Beard Trimmer vs Hair Clipper (The Battle for the Best Grooming Tool)

Beard trimmer vs. hair clipper.

Two very powerful tools when it comes to grooming but what makes them different? 

In this article, we’ll go over the main differences you should know about these two tools(and how you can use them to your benefit.

With that said, let’s get into it. 

Beard Trimmer vs. Hair Clipper

Quick answer and understanding:

The trimmer is more accurate and better for finishing.

Clippers are mainly for length and thick hair (head hair) trimmers for lining and more specifically beard trimmers are for detailing lighter hair without cutting it off

That would be your beard and mustache area and possibly body hairs too. 
This a quick Mantra you can remember to understand which tool fits what purpose: 

Trimmer for edge-ups, clippers if removing bulkheads of hair, and a straight razor to clean it all up.

This is just a quick summary.

But what about the different types of trimmers?

And do you need both in your tool kit to get the best cuts? 

We cover all of these below. 

Trimmer vs Clipper Differences

Knowing the difference between both tools is key. 

But there are instances where you can merge one tool to do one task. 

Now we’ll cover how you can get the best from your clippers/trimmer in the situation you are in. 


Hair clippers are bulkier but far more versatile when it comes to trimmers and clippers. 

The range of use is large if you simply own clippers, you can have the:

  • Bald fade
  • Regular fades with precision
  • Easy cuts
  • Traditional haircuts
  • Even trim your beard grooming if you wish

For this, it’s best to have a cordless hair clipper, easy to carry, and versatile to boot. 

These types of clippers offer these qualities which make them great for multiple uses 

  • ⁠Long charge (can cut hair, then move to trim beard or body hair
  • Way more powerful motor(handles all sorts of human hair with no issues)

Detailed Trimmers  

Now, hair clippers can be very versatile machines and in most cases, can handle all of your clipper needs. 

But, if you’re after detail and precision (more specifically line ups) 

Detail trimmers are the way to go. Now all thought they were both trimmers, a detail trimmer, and a beard trimmer, and a little bit different. 

Line-up/detail trimmers like the andis t outliers outliners for example are trimmers specifically for line-ups. 

They come with guards but are rarely used. 

This is because these trimmers gapped to add detail and cut hair low to the point where they are detailed. 

It’s what your barber uses at the end of haircuts. 

If you primarily use your clippers to cut hair, they can be a great addition to your grooming arsenal. 

They help you add the final detail to your haircut. 

These types of ’trimmers’ aren’t the same as beard trimmers, they can be used on a beard but aren’t as powerful and you won’t get the cut yours after. 

Best tool for beard

When it comes to beards to get decent results, you can with go a hair clipper or full beard trimmer. 

Most hair clippers can easily cut beards, however, the problem comes in lining them up to look neat. 

Trimmers can do this easily, while hair clippers struggle. 

So if you’re just cutting your beard with no like-up, you can use your clippers. 

However, if you need a lineup up too, you have two options: 

  • Use a combination of hair clippers and a detailed trimmer 
  • Specifically, use a beard trimmer

I believe you should own all tools

  • Clippers 
  • Detailers 
  • Beard trimmer 
  • Shaver 
  • Electric shaver 

But I can understand this being overkill if you just want to trim your beard. 

If you are mostly working on your beard I would advise you is just get a beard trimmer 

You can cut to the length you want and detail like them too. 

The thing is, while you can cut close to the skin, you may not be able to do it as well as an electric shaver or regular shaver. 

If you don’t have a beard trimmer and you looking to trim your beard with a little mess, opt in for a vacuum beard trimmer. 

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Hair clippers On Beards

Hair clippers can work on beards

Cutting certainly isn’t an issue, however, the experiment guy has with a clipper compared to an actual beard trimmer when cutting hair can be different. 

Beard trimmers are built the way they are for a specific reason. 

This is: 

  • ⁠Cordless (flexibility and convenience )
  • ⁠smaller in size (easier to control and navigate around your face)
  • Guards supplied will be for a shorter length compared to clippers
  • And obviously, more detail when trimming your beard due to shorter blades.

They can be pretty hard to find but it’s worth it, tried to use a trimmer on my beard once and ended up shaving it all off because of how bad it looked. 10/10 would not recommend it.

When trimmers and clippers fail  

Sometimes, your clippers and trimmers may not be made for the task. 

Remember, these are both close to the area 

Machines, so you know when neither won’t do great? 

When you have very long hair. 

If you have a rather long beard and very long hair don’t you simply want to jack down, using a beard trimmer or clipper on yourself would be frustrating? 

Control and precision won’t be there and you can easily crew up and have to cut the whole thing down. 

You want to avoid this. 

This is where scissors and different eyes will work best.  

If you want your beard to look longer whilst it is detailed and you don’t want to run the risk of cutting it off with your clippers go to a barber.

Also, your beard trimmer may not have the length of guards to deal with long hair. Scissors and precise trimmer detailing may be your best bet. 


In this article, we weighed up beard trimmers vs. hair clippers to see how they compare and their best use cases. 

Hair trimmer vs. Beard trimmer

In the world of grooming appliances, one common debate that often arises is the comparison between a hair trimmer and a beard trimmer.

A hair trimmer and a beard trimmer are two distinct tools designed for specific purposes. Hair trimmers, with their diverse attachments and adjustable blades, are primarily used for cutting and styling hair.

On the other hand, beard trimmers are specifically designed to maintain facial hair, ensuring even trimming and precise detailing.

While both trimmers may share certain similarities in terms of design and functionality, their intended uses and features set them apart.

Hair trimmers offer versatile cutting options suitable for various hair lengths and styles, whereas beard trimmers concentrate on precision trimming and shaping facial hair.

Understanding the distinctions and functionalities of each tool is essential for individuals seeking to achieve their desired grooming results.

In this article, we weighed up beard trimmers vs. hair clippers to see how they compare and their best use cases. 

Hair clippers are the most versatile tool and can be used on all hairs on the human body. 

A beard trimmer can do the same too just not on head hair. 

Hair clippers are powerful machines best at taking large lumps of hair while beard trimmers and lighter, less powerful machines are built for detailing and Close precision trimming. 

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What’s the difference between a beard trimmer and a hair clipper?

Beard trimmers and hair clippers are very similar grooming tools but they have some key differences. Beard trimmers are designed specifically for trimming and shaping facial hair, like beards, mustaches, and sideburns. Hair clippers, on the other hand, are designed to cut larger sections of hair on the head and body.

Can I use a hair clipper to trim my beard?

While you can technically use a hair clipper to trim your beard, it’s not the best choice. Hair clippers are built to cut large bodies of hair. Therefore, they are heavier and have larger blades. You lose detail and control when using hair clippers on your beard.

Is a beard trimmer more precise than a hair clipper?

Generally, yes. Beard trimmers are designed with smaller blades and more adjustable guards, which makes them more precise than hair clippers when it comes to shaping and detailing facial hair. Beard trimmers are also typically easier to hold and easier to use in small, tight areas, in places like the upper lip and chin. However, hair clippers can still be precise when used right and with the right guards. It really comes down to your personal grooming needs and preferences.

Patrick Boulang

Patrick Boulang

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