Best Waterproof Trimmers (Enjoy Wet/Dry Trimming)

There’s a reason 68% of all trimmer owners feel unsafe using their trimmers in the shower.

You see, most trimmers manufacturers don’t build their trimmers to be water resistant. 

Water can easily slip in, attacking your motor, as well as aiding to take out your vulnerable battery completely… 

possibly giving you an electric shock on the way out. 

It’s no good for you or your current trimmers. 

And it can be frustrating, especially when all you want is to look your best from that clean, fresh feeling of comfort.

A certain type of trimmer is needed to easily repel water, allowing you the freedom to groom all parts of your body, just the way you like. 

What are they?

Take a look below.

Best Waterproof Trimmers

Best waterproof trimmers
Philips Norelco Multigroomer
Best Overall trimmer
Get Best Price
Multi-functional trimmer
Dual-cut precision blades
Fibreglass cutting guards
Powerful motor
The on/off button is in an awkward position
‎30 x 14.9 x 5.9 centimetres
Package Weight
‎0.5 Kilograms
Best waterproof trimmer
Wahl Aqua Blade Trimmer
Best on power
Get Best Price
Versatile with Versatile – 16 guide combs
Fully washable
Close cutting zero gapped blades
Force needed to snap on multi-head
7 x 15 x 27.3 centimetres
0.16 Kilograms
Hatterker Trimmers
Best on price
Get Best Price
Full body waterproof design
Easy to use
All in 1 professional Multi-functional kit
USB charging is fast and convenient
Can be slippery, no rubber grip
‎0.6 Kilograms (1.32 pounds)
Panasonic ER-GB43 Trimmer
Best for trimming
Get Best Price
Precise and skin-friendly
Easy clean
Multiple cutting lengths
Limited cutting lengths
No multi-head attachments
42 x 47 x 177 millimetres /
0.15 Kilograms

Better Than Your Current Trimmer

Do you actually feel confident in all aspects of your trimmers around water?

Are you certain they can take the constant barrage of water droplets from your shower and still perform?

Can they easily pick up flattened, damp hair, and effortlessly remove them without pulling or leaving spit ends?

And when all is done, is a quick rinse underneath a tap all that’s needed to quickly wash it off?

If yes, you have a remarkable pair of trimmers. 

If not, you might need a more advanced trimmer

With our recommendations below, you can craft your beard, ear, body, and nose hair all from the privacy of your shower. 

Don’t torture your current trimmers any longer.


Philips Norelco Multigroomer

Best water-resistant trimmer
Best waterproof trimmers
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Adaptive wet-dry trimming

Muti-head trimmer

Phillips is a powerhouse when it comes to trimmers. 

They certainly don’t miss with their waterproof range, the Norelco muti groom being top of the list. 

The Phillips Norelco is  ‎5.99 x 15.01 x 27.51 cm weighing a slight 0.5 kg, a silver body and a firm rubber grip. 

The Phillip Norelco comes with a lithium-ion battery able to give you 5 hours of uninterrupted trimming.

The power goes directly to the self-sharpening maintenance-free blades. 

Meaning they’ll always cut to precision with minimal amounts of oil and cleaning(but you should still keep up with these). 

These blades cut up to 0.3mm without any guards but if you after some length you have 14 guards to give you all the flexibility you need. 

You get:

  • Bodyguards 
  • Hair guards 
  • Beard and stubble guard and fading guards 

What more can you need? 

Oh, you also get an extra 5 attachment heads for detailing and shaving.

You can use these attachments on wet or dry hair. 

You can enjoy a clean over your bathroom sink or in the shower. 

The Phillips Norelco performs in both conditions but I always recommend dry if you want I keep hair out of your blades and cut to precision. 

Once you’re done, you can simply wash your blades under the sink, wipe them down, and store them away for the next use. 

  • Multi-functional trimmer
  • Dual-cut precision blades
  • Fibreglass cutting guards
  • Powerful motor
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • The on/off button is in an awkward position

“I wanted the convenience of a cordless trimmer, but was not expecting it to just be higher quality overall than the old corded trimmer I had. It’s sturdy, fits well in the hand, comes with a zillion attachments I didn’t even know I needed (like the nose hair trimmer). Highly recommended”


If you’re after a multi-tooled trimmer, flexible enough to be used in the shower with long battery life, the Norelco is your trimmer. 

Grap it and test out the trimmers for yourself firsthand, feel the comfort, and watch by the detail.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. 

If these trimmers aren’t for you, you can simply return them at no cost to you. 

While in stock, get your hands on the Phillips Norelco today and you could be enjoying them as soon as tomorrow! 


Wahl Aqua Blade Trimmer

Best trimmer on power
Best waterproof trimmer
Get Best Price
Skin adaptive trimer

Additional beard oils


We know their rebound clippers, but that same quality applies to their line of beard trimmers.

That’s why the wahl aqua blade doubles this list as the best water-resistant trimmer. 

This ‎7 x 15 x 27.3 trimmer is battery-powered and comes in black.

Weighing only 0.16 kg (0.35 pounds)  as you pick up the trimmer, you won’t notice the weight. 

As you firmly hold the trimmers the rubber padding is on the body, providing a smooth surface and helping with grip regardless if they’re wet or dry. 

Going inside, the Wahl detailer holds a lithium-ion battery allowing 180 minutes of runtime. 

Plenty of time to give you your ideal shave, but if you’re unsure of the battery level, these trimmers will let you know. 

The LED battery indicator tells you when your trimmer is running low and if you happen to forget to charge your trimmer. 

From there, simply use the quick charge feature which provides 3 minutes of cordless use from a 1-minute charge to quickly finish off your trim then place them on the charge to receive a full charge in 60 minutes. 

All This charge moves up on these clippers to move the zero-gapped titanium steel blades.

These blades cut close too. Up to 0.22 mm without leaving the irrational of a traditional razor blade. 

But if your after some length you also shave up to 16 guards to pick from and use. 

You are not limited to style. 

Need more flexibility? 

The wahl aqua detailer is a multifunctional trimmer as it comes with 3 detachable  heads for: 

  • Shaving 
  • Edging 
  • Finder detailing 

When you are done you can easily remove your blades and wash them under cold water to remove the remaining hairs on your blades. 

Once done simply dry them off and place your trimmers away in the storage pouch. 

You can also add some blade oil in you opted in for the full package. 

  • Versatile with Versatile – 16 guide combs
  • Fully washable
  • Multifunctional – 3 additional heads 
  • Close cutting zero gapped blades
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Force needed to snap on multi-head

“Much lighter than it looks, very sharp blades and a near zero shave. I have been looking for a non razor or electric shaver for a close shave and this T blade is perfect. Cuts my thick stubble with ease with no discomfort. I bought the basic trimmer without the attachments, so can’t comment on their functionality.”


If you’re after a water-resistant trimmer with Multiples uses, the wahl aqua blade is your trimmer. 

Hold it, trim yourself as you change the heads, and check how it feels on you your skin.

Feel the freedom.

Not for you? 

You can simply return these trimmers at no extra cost to you. 

While in stock, order the wahl aqua blade today and it could be with soon as tomorrow


Hatteker Multi-groom Trimmers  

Best on price
Get Best Price
Full body water resistance

wet dry shaving

Best on a budget yet still flexible. 

The Hatteker beard trimmer is a full-body waterproof trimmer weighing 0.6kg.

This trimmer holds a lithium-ion battery able to hold its power for 90 minutes with a 1.5-hour charge time on a charging dock. 

The bright Led light always tells you where your trimmers are so you don’t get caught off guard when you need them most 

The Hatteker trimmer is a body trimmer able to tackle the nose, ear body, and beard with ease. 

The trimmer is 5 in 1, it’s not only used as a trimmer but as a detailer, nose trimmer, full size, and body trimmer. 

The sharp titanium steel blades cut as close as 0.12 mm. 

Along with guards ranging from 3mm-6mm for the beard trimmer and 6mm to 15 for the wide blade, you can easily cut to the length your desire. 

But if you want even tighter detail use the adjustable trimmer guard and move the cutting length to 0.01 increments. 

Style your beard and body exactly the way your want. 

Once you got your look, you can run your blades under water to quickly sweep away hair, heck you can throw the whole trimmer under the tap thanks to the protective Hatteker casing. 

(Though I wouldn’t recommend this if you want the last you years) 

  • All in 1 professional Multi-functional kit
  • Easy to use
  • Full body waterproof design
  • USB charging is fast and convenient
  • Can be slippery, no rubber grip

“Work as expected, and I am able to charge them up when camping as they are usb, saved alot of money on keeping hair trimmed.”


So if you’re after a waterproof at an affordable price? 

The Hatteker trimmer is for you. 

While currently at their best price, pick up the Hatteker water-resistant trimmer today. 


Panasonic ER-GB43 Beard Trimmer  

Get Best Price
Accurate to detail trimmer

Slim design

Panasonic has produced a trimmer you can use wet or dry. 

The Panasonic ergb43 wet dry is ‎42 x 47 x 177 mm weighing a slight 0.4 kg (0.88 pounds) with a black body and tight smoother rubber grip. 

The Panasonic wet dry comes with 19 cutting length settings ranging from 1 and 10 mm and cutting up to 0.5 mm without a comb attachment). 

From here, you can easily adapt for the cutting to move the cutting length up and done by up to 0.5mm. 

It’s adaptability and precision in one. 

The blades themselves don’t lack too. 

These precise stainless steel blades cut close to the skin without irritation. 

They glide on your skin without jamming or clogging. 

After you’re done, place your trimmers under running water, to quickly wash any hair left from your blades. 

It’s that simple. 

  • Precise and skin-friendly
  • Multiple cutting lengths
  • Easy clean
  • No multi-head attachments
  • Limited guards and cutting lengths

“Price/performance is right.
Shaves very pleasant. For me with my full beard, perfect.
I’ve been using it for half a year now… until now TipTop.”


While the Panasonic ergb43 is still in stock, grab them at their current best price.


Can waterproof trimmers be used in the shower?

Yes, waterproof trimmers are designed to be used in wet conditions like the shower.

What are the benefits of using a waterproof trimmer?

Waterproof trimmers are perfect for those who prefer to groom in wet conditions. They are also easy to clean, versatile, and great for trimming hair on any part of the body.

What features should I look for in a waterproof trimmer?

Look for trimmers with waterproof ratings, versatile cutting lengths, high-quality blades, ergonomic design, and long battery life for an efficient and effective grooming experience.


Best waterproof trimmers

Philips Norelco Multigroomer Best Overall

Enjoy best-in-class styling with our most advanced trimmer, the Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000. An all-in-one trimmer for ultimate precision with DualCut blades that delivers maximum precision for head-to-toe styling
Best waterproof trimmer

Wahl Aqua Blade Trimmer Best on power

Wahl Aqua Blade Trimmer: a waterproof, rechargeable, and versatile trimmer that can handle wet or dry grooming.
Best Waterproof Trimmers (Enjoy Wet/Dry Trimming)

Hatterker Trimmers Best Full Body water Resistance

Hatterker Trimmers: waterproof, washable, and worry-free. Trim in the shower or sink without damaging your trimmers.

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