What Is the Difference Between Pet and Human Clippers? (Clippers Decoded)

Clippers are clippers, right? 

Both have blades and a motor and are electric. Yet, we all know they aren’t quite the same. 

So what is the difference between and human clippers?

In this guide, we’ll answer those questions and I’ll provide you with some tips to ensure you get the best performance from the clippers … whichever one you use. 

So, let’s get into it. 

What is the difference between pet and human clippers?

Pet clippers and human clippers are designed for different purposes and are similar but at the same time, slightly different.

Pet clippers are specifically designed for cutting animal fur. 

They have stronger motors and more powerful blades compared to human clippers

Thye better handles the thicker and coarser hair of animals (mainly due to them being carded and having consistent power output. 

They often come with attachments better built for dogs. I.e wider gap blade teeth, allowing more fur to be fed through and cut. 

Human clippers, on the other hand, are designed for cutting human hair. 

They tend to have weaker motors, compared to dog clippers (especially if they’re cordless)

Human hair is generally thinner and softer than pet hair. Human clippers often come with adjustable blades and guards that allow for different hair lengths and styles to be achieved.

Pet clippers tend to be louder than human clippers, but that isn’t too strange as most dog clippers are corded and they have larger motors so noise is a given

But over the years, brands have become better at masking the noise for a better experience for dogs/ animals. 

Lastly, for the blades themselves, dog clippers are built with skip tooth blades which are made to deal with matted, and thick fur. 

Human hair clippers are not the same case.

Human clippers have stagertooth blades which are there to create texture (The reason they create fades)

It is important to use the appropriate clippers and you should look always use an animal clipper on an animal when you can. 

But are there times when you can use human clippers on animals? 

I explain next. 

Difference between pet clippers and human clippers

 You must understand human clippers are not made to cut through thick animal fur or even minor matting. 

So they will pull hair, heat up, and generally struggle if your dog has knotty hair/fur. 

Dog fur for example is rougher and thicker than human hair.

So if your clippers ain’t got the power/ speed, they may end up pulling hair, which isn’t a nice feeling for your dog. 

If you have purely cordless clippers and they have a history of struggling with normal human hair, then there’s no chance they’ll be able to take on dog fur. 

But if you have powerful corded clippers you have a better chance. 
If your dog’s hair is fairly combed it can be done with the more powerful human clippers like the Andis 2 speed.

In the process you must be careful and look to use guards, dod skin is stretchier than the human scalp and you want to avoid catching skin.

If you planning on cutting very low I.e a sanitary trim (2mm/10 blade), avoid doing so. 

Look for actual surgical blade dog clippers or go to get grimmer themselves. 

If it’s just a touch-up, it can be done. It just may take some time.

can you use wahl human clippers on dogs

First of all, make sure it’s corded, if it’s not, then your Motor will struggle and you likely will pull hair. 

You must also assess exactly how much muck hair you’re looking to take off and how patient you want to be…

Again if it’s a touch-up that doesn’t go below the #3 and maybe the #2 guard you should be fine. 

If it’s lower, again, the risk of catching skin, especially around delicate areas. 

Next, take a comb and brush your dog, does it run through easily or are you struggling because it’s matted?

If it’s yet later that’s the litmus test to show your clippers too won’t have a fun time cutting. 

Most hair clippers if not all don’t have skip tooth blades made to cut through matted hair. 

If you pass both, then be ready to take things very slowly. 

Your clipper will struggle especially if your dogs hair has grown out and so from time to time, they met need cooling buds that get hot. 

You must be aware that the more your clippers struggle, the more they wear out and the more the blades dull.

So if you plan on using them on human hair again, they may drop in performance afterward. 

Either way, you should be cleaning and oiling your clippers to help them last longer. 

Now, I suggest using human clippers for emergency purposes, 

If you want the best experience for you and your dog, investing in an actual dog clipper would do you both a benefit. 

Keeping it wahl these are the best dog clippers your can use for your dogs body: 

And for the face and more detailed parts use the:

Can you use human clippers on poodles?

When it comes to coiling and matted fur, poodles are top of the list. 

The same process I mentioned above applies here. Make sure: 

  • Clippers are corded (for power) 
  • Poodle hair is combed out and straight 
  • Intent to trim and not surgically cut 
  • Your patient and take your time stretching your skin and brushing your fur.  

Again “emergency purposes” only. 

If you’re looking to take an upgrade and own your own dog clippers, the andis 5 speed is another great option. 


In this article, we asked the question, what’s the difference between pet and human clippers?

Pet clippers are designed to cut thick dog fur so they have: 

  • More Durable blades 
  • Skip tooth blades
  • A more powerful motor 
  • Corded power output

Where’s hair clippers in general don’t have or need as much power due to human hair being lighter. 

 If yuh found this article helpful, check out other articles below on this topic.


Can I use human clippers on my pet or vice versa?

It’s not recommended, as pet and human clippers are designed for different types of hair and have different motor speeds and blade sizes.

What are the main differences between pet and human clippers?

Pet clippers typically have stronger motors, and wider blades, and are designed to cut through thicker and coarser hair found on pets.

Can I save money by using human clippers on my pet?

It’s not recommended, as using the wrong type of clippers can result in an uneven cut, skin irritation, or even injury to your pet. Using the right tool is worth the investment.

Patrick Boulang

Patrick Boulang

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