Olive Oil For Hair Clippers (Emergency Clipper Cure?)

While olive oil is great for cooking, could it have another useful but unusual benefit when it comes to hair clippers?

Like a lot of people in need of a quick solution, you’re probably asking yourself, can I use olive oil on hair clippers?

Will it damage your hair clipper? Are there better alternatives?

These questions (and more) will be answered within this article.

Let’s get into it.

Can You Use Olive Oil On Hair Clippers?

Can I Use Olive Oil On Hair Clippers?

Quick summary:

Can You Use Olive Oil on Clippers…

Avoid using olive oil on hair clippers.

Although olive oil has good properties to lubricate your clippers such as:

High tolerance to heat
Good heat resistance

The main problem is, that olive contains polyphenols which make the oil thick. This means olive oil can clog up within hair a clipper over time.

Olive oil does have lubricating properties don’t get me wrong.

It spreads relatively quickly and can reduce friction.

Olive oil has a boiling point of 299*c meaning it can lubricate hair clippers in their oil state without changing form or breaking down. 

However, olive oil is slightly processed and contains lots of polyphenols( fats and compounds).

This makes olive oil very thick compared to naturally thin hair clipper oils like mineral oil or baby oil. 

Because of this, olive oil should only be used temporarily and should not be used over a long period. The thick nature of olive oil makes it hard to leave hair clippers easily.

It easily builds up in your hair clippers while attracting and collecting dirt as hair. This build-up over time can not only damage your hair clipper motor and blade but can also leave a vile smell. 

In general, olive oil can be a decent alternative for keeping your clippers running smoothly however you should use it as a one-use stopgap while you source a highly refined petroleum-based oil, made for clippers.

Hair Clipper Oil Alternatives – (Your Best Weapon Against Rust)

Our hair clippers need oil. It’s without question. For them to last as long as they should, you need to lubricate them …

You can try some of these other at-home alternatives as shown above but your best bet would be to just use actual hair clipper oil.

Below are some of the best clipper oils used by barbers at their current best price.

Below are some of the best clipper oils used by barbers at their current best price.

Benefits of Lubricating Hair Clippers

Can I Use Olive Oil On Hair Clippers?

Oiling hair clippers is an essential step in maintaining performance and longevity.

By oiling the blades regularly, you can ensure that they stay sharp and clean, which allows them to cut hair efficiently and smoothly.

 Additionally, oiling the blades helps to prevent them from becoming gummed up by dirt or debris, which can shorten their lifespan or damage your hair as it cuts through it. 

Overall, oiling your hair clippers consistently is an important step in keeping them running smoothly and effectively for years to come. So if you want your hair clippers to last, be sure to oil those blades!

Hair Clipper Oil Alternatives

When using hair clippers, it is important to keep them clean and well-oiled to maintain their performance and prevent unwanted damage. 

The oil used for this purpose is typically a purified synthetic oil such as mineral oil or baby oil. These oils are thin with high heat resistance making them ideal for hair clippers. 

However, there are other oil options available that can be just as effective for lubricating in the short term but should not be for long-term use. 

These oils are:

  • Cosmetic oil
  • Mineral oil 
  • Baby oil 

Mineral oil: 

Mineral oil is highly refined paraffin (petroleum oil). It is a great alternative to hair clippers because .. well, it’s the same product, almost. 

Mineral oil can be broken down into 3 sections:

  • Parrafin
  • Naphthenic
  • Aromatic
Mineral oil

Most hair clipper oils can almost completely be made from one of these types. You can’t go wrong with ‘another form’ of mineral oil.

Baby oil:

Baby oil is cosmetic-grade mineral oil with added fragrance. It’s a great alternative to hair clipper oil as it is easily accessible and generally found at most drug stores and pharmacies.

Baby oil is almost identical to hair clippers and will not lack effectiveness in oiling hair clipper blades. 

Cosmetic Oils:

Non-oxidizing oils such as squalene make great hair-clipper oils. While it is expensive its properties make it great for hair clippers. It is light and stable, meaning it can get in and out of your hair clippers without building up and going rancid

This oil is petroleum-free and offers the same lubricating properties as mineral and baby oil without being an unnatural derivative of crude oil. 

Regardless of which oil you choose, taking good care of your hair clippers with regular cleaning and oiling will ensure lasting use and optimal performance.

What to oil to avoid using on hair clippers

When it comes to oiling hair clippers, there are several different options to choose from. Some oils, such as vegetable oils are great lubricants however they are thick oils that tend to gum up the clippers and make them more challenging to clean and maintain. 

Instead, it is best to opt for lighter oils like baby oil and mineral oil. These lightweight liquids will help keep your clippers functioning smoothly without adding excessive weight or buildup. 

So if you’re planning on oiling your hair clippers anytime soon, be sure to choose wisely and use the right oil for the job.


You came to this article asking yourself, can I use olive oil on my hair clippers? The answer is yes, however, this should be as a stopgap and not a long-term solution. Olive oil is vegetable oil and struggles to get out of the hair clipper after use.

This leads to the oil building up and attracting hair and debris which can damage the motor as well well leave a horrid smell

The best alternative to hair clipper oil you should use are:

  1. Baby oil
  2. Mineral oil
  3. Cosmetic oils 

If you have found this article helpful, please leave a comment about any other oils you have found beneficial. And be sure to take to look at other articles relating to hair clipper oil


Should I oil my clippers before or after?

Brand-new hair clippers should be oiled before use. However afterward, hair clippers should be oiled after they have been properly cleaned and sterilized for the best results.

Do you need oil for the clippers?

Yes, oil is needed to oil hair clippers. Oil-containing mineral oil is best for hair clipper oil. While vegetable oils can be used on hair clippers, they should not be the long-term solution as they clog up and can leave a bad smell

Can you use clippers after oiling?

Yes, Hai clippers can be used after they have been oiled. However, the hair clipper must be rid of excess hair clipper oil as the oil can collect hair when the clippers are in use. 

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