3 in 1 Oil For Hair Clippers (Safe for use?)

Hair clippers need oil to perform at their best. But wouldn’t it be great if there was a product that could do more than that? 

Is 3 in 1 oil that product? 

In this article we will answer the question: Can you use 3in1 oil on hair clippers? 

So with that said, take a look at the table of contents, and let’s begin.

3 in 1 Oil for Hair Clippers

So.. if you’re asking yourself… Can I Use 3 in 1 Oil on Hair Clippers?

The simple answer is:

Yes, mineral-based 3in1 oil can be used on hair clippers.

3in1 oil lubricates hair clippers as it is primarily made up of Naphthenic Oil, a versatile lightweight oil.

However, you must make sure the 3in1 oil you use on your clippers is Mineral oil based, any other type could damage your clippers.

3-in-1 oil is a multi-purpose oil often used on tools and equipment such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, and bikes.

A 3in1 oil works well on large tools but when it comes to intricate hair clipper blades that’s a different story and I explain more on this below.

Can You Use 3 in 1 Oil on Hair Clippers

You should always look to use oil specifically designed for hair clippers. 

So what exactly is hair clipper oil? 

What is hair clipper oil made of?

Hair clipper oil is made up of highly refined petroleum-based white mineral oil. This makes up 95% of the hair clipper oil. 

Lubricating agents and synthetic oils can help prevent rust.

Due to the high makeup of mineral oil. Hair clipper oil is also very light so it spreads well to deeply lubricant blades. 

It doesn’t stay and attract dirt, it gets in and out with no negative side effects.

If looking for the best-performing clipper oils, below are some of the most in-demand oils at their best price.

You can read more ton these oils in my best hair clipper oil guide.

Using the wrong oil

3in1 oil works. (Petroleum-based 3in1 oil that is). 

But there’s a bunch of them that contain a wide mix of ingredients and formulas.

So I say you wd-40 3 in 1 oil as the base oil mineral oil based.

This 3-in-one oil is non-detergent oil meaning it doesn’t leave stains or a foul smell after cleaning.   

Not only it can clean, lubricate, and protect the hair clippers but also helps prevent rust formation.

It works but I would still say just use a hair clipper oil especially if you just want lubricated blades.

But this version of 3in1 oil, wd-40 3in1 oil is the closest that matches the hair clipper oil formula. 

You can use it, just make sure at the end of the month you fully remove your blades and clean them out of any remaining residue.

3in1 oil

3in1 Oil Best 3in1 oil

a low-viscosity oil that has a high heat tolerance so it doesn’t deform under high temperatures.

The wd-40 branded 3in-1 oil is a good alternative to hair clipper oil as it is 97% Naphthenic Oil.

Can You Use 3in1 Oil On Hair Clippers?

Naphthenic Oil is a form of petroleum mineral oil (The same oil used in most hair clipper oils).

Can You Use 3in1 Oil On Hair Clippers?
naphthenic oil

This oil also has a secure oxidation state meaning it can stay on your blades for a long time without evaporating, so it’s a great oil when it comes to maintaining your blades.

There are other ‘3in1 oils’’ out on the market but the base oils may not be mineral oil based.

“There are three types of base oils: mineral, vegetable, and synthetic. Mineral oil comes from crude oil and the quality depends on the refining process.”


The other types of base oils are biological (from vegetables and animals) Or synthetic (artificially created).

These two are not good for hair clippers. 

These 3-in-1 oils are generally too thick and can build up inside the clipper, causing it to become gummed up and potentially damaging the blades and other internal parts.

 It can also leave a residue on the blades, which can lead to reduced cutting performance.

3in1 oils spread to clean, lubricate, and do a bunch of other things and because of this, it isn’t made to primarily lubricate so it poses a hazard to your clippers especially if the base oil is biological or purely artificial.

Be always sure to check which base oil is used in your 3in1 oil before use – Make sure it’s mineral oil based.

Even if you do have petroleum-based 3in-1 oil, I would suggest you use actual hair clipper oil or 3in-1 “oil”/product made for hair clippers.

I go over this next. 

3-in-1 oil for hair clippers

Can You Use 3in1 Oil On Hair Clippers?

The problem with 3in1 oil is it wants to be good at everything. 

Cleaning, lubricating, and protecting. This is great to market but in terms of being effective and generally helping your hair clippers, it doesn’t provide too many benefits. 

3in1 oil or any 3in1 product for that matter just becomes a jack of all grades and master of none. 


When it comes to cleaning, ideally you need a product that can displace water. 

The best 3-in-1 product made for hair clippers would be the Andis Cool Care Spray.

This product is the hair-clipper version of wd-40. As you cut hair, you can use cool care to easily spray down your blade to clean and sanitize them.

 Andis Cool Care cleans your blades for hair and due to it being tailor-made for hair clippers, it’s more petroleum oil-focused. 

After you spray your clippers, it works on your blades by cleaning, sterilizing, and protecting them from moisture.

It provides okay lubrication and rust prevention, but I will suggest using a clipper if you purely want a product that lubricates your blades.

I also provide a guide on using Andis Cool Care to sterilize your clippers

Hair clipper spray

Andis Cool Care Best Value Clipepr Spray

A 5-in-1 spray that excels at cleaning and lubricating hair clippers. It provides decent lubrication for hair clippers to help prevent rust.

Oiling and protection

When it comes to oiling, If you have petroleum 3in1 oil you can use that however if you have any other base oil 3in1 oil, I would suggest you switch.  

You need a light hair clipper oil that gets in and out of your clippers lubricating them deeply to reduce friction and increase performance. 

They also need to protect your blades from rust longer after you’ve used them.  


A lot has been said about whether can you use 3in1 oil on your hair clippers. 

To conclude, mineral petroleum 3 in 1 oil can be used on hair clippers.

However for your clippers to receive the best treatment in terms of cleaning, lubricating, and protection having products that are targeted is best. 

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Is 3 in 1 oil good for hair clippers?

Overall, 3-in-1 oil can be a good choice for maintaining the performance and longevity of hair clippers. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the oil and to apply it in the appropriate amount to avoid over-lubricating the clipper.

Can you clean the clippers with oil?

Clipper oil is one of the best products to clean hair clippers with. It pushes some micro-hairs seats after application but cannot provide the deep clean your hair clippers need.

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