How To Oil Beard Trimmer (Mastering the Art of Trimmer Maintenance)

Beard trimmers need oil. 

It keeps blades lubricated and performing at their best. 

In this article, we’ll go over how to oil beard trimmers. 

 (As well as some other tips you can use in the process) 

With that said, let’s get into it.   

How to Oil Beard Trimmer

Here Are the quick steps to oiling your beard trimmers. 

Time needed: 2 minutes

The simple steps to blade longevity.

  1. Step 1

    Turn off your beard trimmer

  2. Step 2

    Place 3 drops of oil across the front cutting row of your trimmer (where both blades meet)

  3. Step 3

    Place a drop of oil on either side of your trimmer blades

  4. Step 4

    Turn on your beard trimmer and let your trimmer run for 15 seconds allow the oil to work around the blades 

  5. Step 5

    Turn your beard trimmer off and turn them upside down. 

  6. Step 6

    Any excess oil that drops off the blade wipe away with a cloth

This is only a quick outline of how to oil beard trimmers. 

But how often should it be done? 

And what oils should you use, I cover this in the rest of this article. 

Beard Trimmer Oil

You should oil your trimmers frequently it’s part of the maintenance process to keep your trimmers working their best for longer. 

For this, you need a light oil that lubricates deeply, below are the best trimmer oils at their best current price. 

You should oil your beard trimmer every 2 -3uses if you casually use your trimmers. If you use your trimmers more frequently (multiple times a day), you should oil your trimmers every 3-4 uses.

You don’t want to unnecessarily oil your trimmers if it’s not needed 

Trimmer brands preach that you should oil your trimmer before and after you use them but in my opinion, that’s overkill. 

Keep it to every 2-3 uses especially if it’s personal use. 

However, what you should’ve done is sterilize and clean your trimmers after every use.

A clipper spray not only cleans your trimmers but provides your blades with some lubrication too. 

So after every trim, hold your trimmers at arm’s length away from the can and spray the front and back of your blades.

Then wipe away any excess. 

Below are some of the best trimmer disinfectants/cleaners at their best current price.

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So, after every use of your trimmers, spray them down, then every 2-3 uses, spray them down and apply trimmer oil. 

How To Oil Beard Trimmer 

Step 1: Clean Beard trimmer

You must remove any hair from your blades as well as deeply sterilize them before oiling. This is so your blades can get oiled deeply without hair blocking the hidden parts of the blade. 

If in a rush, quickly, brush around your blade with a hard brush. This can be a toothbrush. 

Then use a cotton rag and wipe down the blade to make sure you have taken off as much hair as possible. 

Step 2: Position your Trimmers

Your beard trimmers can be on, to begin with when oiling your trimmers but for this guide, we suggest you turn them off.

Then position your to have the blades facing up slightly. This is the right position to angle your blades as it puts your blades in the right position to take in the oil. 

Step 3: Use clipper/trimmer oil

Using your oil of choice, place 3 drops of oil equally apart,  across the cutting rail of your beard trimmer. This is where your two blades meet. Spread the drops equally apart to have as much spread as possible. 

Soon after this, turn your beard trimmers sideways and apply a drop of oil to either side of your trimmers. 

Step 4: Turn on your trimmers and move the lever (if it has one)

You can now turn on your trimers. This is to now work the oil between the blades to offer maximum lubrication. Keep your blades pointing slightly upward while doing this. 

At the same time, Mover the lever of your trimmer up and down to allow your blades to move and spread the oil. 

This also helps to spread the oil. 

Step 5: Wipe excess oil

Let your blades run for 10-15 seconds.

Once this time has passed, Oil turns your blades upside to allow any excess oil to drop down. 

This is especially important if you’re not using beard oil as your oil in this process.

Excess oil can make its way down to your motor and cause damage. It can also aid in hair build-up in your trimmers.  

Wait 5 seconds while your trimmers are upside down then wipes the excess oil that comes down. 

Just like that, your beard trimmers are oiled. 

This video below may help to visualize the process:

Beard trimmer oil substitute 

Oiling your trimers is vital and you shouldn’t leave your trimers for a long period of time without oiling them.

That’s why in an (emergency scenario) you should look to use an alternative to oil your trimmer while you look to purchase actual hair clipper/trimmer oil.

If you are in this situation here are the best substitutes.

  • Mineral oil 
  • Baby oil

These oils all fit the light and what resistant criteria and I’ll know go into detail on each oil. 

Let’s start with the best: 


Mineral oil itself is the best oil you can use in your hair clippers. Pure mineral oil is a type of oil that comes from hydrocarbons. It’s colorless and odorless. 

Mineral oil is a non-drying oil meaning it doesn’t evaporate or dry out over time. This makes it a great oil for your hair clippers as it stays on your blades, keeping them lubricated without drying up rapidly from heat. – box it 

If you have 100%pure mineral at home, feel free to use the oil on your hair clippers, it will give them the lubrication to reduce friction within your blades.

Baby oil

Baby oil is commonly found at home. It has great lubricating properties for the skin and fortunately, these lubricating properties can also be beneficial to hair clipper blades too. 

Baby oil is a solid alternative to hair clipper oil. 

Baby oil is essentially a type of mineral oil with added fragrances. The percentage of mineral oil within each type of bottle varies depending on the brand but mineral oil tends to make up 90 – 100% of baby oil formulas. 

The remaining 0-10% of baby oil is made up of fragrances. But due to the high concentration of mineral oil within baby oil, the fragrances within don’t obstruct the positive benefits of the baby oil.

If you have some baby oil, you can use it to oil your hair clippers if you need a rapid solution but I always advocate using 100% mineral for the best as the best alternative.


In this article, we discussed how to oil a beard trimmer

You should oil your trimmers every 2-3 uses, but you should spray them down after every use.

When piling your trimmers apply 3 drops of timer oil, where the blade meets and two drops on the side, 

Then turn your trimmers and wipe away any excess.  


which lubricant is best for hair clippers

The Best Types of trimmer oils you should use for your clippers should light and mineral oil bases these types of oils spread the best and provide deep lubrication. Think hair clipper oils, mineral oil, and baby oil.

Why is it important to oil my beard trimmer?

Oiling your beard trimmer regularly helps to reduce friction between the blades, preventing rust and keeping them sharp for a longer time.

Can I use any oil to lubricate my beard trimmer?

No, it is important to use a specific clipper oil or lubricant, as other oils can damage the blades. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended oil type.

Patrick Boulang

Patrick Boulang

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