You do not have to worry if hair clipper oil was to fall on your skin, or if small amounts of the products were inhaled or digested, In small amounts, the ingredients inside hair clipper oil should not cause any harm. 

You should look to simply wash and dry your hands after application, However, if a large amount of hair clipper oil is ingested you would need to phone a physician after signs of nausea and sickness.

However, unless you are looking to drink the whole bottle(something I would not recommend), Wahl hair clipper oil is a safe product that will help your clippers last longer.

Ingredients in hair clipper oil vs. alternative?

Mineral oil in hair clippers is highly refined, meaning it has been stripped of all possible toxins that would be found in impurified mineral oil.

Purified mineral oil is thin and can easily slide between hair clipper blades without becoming stuck and building up.

Vegetable oils such as olive oil, sunflower, and avocado oils are decent. lubricants but can easily build up in hair clippers over time so if used it must be as a stopgap at best.

Hair clipper oils are made to get in and out quickly whilst lubricating the blades thoroughly. 

Hair clipper oils are also clear with a slight graphite smell. With hair clipper oil being mainly composed of white mineral oil, it helps to make clipper oil clear.

Clipper oils stick onto hair clipper blades and provide a coating to stop rusting something some oil alternatives are not able to do.

Being clear means excess hair clipper oil that remains on the blades is not visible and will not become an eyesore, unlike other visible lubricants.

For the most part, Hair clipper oil is odorless, apart from a slight graphite smell, hair clipper oils are produced to not leave any rancid smells. This is why hair clipper oil can be frequently used multiple times without a problem. 

However, when vegetable oils are used on hair clippers, not only do they struggle to leave the hair clipper after use but they can quickly build up within your hair clipper leaving a horrid smell over time. 

I would always advise you to opt for a hair clipper oil rather than a synthesized alternative in the short and long term. Do not risk the health of your hair clippers because of a quick fix.

Not sure which oil is best? I will guide you to the best oils available right now.

Best Hair clipper oils

If you are looking to purchase the best hair clippers for your blades, here is a quick review of some of the best oils available.

If you would like a more in-depth analysis of each, I provide it in my best hair clipper oil review.

Next. well, go over how to oil your clippers.

But oiling clippers is only one step in the clipper maintenance blueprint.

Why not learn the whole process from your clippers for longer? You can do so with the clipphub guide.

How to lubricate hair clippers using Wahl

Oiling your hair clippers is crucial in ensuring they stay with you for as long as possible. Oil your clipper every two uses. Oil after thorough cleaning and sterilizing to ensure the oil can be as effective as possible.

Here is a brief guide on how to oil your hair clippers:

Step 1:

Turn your hair clipper on

Step 2:

Apply three drops of hair clipper oil at the point where the top cutting rail meets the clipper. Apply the oil across that front rail.

Step 3:

 Apply a drop of hair clipper to either side of the hair clipper

Step 4:

Turn the hair clippers off and turn them upside down to allow excess hair clipper oil to slide out.

Step 5:

Remove any excess hair clippers from the blade using a cloth


You came to this article wondering what is blade oil made of. The simple answer is that 95% of Wahl hair clipper oil is made out of purified white mineral oil, the remaining 5% of ingredients are used simply to balance out the whole formula and do not add much more value than that.

The mineral oil inside hair clipper oils allows hair clipper oils to be:

  1. Thin and easily spreadable 
  2. Resistant to heat 
  3. Safe for skin 
  4. Colorless and odorless.

Hair clipper oil should be the go-to solution to lubricate hair clippers. They are more effective than vegetable oils. Vegetable oils such as olive and canola are good quick fixes as hair clipper oils, they damage hair clippers over time. 

If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment and take a look at their hair-clipper oil-related articles.


Is Wahl blade oil toxic?

Wahl blade oil is not toxic. It is made out of 100% pure white mineral oil. Mineral oil does not cause harm to the skin and will cause harm if injected in small amounts.

What kind of oil does a Wahl clipper use?

Wahl clippers use Wahl hair clipper oil as a lubricant. Wah hair clipper oil is made using white mineral oil which helps to provide quick lubrication without leaving a smell on Wahl hair clippers.

How often should you oil your hair clippers?

Hair clippers should be oiled every 2-3 uses after they have been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, this is to ensure the clipper oil can be as effective as possible when used.

is Wahl clipper oil silicone

Wahl clipper oil is not silicone. Wahl clipper oil does not contain any rubber within its formula. It is made out of mineral oil and provides maximum lubrication for blades.

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