Coconut Oil For Hair clippers (Is It Worth the Risk?)

Sometimes we need a quick solution to a problem, in this scenario, our hair clipper blades need oiling.

This is probably why you are here but can we use coconut oil for hair clippers?

It is safe? Does it cause damage?

All the answers and more are in this article.. let’s take a look.

Coconut Oil For Hair Clippers

No, you should avoid using coconut oil on your hair clippers.

While liquid coconut oil is thin and does a good job lubricating your blades, coconut oil can stay inside your hair clippers for a long period.

It can rapidly attract dirt and debris which damage your hair clippers.

Can I Use Coconut Oil for Trimmer?

Can I use coconut oil on hair clippers?

Can You Use Coconut Oil on Clippers?

Coconut oil has properties that make it a great blade lubricant however coconut should not be the long-term solution as a hair clipper oil.

Coconut oil can get in and around the blades well and provide a thin coat that helps hair clippers stop rusting… However, the damage that can be done afterward is the problem.

Most saturated Coconut oil only needs a temperature of 74f (23 degrees) to quickly turn back into its solid form, This type of coconut oil is most commonly used on hair clippers and it causes a lot of damage within your hair clippers.

When saturated coconut oil that was previously liquid gets inside your hair clipper and solidifies, it can begin to clump and attract hair and dirt. 

If the solid coconut oil were to get around your hair clipper motor, it could cause the motor to work harder which leads to overheating and a lapse in performance.

Overall, the longevity of your hair clippers would dramatically decrease and they would be left with a bad smell due to the build-up.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want this, I know I don’t. 

This is why it is important to a petroleum-based oil on your clippers.

These types of oil spread the best and have the best properties to decrease friction on your blades

Only use the liquid form if you have but aim to get actual hair clipper oil to improve your blade performance not possibly take them back.

I detail the best hair clipper oils below


Wahl Hair Clipper Oil is a premium lubricant that helps to maintain the longevity and performance of hair clippers, while also preventing rust and corrosion.
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ANDIS HAIR CLIPPER OIL: a high-quality lubricant that stays on blades longer and prevents rust and corrosion. Keep your clippers sharp and smooth.


Oster hair clipper oil: a fast-spreading, long-lasting, and effective oil that lubricates and protects your blades

I go more in-depth on each oil in my best hair clipper oil guide.

Benefits of oiling hair clippers

There are many benefits of oiling your clippers with petroleum mineral oil lubrication. 

Smooth operation: Oiling your hair clippers regularly can help them to run smoother. 

When your hair clipper runs well it reduces the chance of hair pulling and overall, you get a lot more from your clippers.’

Prolonged lifespan 

Oiling your hair clippers can also help to prevent your blades from becoming dull or damaged. 

This can greatly extend their lifespan, reducing your need to get them replaced or Sharpened.

Reduced heat and friction

Oiling your clipper blades can help reduce the amount of heat and friction produced by your clippers

This can help to prevent the blades from overheating and potentially damaging the motor.

(Also, I’m sure you wouldn’t want hot blades near your skin. 

Prevent rust and corrosion

Regular oiling can help prevent your blades from rusting or corroding

Most hair-clipper oils leave a light coat of oil on your blades to stop water from attaching and producing rust.

We know the benefits of oiling hair clippers, but how often should it be done?

How Often Do You Oil Hair Clippers?

But if that’s too much of a hassle. This guide below is a good framework to follow when oiling clippers.

Casual use (using hair clippers a few times a month)

  • You should always oil brand-new hair clippers before you use them. 
  • Then you should look to oil your clippers before you use them. 
  • If you rarely use your hair clippers,(once a month), always oil them before you use them, then deep clean and re-oil every two uses before storing them away.

This is to better protect them when you store them away. But it isn’t a process you have to do after (every use) but you are more than welcome to if you always want your blades clean. 

Frequent use

  • If you’re a barber, look to oil your blades every 3-4 uses. 
  • you should constantly be sterilizing your clippers after every client and before the next.  
  • Sterilizing your clippers with a spray cleans them but also provides some slight lubrication. 
  • However, every 3-4 uses, apply hair clipper oil to your blades to provide deep lubrication. 
  • Then at the end of a working day, deep clean your blades, and oil them one more time before storing them away.

Time needed: 1 minute

The simple steps to blade longevity.

  1. Step 1

    Turn off your hair clippers

  2. Step 2

    Place 3 drops of oil across the front cutting row of your hair clipper 

  3. Step 3

    Place a drop of oil on either side of your hair clippers
    Hair Clipper oil

  4. Step 4

    Turn on your hair clippers and let your hair clippers run for 15 seconds allow the oil to work around the blades 

  5. Step 5

    Turn your hair clippers off and turn them upside down. 

  6. Step 6

    Any excess oil that drops off the blade is wiped away with a cloth

How To Oil Hair Clippers – (The ULTIMATE Guide)

Your clippers need oiling. It would be criminal to own a pair and not give them the lubrication they need and …

Maintaining Hair Clippers

Oiling your clippers is only just part of the clipper maintenance process. 

You also need to disinfect your clippers too. 

A clipper spray not only cleans your trimmers but provides your blades with some lubrication too. 

So after every trim, hold your trimmers at arm’s length away from the can and spray the front and back of your blades.

Then wipe away any excess. 

Below are some of the best trimmer disinfectants/cleaners at their best current price.

Andis Cool Care Best OVERALL

Andis Cool Care Disinfectant Spray is a powerful and effective solution for keeping hair clippers clean and hygienic, while also extending the lifespan of your clippers.
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Clippercide Spray DEEP CLEANER

Clippercide Disinfectant Spray is a fast-acting and effective solution for disinfecting hair clippers, while also lubricating and cooling the blades for optimal performance.

H-42 Barber Spray Best Solution Based spray

H-42 Disinfectant Spray is a hospital-grade disinfectant that effectively kills germs and bacteria on hair clippers, making it an ideal choice for professional barbers and salons.

So, after every use of your trimmers, spray them down, then every 2-3 uses, spray them down and apply hair clipper oil.


In this article, we asked the question, can you use coconut oil for hair clippers? 

The simple answer is no. 

Coconut oil is too thick to be used on hair clippers.

Yes, the oil may start as being light with hood tolerance to heat, but after applying and leaving it in your clippers for a while, it clogs uniting your clippers reducing their performance.

You need to be using a lubrication spray or mineral-based clippers oil to oil your hair clippers.


Can I use coconut oil for hair clippers?

Yes, coconut oil can be used on hair clippers, however, it should only be a short-term solution while you look to get mineral hair clipper oil as coconut can rapidly build up in hair clippers and internal damage.

Patrick Boulang

Patrick Boulang

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