Does Facial Hair Stop Growing At A Certain Length?

A lot has been said about does facial hair stop growing after a certain length. 

If you are in this group, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we will cover the truth and I will give you some tips along the way.

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Does Facial Hair Stop Growing At A Certain Length?

Quick answer: 

Yes, to an extent, your hair does stop growing at a certain length

All hair follicles, beard, head, and body hair, go through growth and rest cycles. 

The eventual length of your hair/beard is a function of growth rate and the length of time your follicles are in their growth cycle. 

Once a follicle goes dormant (your body stops making hair), the hair falls out

But then, your body starts making new hair again. Eating healthy food, sleeping well, and not getting too stressed can help your hair grow better. 

But no matter what you do, your hair can only grow to a certain length because it’s decided by your body’s genetics (which you got from your parents). 

So, rubbing special oils on your beard won’t make it grow longer than what your body is programmed to do.

As long as your doing everything right, you will maximize the potential of how long your hair will grow. 

Why does facial hair stop growing at a certain length?

Hair is made up of tiny bulbs located under our skin. Each hair on our body grows on its own and goes through three different stages during its life cycle.

The three stages are:

  • Anegen
  • Catagen
  • Telogen

The first stage is called the Anagen phase, where your hair grows actively for about 2 to 5 months, and gets shaped as it grows naturally. 

The second stage is called the Catagen phase, where your hair stops growing and the hair follicle base contracts, gradually moving up toward the skin’s surface. This stage lasts for 2 to 6 weeks.

The third stage is called the Telogen phase, this is where the hair follicle gets shorter, then an m new hair starts to grow at the same place where the old one was. 

When the new hair grows enough to appear on the skin’s surface, the old hair falls out. This stage lasts for about 1.5 to 12 months.

I know, weird right?  But that’s the process! 

The length of the Anagen phase of hair growth depends on various factors like your gender, genetics, and the body region and hormones. 

Once the hair reaches its maximum length during the Anagen phase, it stops growing, and the other two phases follow. 

If you want to have long beard hair, the anagen phase would have to be extended past what your body has set.

Visiting a dermatologist can be helpful. 

A dermatologist can help to figure out if it is possible and suggest what to do to achieve your desired results.

Beard Growth Myths

Common beard myths, from my experience with beard growth and I, ’ve heard people speak on 

The best way to grow a beard is to grow a beard.

Yup, it’s that simple. 

If you want to grow a big beard, you should let it grow without trimming or shaving it too much. Your beard will grow in different areas at different speeds.

(Remember how we said the anaphase varies in length, well when you trim your beard, all your doing to start that’s process again! ) 

You could be seething yourself back 2-5 months from full beard growth whenever you put the blade to hair. 

So stop. 

If you start trimming it before everything has grown out, your beard will look smaller and far less mature.

Beard point 2  

You don’t need to waste your money on expensive beard products. 

Most of the expensive oils are just made of a simple oil and some essential oils for the smell. 

I’m not saying don’t get beard oils and balms, they are great for your beard, just don’t be dragged into the marketing ploy of a more expensive oil being better than a cheaper one.

Beard point 3 

If you want your beard to look long and thick, don’t trim the sides. 

When you trim the sides, it will look smaller and not as thick. 

It will eventually grow long and thick enough, and not look puffy or too big.

(Just a quick tip for appearance) 

Beard point 4

No product can help you grow a beard if you can’t grow one. 

Your genetics and health will be the main driving factors. 

Everyone’s beard is different, so just grow your own beard and make it look the best it can!

Factors That Affect Beard Growth

The main factor that affects you’ve beard growth would be your genetics but a close second is your health.

  • Diet 
  • Sleep 
  • Exercise 

Drink plenty of water and stay well hydrated. 

Eat food with B7 to stimulate beard growth and you can possibly add some biotin to your diet. 

Get plenty of rest also, if your body rested, it won’t waste resources on growing a beard to its fullest, they’d be other priorities. 

Head to the gym and pump some weights, a good amount of testosterone in your system can dramatically increase your chances of growing your hair longer and to the fullest. 

Do some men’s facial hair grow longer than others 

As we said previously, 

the length of anagen determines the maximum length your hair grows.

The Anegen phase varies from person to person and it even varies for different hairs on your body! 

Head hair in the anagen phase might last several years whereas for an eyebrow it’d only be a couple of months.

anagen/telogen is signaled by your genetics and everyone’s is different.

So don’t compare the length of your hair to others, some things are just out of our control, but staying healthy with good habits can help. 


In this article, we asked the question, does facial hair stop growing at a certain length? 

Yes, it does. 

Hair growth and how long it last is determined by 3 phases 

  • Anegen 
  • Catagen 
  • Telogen 

The Anegen phase is the biggest factor in how long your hair will grow. 

Maximizing the anagen phase and allowing your hair to reach the catagen phase is your best bet in maximizing your hair length. 

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