Manscaped 3 Lights Blinking – Troubleshooting Guide

So your manscaped trimmer light is blinking 3 times and you’re not too sure what that means…

Well, you’re in the right place for answers.

This article will go through the true meaning of the manscaped blinking

What you can instantly do to stop your trimmers blinking and all you’ll learn all of the other light codes that come up with a manscaped trimmer.

Let’s get into it. 

Manscaped Blinking Light

Your manscaped trimmed can blink for a multitude of reasons. 

We’ll get to all of these later. 

But there is one type that happens which can indicate your manscape trimmer has been locked.

The 3 blinking lights you may see on your manacled clipper when you try to turn them on could be the travel lock lights. 

If your manscaped trimmers are going up when your press the power button, but they don’t turn on, your trimmers are travel locked. 

To fix this, rapidly press your manscaped power button 3 times. 

When you do this, you’ll see the 3 lights move down in the opposite direction. 

This means your trimmers aren’t travel locked anymore.

Now just press the power button one more time and your trimmers are ready to go. 

You can travel lock your manscaped trimmers once more by pressing the power button 3 times once more.

That’s the problem with the 3 blinking lights. 

But what about the other lights that can go off on your trimmer? 

We go through those next. 

Manscaped Light Codes

Manscaped 4.0 light blinking 3 times

Now we’ll go over the types of light on the manscaped trimmer. 

The charging light is just a single LED on your trimmer. 

The first type of light is when your trimmers are fully charged. 

That is when you have a full while light on your manscape trimmer with no blinking. 

When you see this light, you don’t have to charge your trimmers anymore. 

You can use them with no problem. 

Why is my manscaped blinking

If your manscape trimmers start blinking while in use, it means the battery is low and they need charging. 

In this case, put them on charge after you are done using them. 

On the other hand, if the light is flashing while your trimmer is charging, it just means that your trimmers are not yet fully done charging. 

After this point, you need to do, is wait until you see the full white LED light. 

Each Led light will represent 33% of the full charge, one LED blinking means the trimmer has less than 33% charge.

manscaped charging light not blinking

See no light? 

Then your battery is completely drained. 

You need to put your trimmers back on charge and let them fully charge up. 


In this article, we went over the 3 lights blinking and other lights on a manscaped trimmer. 

The lights that can go off on a manscaped trimmer are: 

  • travel lock light 
  • Battery-fully charged light 
  • Battery needs charging 
  • And batter drained (no light)

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What do the blinking lights on the Manscaped 3 indicate?

The blinking lights indicate different statuses of the device, such as battery level, charging status, and blade status.

How can I troubleshoot Manscaped 3 when the lights are blinking?

Look at your manual or contact customer support for guidance on how to troubleshoot blinking lights, such as checking the charging cable or cleaning the device.

Can I still use the Manscaped 3 when the lights are blinking?

It depends on the blinking pattern and what it indicates. Follow the device’s manual or contact customer support to ensure the safe and proper use of the trimmer.

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Patrick Boulang

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