Can You Shave Your Head With a Beard Trimmer?(The Ultimate Guide)

Can you shave your head with a beard trimmer? 

It’s just hair, right? And it will produce the Same result no? 


In this guide, we’ll answer this question and I’ll provide you with better alternatives to get the clean shave you want. 

can you shave your head with a beard trimmer?

It will work fine as long as your hair is already short, to begin with, and you’re looking for a bald buzz type of look. 
But you must be careful, smaller cordless trimmers aren’t built to cut through head hair for a long time and can burn themselves out due to how much power is needed to cut.

can you shave your head with a beard trimmer?

When it comes to deciding whether you can use a beard trimmer to shave your head or not will depend on a few things… 

  • How much hair do you have to begin with
  • How low do you want your hair to do and whether you want any type of detailing or fade for example? 

If your hair is already short and you’re just looking to trim your hair from a bald buzz look, you can use a bead trimmer. 

The blade on the beard trimmer is smaller and will easily pick up smaller hair on your head and cut them for a buzzed look. 

Can You Shave Your Head With a Beard Trimmer

But if the hair on your head is longer almost like a full head of hair, then you want to avoid using a beard trimmer

Can You Shave Your Head With a Beard Trimmer

For one, most beard trimmers don’t have the power to tackle this much bulk. 

They might be able to pull it off in your patient enough but you putting alot of stress on a blade and motor that wasn’t built for this task. 

Going from bulk hair to near bald head is a take male for hair clippers

This is how you can summarise both tools: 

Hair clippers are powerful machines best at taking large lumps of hair while beard trimmers and lighter, less powerful machines build for detailing and Close precision trimming.

So you can take your hair clipper and get bulk hair down to a Lower level, then take your trimmer or beard trimmer to buzz a little closer to the skin. 

Here are some of the best hair clippers for this task, you may not even need a trimmer if you use some of these clippers. 

Best hair clippers for bald heads (A Perfect Head Shave For 2024)

A clipper that can cut right down to the follicle is essential when going bald. Choose the wrong one, and shaving …

But what would be the best way to go about this and is there an even better solution for a close shave? 

Using a beard trimmer to shave your head

Trimmers are great if you to shave your head low and give an almost bald buzz look. 

If you’re going to use a beard trimmer to shave your head, be prepared to take your time. 

it will take a long time and with multiple passes to get the hair even all over, but yes, it’s doable. 

But the process can be a  mess and not all beard trimmer baldes will match your head shape, some may even cut you. 

In this position, you may want to use a rotary shave head shaver. 

These types of shave should only be used on hair shorter than 1.5mm, any higher and you gum them up to even ruin them .. you don’t want that.

With rotary foil shavers, you can use them on the move without worrying about too much mess, that’s because most of the air goes inside the shaver. 

And the best electric shavers will give you a close shave than beard trimmers and be right on the edge of another tool to give a full-shaven look. (We’ll get to this next). 

But overall, I would say a beard trimmer can get the job done, but it is not designed for that purpose. It is more convenient to use hair clippers to trim scalp hair. From here, if you want to trim closer to the scalp and more even use a rotary shaver. 

These are the best for a close shave: 

Going fully bald 

The beard trimmer will get it close enough for a buzzed/shaved-ish look. But to get that smooth head look (& feel), you’ll need at least a foil shaver, if not a razor.

Now a wet shave will a razor will give you that full shaved loom. 

Can You Shave Your Head With a Beard Trimmer

You can apply some shaving cream to the head and go to town. 

There’s nothing that cuts closer. 

You can do this in the shower to start your day and shouldn’t take too long. 

Wet shaving is great and can produce a clean look but over time, it can get rather expensive.

And I’d your new, it can give razor burn/irritation 

And some tips for wet shaving:

  • If you are bald from the front going backward, wet shave
  • If you are bald from the cron going outwards, wet shave. 

This video goes through the process.

Where’s the workflow: 

 Clippers → trimmer → Electric shaver → Razor 

But if it’s only trimmers you want to use, there are some risks you must be aware of. 

Safety considerations

When trimming your head to go bald, you must be careful. 

If you’re shaving your head, you may not be able to see all sides of your head so you tend to end up freestyling most haircuts.

With trimmers, especially the sharp ones with zero blades, it can become quite dangerous to dig that thing around your head, especially in parts where you can’t see. 

You leave yourself open to cuts and you almost will certainly cut yourself if your rush. 


  • Always use a mirror 
  • Take your time 

So this and you should come out with a decent shave,  just again, be careful about the wear and tear on your clippers. 

When done, always sterilize your trimmers and oil them to make sure your blades last as long as possible. 


In this article, we asked the question, can you use a beard trimmer sir shave your head? 

Yes, you can but it should be a short-term solution and if done on long hair, can wear out your trimmers. 

Look to use a balding clipper for longer hair shaving. 

And if you want a close-head shave, use an electric shaver or razor 


What attachments should I use for head shaving with a beard trimmer?

Use the shortest guard attachment for a close shave or remove the guard for a bald look. Always start with a longer guard and work your way down to avoid mistakes.

Is it safe to shave your head with a beard trimmer?

Yes, it is safe as long as you follow the proper technique and use the appropriate attachments. Be cautious when shaving around the ears and neck, as these areas are sensitive.

Patrick Boulang

Patrick Boulang

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