How To Stop Hair Clippers From Vibrating ( Complete Guide )

Most of the time time our clippers work great, but sometimes for no reason, they may vibrate.

Why is that? How does it happen and is there a fix to it

If you have these questions, then you’re in the right place for answers. In this article, we’ll cover how to stop hair clippers from vibrating(and more).

So, with that said, let’s get into it.

How To Stop Hair Clippers From Vibrating

Hair clippers vibrate due to unfastened parts within a hair clipper.

Moving parts within or outside a hair clipper such as the blade or motor, strikes another loose part of the hair clipper, causing the clipper to vibrate loudly. 

This is only a quick outline of the possible problems.

In the rest of this article, we’ll cover possible solutions in more detail.
Vibrating hair clippers can be frustrating but it can be fixed.

but before you fix a problem it’s good to understand why your clippers might be vibrating.

I talk about that next. 

Hair Clippers Vibrating Too Much

How to stop hair clippers from vibrating .

Hair clippers can also vibrate due to poor clipper maintenance such as lack of oiling and cleaning. 

When hair clippers are not properly maintained they become vulnerable to dirt hair and dust. These are not good for you clippers. 

Hard solid dirt or debris can easily become trapped between your blades.

If the gap between your blades is just right, the dirt/ debris can get stuck, causing your clippers to rattle and produce loud noises. 

This is why you should be practicing hair clipper maintenance after every use of the blade. If you haven’t cleaned your clippers in a while, I will provide the steps on how to do so:

Tools needed:




Hair clipper oil 


Step 1: Remove your clipper blades 

Unbolt your blades from the hair clipper using a screwdriver.  Make sure to hold down your hair clipper blade 

After this, you will see the two main blades that cut hair. This is your top cutting rail and your top cutter as shown below

Limubeard products.

Ideally, the top cutter is the blade that cuts your hair and would be the one that needs to be prioritized if you to remove all rattling. 

Step 2: Clean the Blade

First, take the top cutting blade and brush down making sure any dirt and oil or has been removed from the blade.

Now rinse the blade with cold water for a few seconds then dry it off with a cloth. 

Do this for both blades, This should ensure your clippers no longer have any dirt or debris on them 

Step 3: Oil Clippers

Now that your blades are clean, you should look to oil them. 

Clipper blades need to be oiled to reduce the friction and heat between both blades, which at times can cause clippers to rattle. 

You can use regular hair clipper oil for this process but if you do not currently have it, you can also use baby oil or mineral oil. 

Once both blades are sharpened. Place a drop of oil on the teeth and the sole plate of both blades.

Step 4: Clean the Inside hair clipper

Now both blades are clean, you can look at cleaning the inside of the hair clipper.

Holding your clippers, you should notice a little plastic widget, and the cane follows. (This is mainly found in rotary Motor clippers, so don’t stress if you can’t find it)

This piece helps to vibrate to move the blades to cut.

However, this piece can either become broken which can create vibrations in your clippers which in turn creates a noise.

If you notice cracks, you may have to get them replaced for your clipper model.

This is quite advanced and you can read more about this process in the article below:

How to Fix Wahl Clippers Loud Noise – (Proven Methods For Noisy Clipper)

Loud hair clippers are not pleasant to the ears. We shouldn’t be cringing every time we turn our clippers on. But …

Now, if your clippers look like this inside, you need to clean it out properly.

So using a toothpick, pick out any hair or dirt around or inside the cam follower. 

Step 5: Clean all around

For an extra deep clean, you can remove the blade adjuster by removing these screws:

Vibrating hair clippers

Now you can clean the deep blade adjuster with a brush.

If you would like to read to understand the full process of Clipper cleaning, you can do so in our guide on how to clean hair clippers.

Step 6: Re-essemble hair clipper 

Now you can put the parts back together in reverse order. 

You must note when tightening the screws for each part make sure they are secure and do not move. 

As I said earlier the reason for rattling hair clippers is loose parts and clipper screws are part of that. 

Make sure your blades are also aligned correctly:

Make sure the cutting blade is completely straight and when you turn the clippers on, the blade moves with no problems.

Once your clipper is back together, turn them on and see how they sound. 

If you still notice rattling, the problem lies elsewhere and I will cover this solution next. 

How to stop Hair clippers from vibrating 

How to stop hair clippers from vibrating

Unsigned screws on your blade can cause rattling. This can be done internally and externally. 

In the steps below I will show you the solutions that will stop your clippers from rattling. 

For both solutions, all you will need is a screwdriver.

With that said, let’s begin:

Step 1: Open the Hair clipper 

Unscrew the front casing on your clippers. When removing, you should be able to see the inside of your clippers 

If you have a magnetic motor hair clipper, the inside of your clippers will look like the image below:

Magnetic motor clipper

However, your clipper can also look like this:

Pivot motor clipper

That is the inside of a pivot motor hair clipper, this solution works on this type of hair clipper too.

Step 2: Push down both Casing arms

Around the motor of the clipper of your clipper, you will notice a casing around the motor as shown below:

How to stop hair clippers from vibrating

Using your screwdriver, Push down firmly on both the stationary and moving arm. This should set the casing back into place. 

This can solve your rattling problem. To check, turn on your clippers and see if they still produce noise. 

If they still do, you can troubleshoot one step further. 

Step 3:  Tighten the screws 

Using your screwdriver, go around each screw on the arms and tighten them harder.

Turn the screws clockwise and tighten until you struggle to tighten anymore, but do not overdo it.

After you have tightened the screws, turn on your clippers and check to see if they still rattle.

Step 4: Attach the front casing

Attach the front Whole front casing back onto your hair clipper making sure all those screws are tight. 

Hair Clipper Rattling Solution 2 

Step 1:

Find the central power screw on your clippers. 

It should be a large singular on the side of your clippers as shown below:

What Does The Screw On The Side Of Clippers Do?
Step 2:

Turn on your clippers. You will need them on so you can tell when your clippers are adjusted correctly. 

Step 3:

Using your screwdriver, turn the bolt clockwise until your clippers make a high screeching noise, Stop here. 

Then slowly turn the screw backward by half a turn. You should notice your hair clippers have dramatically become quieter. 

If this is not the case, then you fine-tune, until you get the desired sound you want from your clippers. 

When doing this step, you can keep adjusting until your clippers become quieter, not all hair clippers are the same. So some adjusting could be needed.

Step 4:

This process can often displace the alignment of your hair clipper blades.

This same method is used to improve the power output of hair clipper blades.

 So be sure to check that your blades are still aligned correctly. 


In this article, we went over how to stop hair clippers from vibrating.

You Must clean your clippers, oil your clippers, replace broken parts, and make sure you don’t have loose parts in your clippers.

If you have found this article helpful, please leave a comment about your experience with noisy hair clippers and check out other articles on this topic:


Can I prevent clippers from vibrating in the future?

Yes, regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent clippers from vibrating in the future..

How can I fix the vibrating clippers?

To fix vibrating clippers, start by checking the blade for damage or dullness. Tighten any loose screws and replace any worn-out parts.

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