My Manscaped Won’t Turn On (What You Need To Know)

If you’re asking yourself, “why won’t my manscape trimmer turn on”… then you are in the right place for answers. 

In this article, we’ll go over the 5 common manscaped problems that stop manscape trimmers from turning on.

I’ll walk you through the #1 thing you can do to instantly kick your Manscaped trimmer into action.

Plus, I’ll explain the truth about manscaped that reveals why your trimmers may have been doomed from the start…

Manscaped Won’t Turn On

So, with that said, let’s get into it. 

Why Won’t My Manscaped Turn On?

Your manscaped trimmers won’t turn on due to: 

  • Travel lock being turned on 
  • Battery/ power dock problem 
  • Water damage 
  • Internal circuitry issues
  • Hair trapped around the motor

We’ll cover each one and I’ll tell you what you need to know and what are your next possible steps.

If your manscaped trimmers don’t ‘work’ when you turn the power button on, you’ll come to find that they’re just travel-locked.

manscaped trimmer won't turn on

Improper activation and deactivation processes can affect whether your trimmer turns on or not.

As you press the power button on your trimmers, you may see 3 blinking lights gradually climb up just for nothing to happen as shown here.

Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix and I’ll guide you through the fix next. 

Manscaped 4.0 3 lights blinking 

manscaped won't turn on

This Travel lock feature applies to the:

  • Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0 and 3.0 trimmer
  • The newer Manscaped Hedger beard Trimmer
  • Manscaped Weed Whacker 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0

You may have accidentally switched on the travel safety lock on your manscaped trimmers (a simple mistake honestly).

This stops your blade from moving. It’s a great feature for when you’re traveling. However, when you want a trim, it isn’t so great.

Here’s how you can fix this problem: 

All you need to do is first make sure your manscaped has some charge, then press the power button 3 times rapidly

When you press, the three lights on your trimmers will move down.

This means your trimmers are off travel lock and you can use them as usual once more. 

After the three lights go off, press the power button again to turn on your trimmers.

The problem should now be fixed. 

To lock your trimmers for travel, press the button three times fast. The lights will move up, and your trimmers will lock.

(Just remember to remove it again). 

This video from Manscaped explains the full process. 

How to Turn off Travel Lock Manscaped

  • Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0 and 3.0 trimmer
  • The newer Manscaped beard Hedger Trimmer
  • Manscaped Weed Whacker 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0

This is usually a common problem that is easily fixable.

The other possible solutions listed are rarer. Understand that Manscaped products are built exclusively by Manscaped.

This means that for major or unresolvable trimmer problems, you’d have to contact them for a replacement or fix.

Why Is My Manscaped 4.0 Not Working: Battery and Charging Issues

One common reason for the trimmer not turning on is a drained or dead battery, which may require a full recharge or replacement.

A common complaint is that the “Lawn mower 4.0 won’t turn on”, so ensure that it’s not a battery issue before looking into other potential causes. Often, issues can arise due to a faulty charging cable or charging dock

If your manscaped 4.0 doesn’t charge or simply runs out of charge earlier than the usual 90-minute runtime, it may do you some good to completely drain the battery. 

If you’re looking for a full reset, understanding “how to reset manscaped 4.0” can be pivotal in troubleshooting. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing.

The lithium-ion batteries do benefit from being completely drained from time to time. 

When the battery is completely drained, it can act as a reset in a way that fixes some underlying problems. 

Ideally, you should do this every few months.

To do so, just use your trimmers until they run flat or until they don’t turn off (naturally). Then charge them up fully and try them out and see how long they last.

If they run just but rapidly go flat, it may be a battery problem.

Also, If when you place it to charge the light is flashing but the trimmer doesn’t charge then the issue would be the battery again.

Here’s a guide on what the lights on manscaped trimmers mean.

Unfortunately, Manscaped doesn’t sell a separate battery for their model as the batteries are welded onto their circuit boards, and Mansscaped doesn’t sell their own batteries.

it’s not a simple pop-out-pop-in job.

But if you mention the problem is with their defaulted battery(through no fault of your own), you should be able to get a full replacement trimmer if you’re a Peak Hygiene Plan member and your trimmers malfunctioned in the last year.

If you are a regular customer and the trimmers defaulted in the last 30 days, you can get a return and refund.

If you didn’t buy your Manscaped from a reliable refundable 3rd party like Amazon, then use this link and select the country you’re from.

Send them an email about their trimmer. If you have a Manscaped account, login here and provide details about your trimmer malfunctioning.

If you have a manscaped account, login here and go into detail on your trimmer malfunctioning.

Now, if you notice the charging light doesn’t even come up.. then the problem could actually be with your charging dock.

Manscaped Fully Charged but Not Working

As your manscaped is charging, you want to see the lights on the trimmer blinking to show that there’s a good connection between your trimmer and its respective dock.

The LED power indicator can provide valuable information about the charging status and battery life of your trimmer.

Each blinking light works out to about 33% of to total charge so as long as it’s going up,you’re charging and you should be all good.

Keep track of how long it takes you’re manscaped to fully charge, the lawnmower series, typically takes between 2-6 hours to charge.

If your trimmers take longer than this then you may have confirmed your dock/battery problem.

If you see no light response from your trimmers when you place them in the dock, the problem could be with the charging dock itself.

You may have to leave it uncharged for a few days then charge it up again. 

Afterward, place your trimmers in and see if that gets it charging once more. 

It typically takes 5 hours for your dock to charge your trimmers if the battery is dead so give it time.

Now if your dock doesn’t charge at all or still does charge your trimmers, then it will most definitely be internally broken. 

You can contact manscaped customer service. If the dock is covered by your warranty, you can get a new one free of charge. 

But if you don’t want to go through all the hassle you can simply pick one up from below: 

Manscaped not turning on

Don’t use it in the shower or around any body of water for that fact. 

Manscaped trimmers are marketed to be waterproof, but even their tools have a limit as they say:

“While our trimmers have been tested for a variety of conditions, there is a point at which an increased water depth may harm our trimmers.”


This is the possible damage that can be done: 

It’s not always water, certain internal temperatures and natural corroding from use can play a part too.

Water can completely fry your battery and the internal components of your trimmer. 

In fact, internally the whole trimmer can go:

So if your trimmers randomly stopped working, unscrew your trimmers and check the inside for water damage. 

If you’re unsure about the disassembly process, learning “how to take apart manscaped 4.0” can be crucial for a thorough inspection.

You can even give your trimmer a rattle or smell and that might give away the internal conditions if you can’t seem to open them.

Another reason you want to stop trimming in water, in general, is you can open yourself to being cut. 

In water, hair sticks down making it pick up. 

Often times you have to go in at an angle or jab your manscape trimmers into your skin which increases the chances of you getting cut. 

Jammed Manscaped

Another reason is it doesn’t help with maintenance. A common issue is the build-up of hair or debris inside the trimmer.

and as you trim in the water, hair can enter your trimmer and gum them up. 

Over time this can build up and stop your trimmers from working. 

Accumulation of dirt and debris, combined with trapped hair, can exacerbate this issue, further hindering the performance of your trimmer.

Check your manscape trimmer for hair and water damage.

Clean them out if your trimmers still don’t work. 

Pop out the blades as shown below:

Now, as you take the blades off your Manscaped trimmer, be sure to clean around the motor, especially if you notice any trapped hair, that can often stop the motor from functioning correctly.

Major internal Damage

Unfortunately, if the internal components of your trimmers are fried then there’s not much more you can do, you’d be better off looking for a better waterproof-resistant trimmer altogether.

In this situation, if you find your manscaped trimmers are fried from water damage you certainly could get a replacement as their machine had gone against its claim.

But after this point, you be better off just getting a new trimmer from brands you specialize in making quality products and getting from a platform that can give you a refund instantly when you need it.

Phillips has a good range of quality trimmers with a range of accessories, grab them from a trusted platform such as Amazon below.


In this article, we went over the reasons why your manscaped trimmers won’t turn on

The issues could be due to:

  • travel lock being turned on 
  • Battery/ power dock problem 
  • Water damage 

o solve these issues, here’s what you can do:

  1. Travel Lock On? Press the power button 3 times rapidly to deactivate.
  2. Check for battery or dock issues.
  3. Avoid water damage.
  4. Examine internal circuitry.
  5. Remove trapped hair around the motor.

The solutions we discussed should address issues found in models such as:

  • The Lawn Mower 2.0
  • The Lawn Mower  3.0
  • The Lawn Mower 4.0
  • The Beard Hedger
  • Weed Whacker
  • Weed Whacker 2.0

If you have found this article helpful, check out other articles below relating to this topic.


Why won’t my Manscaped turn on?

It may be due to a dead battery, faulty charging cable, or a clogged blade. Troubleshoot each possibility to get it working again.

How do I troubleshoot my Manscaped if it won’t turn on?

Check the battery level, charging cable, and blade for any issues. Contact customer support if the problem continues

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