Is A Mustache Unprofessional? (A Look At A Modern Discussion)

The question of is a mustache un-professional has been asked for many years. 

If you are next in this group, well you are in the right place. 

In this article, we’ll cover the topic and (I’ll give you pointers you need to know to keep you looking your best in this modern era)

With that said, let’s get into it.

Is A Mustache Unprofessional?

A well-kept mustache that is accompanied by a full beard would be your best bet in looking as professional as you possibly can in a professional environment

But if you have a large gap between your upper lip and your nose a mustache does well to fit that space out.

Or the most present version from Aaron Taylor in bullet train.


This is a solid tache that is fully grown up and well looked after.

The style matched the look, very clean all around, so if you were to go for it, that’s the look you should aim for. 

Avoid having a thing, a scrawly mustache by itself, that’s possibly the worst look you could go for. 

But overall though in today’s world and with trends, a mustache (with) a beard that is clean will be the best choice if your want to mustache with no questions. 

Younger Men 

Can a mustache look good on a person under 30 years old?

Maybe, but you could come off as being ‘hipster’ or ‘trying too hard’ which isn’t the professional look your after. 

Take this image for instance.

Most modern young men better suit a beard, mustache-beard combo, or just no facial.

Also, it looks old fashion and can be a little alien in our present day and age.

As I said earlier a mustache isn’t enough by itself the fit and the way carry yourself matter and that might be a lot of work to justify some facial hair. 


Let’s address the elephant in the room. 

Yes, unfortunately, a (lone mustache) does have creepy connotations. 

Why is that? 
When you consider the stereotypical creep a mustache (usually a thin, pencil stache) is often part of it, along with a tall, thin face and large glasses.

(If this is you, grow a beard too, or go clean-shaven if you care about impressions) 

All of those play into a particular “characteristic” creepy character look.

You must also understand that a ‘creep’ around the 70s and 80’a was shown to be ‘looser’ and going after people not their age. 

All of those movies on that type of character didn’t help the image much and if you are just a regular guy who doesn’t stand out and maybe a bit timid, it works against you. 

Hence why I said, the character has to match the look it is not just a look itself, you’re going against years of bad bias. 

To make it worse, mustaches aren’t even in trend (at the time of writing this).

Currently, it’s popular to have a beard or no facial hair at all

So if you don’t want a hassle, I suggest you opt for a full beard mustache combo or nothing at all. 

Are mustaches professional? 

Yes, when we’ll keep as I’ts thick, very well key and you preferably have a bear to accompany it.

If you have facial hair, make sure it’s neat and not a straggly neckbeard! A well-kept beard can look very smart.

If you’re in a heavily male-dominated industry with older men. A mustache look would be accepted and not much would blink an eye to it especially if you’ve got the confidence and look to boot. 

Dont forget
But if you are in an industry that isn’t as male-centered, it may not be as professional and you could be asked to shave it if it is not for religious/ medical purposes.

First impressions matter, so what’s the approach for that all-important interview? 

If shaving your mustache isn’t an option, as long as it’s well kept you could be good.

As long as it is groomed, clean, and professional Interviews may not judge.

If it’s uneven, with some food particulates, and scruffy it will look unhygienic, and messy and you may come across as a lazy person who couldn’t be bothered. 

Now that’s certainly unprofessional. 

Just tell him to have a quick trim on the morning of the interviews, go to the interview, and lane the job then you can always grow it back. 

But once again, know your industry and find out how it may be taken. 


In this article, we asked the question, is a mustache unprofessional? 

The answer is a thing, the unkept mustache is always professional. 

However it goes past this, mustaches have had a bad rep for many years and that bias stays with people and can cause friction in a workplace. 

Your best bet will partner your mustache with a beard or have a clean-shaven look to look as professional as possible. 

If you have found this article is a mustache unprofessional or helpful, check out other articles below such as reasons why a mustache doesn’t grow in the middle.


Can I be forced to shave my beard for work?

Employers can professionally require male employees to shave as long as it goes against the stated company code. However, if you have a beard/facial hair for medical or religious reasons you can combat the request as it goes against your civil rights. 

can I be fired for growing facial hair?

If a said company has a policy around facial hair and it was made clear before and after you got the joy, they can fire you. But If you have a religious or medical beard, they can fire you or force you to shave it off. 

Patrick Boulang

Patrick Boulang

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