Best hair clippers for long hair dogs (The Only Picks You Need For 2024)

Grooming long-haired dogs at home can be a challenging but rewarding endeavor. For pet owners, the right hair clippers are essential tools to maintain their furry friend’s mane and ensure their comfort.

Without proper grooming, long hair can easily become matted and tangled, leading to discomfort and skin issues for dogs.

Clippers designed specifically for long hair dogs are built to handle the length and density, making the grooming process smoother and more efficient.

Our Picks For The Best Clippers For Long Hair Dogs

Best Overall Clippers for long hair dogs
Andis 23375 Professional UltraEdge Super 2

Best Dog hair clipper on power
Hansprou Dog Hair Clipper

Best Dog clipper on Manvouvrebiliy
WAHL Professional Animal Arco

Best Dog Hair Clipper On Price
oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

What Clipper should Pet Owners Look For?

Choosing the best hair clippers involves understanding the key features that cater to the specific needs of long-haired breeds.

The motor’s power, for example, needs to be strong enough to cut through thick fur without pulling or snagging. Blades should be sharp, durable, and sometimes interchangeable to customize the length of the cut. Additionally, the clipper’s design should provide comfort and ease of use for the groomer, which can be critical in managing a dog who may not be fond of the grooming process.

When selecting clippers, pay close attention to attributes like speed settings, which can adjust to the coat’s texture and length, and battery life for cordless models, ensuring you can complete the grooming session without interruption. Also, consider noise and vibration levels, as lower decibels can help keep a nervous dog calm throughout the process.

Best Overall Hair Clippers for long hair dogs

Andis 23375 Professional UltraEdge Super 2

If you’re seeking a robust and efficient clipper for your long-haired dog, the Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed is the top choice, providing a professional grooming experience right at home.

The feel of the heavy-duty 14-inch cord in your hand gives you confidence as you maneuver around your pet. A 90-pound Labrador with a dense coat becomes a pleasure to groom. Switching the Andis UltraEdge on, the smooth hum of the rotary motor fills the room, but it’s remarkably quiet—not at all like the startling buzz from lesser clippers that used to make your pup skittish.

Effortlessly, the clipper glides through the fur. With each pass, a swath of neatly trimmed hair falls away, revealing your dog’s skin without any signs of irritation. The blade stays cool to the touch for longer than expected, and you recall how your previous clipper would overheat too quickly, prompting frequent pauses.

It’s only when working on more challenging sections you notice the blade heating up. A quick break to swap out blades, or an even quicker spritz of coolant spray and you’re back in business. Other clippers balk at the sheer volume of fur or thicken in confusion at a matted patch, but not the Andis. It’s designed, after all, with professionals in mind and has the durability to match.

When wrapping up, the metal clips that secure the blade beckon. A simple press and the blade pops off. Cleaning is a breeze compared to the tedium with past clippers. It’s true the upfront cost might give one pause, a reminder that quality comes at a premium. But considering the even, swift grooming job you’ve just completed, it’s clear the investment pays off in spades.

For owners with multiple dogs or a particularly bushy buddy, this clipper is unrivaled. Yes, you’ll need to buy additional blades for different hair lengths and keep an eye on the blade temperature, but these slight inconveniences seem trivial when stacked against the assured quality and durability of the Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed.

  • Effortlessly slices through dense fur
  • Minimal vibration and noise for a stress-free grooming session
  • Durable, easy-to-clean aluminum alloy body
  • The metal trimming plate may heat up with prolonged use

“Easy to use. Smooth gliding and cuts thru thick dog hair. We use it on our Bernese Mountain dog who has thick hair.”


Best Clipper On Power For Long Haired Dogs

Hansprou Dog Hair Clipper

If you’re in search of a robust clipper that won’t stall on your furry companion’s long locks, the Hansprou High Power Clippers are a worthy choice due to their formidable 12V motor.

Grooming your long-haired dog need not be a tug-of-war with fur. The Hansprou High Power Clippers stand out for their potent motor that lacquers through thick coats with the finesse of a professional groomer’s tool. The first time I used these clippers on a fluffy golden retriever, it didn’t falter once, where other clippers might have snagged or stalled.

Moreover, the tranquility these clippers provide is remarkable, emitting a mere whisper compared to the cacophonous buzz of some competitors. As I deftly maneuvered through a sheepdog’s shaggy coat, the calm hum barely elicited a reaction – a true testament to its ultra-quiet design, which both pets and their humans will appreciate.

Lastly, the clippers’ build quality is evident. Embracing it feels like holding a piece of meticulously crafted machinery, balanced and engineered to perfection. The aluminum alloy body assures durability, yet it’s surprisingly lightweight, ensuring that even after hours of use, your hand remains cramp-free. Cleaning is a snap too, with blades that detach easily for maintenance.

  • Powerful two-speed motor handles thick coats with ease
  • Simple blade detachment for hassle-free cleaning
  • Operates quietly, minimizing stress for noise-sensitive pets
  • May require frequent blade cooling during extensive use

“Ive been a master barber for 20 years now & have alot of babyliss products & this one is by far the best yet. I promise you that you will love it. Cuts super fast & smooth too”


Best Dog Hair Clipper On Ease Of Use

WAHL Professional Animal Arco

For efficient and precise grooming of long-haired dogs, the WAHL Arco Cordless Clipper is an outstanding choice for its ease of use and flexibility.

As someone who has groomed many a shaggy companion, the WAHL Arco Cordless Clipper has become my go-to for handling intricate trimming tasks. Its lightweight design made it seem almost effortless as I maneuvered around ears, paws, and tails, reaching tight spots with exceptional ease.

In comparison to other clippers I’ve used, the Arco kit stands out for its user-friendly design. I’ve noticed other clippers can feel unwieldy or lead to hand fatigue, but the sleek frame of this device allowed for precision without the strain, truly making it feel like an extension of my hand.

The cutting performance did not disappoint. The blades swept through thick fur without snagging, a testament to WAHL’s professional-grade promise. However, while the clipper is adept at handling the coats of small to medium-sized pets, those with larger breeds may want to have additional battery packs on hand – although two are included – to cover all grooming needs in one sitting.

Despite being unparalleled in maneuverability, I found the plastic attachment combs to be slightly less robust than I’d like, especially when tackling tough coats that may require a bit more force. In any case, the strengths of the WAHL Arco Cordless Clipper have secured its position as a top contender on my list, particularly for those looking for a combination of professional-grade grooming in a highly maneuverable package.

  • Maneuverable and lightweight, offering comfort during long grooming sessions
  • Versatile with adjustable 5-in-1 blade settings for various coat lengths
  • Quick recharge time and adequate run time for uninterrupted grooming
  • Plastic guards could be less durable than metal alternatives

“Used for trimming four show hogs for 4H and FFA. Worked well, but will probably invest in metal guards as one of the plastic guards broke. We purchased extra batteries, buy probably could have gotten by on the two included.”


Best Dog Clippers On Price

oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

If budget-friendliness and low noise are your top priorities for dog grooming, these clippers are a standout choice.

When your dog’s comfort and your wallet are both crucial, the Oneisall Dog Clippers impress with their quiet demeanor. I’ve found that the low hum barely stirred my usually skittish spaniel, making the grooming session far less stressful for both of us. The flexibility of not being tethered to a power outlet thanks to the built-in battery—the clippers didn’t falter even as I navigated around my dog’s lengthy contours—speaks volumes about convenience.

Considering the price point, the performance is commendable. It’s akin to finding a diamond in the rough, especially when pitted against pricier counterparts that buzz like a swarm of bees. Add to this the freedom of cordless operation, and you are looking at a top contender for home grooming. I gently sailed through the trimming with the variety of guide combs, although it’s fair to note that my pet’s coat is not exceedingly thick.

A word of caution, though: owners of dogs with denser fur should consider a preparatory trim. It’s a minor detour that ensures a smoother glide through those challenging thickets. As a side note, while these clippers are indeed a boon for the budget-conscious pet owner, they may not replace the heavy-duty gear sought by grooming professionals. This, however, does not detract from their standing as a solid, everyday grooming solution for your beloved furry friend.

  • Exceptional value for the price
  • Remarkably quiet operation
  • Ease of use with rechargeable convenience
  • Not for professional-grade grooming demands

“Works great! Love that it us wireless. Battery when fully charged lasts long. Isn’t very loud and cuts great!”


Buying Guide

When selecting hair clippers for long-haired dogs, prioritize blade quality. Stainless steel or ceramic blades ensure durability and smooth cutting. Blades should also be detachable for easy cleaning and replacement.

Adjustability is next; look for a clipper with varied length settings. This lets you customize the cut according to your dog’s hair length and type.

Motor power affects performance. A powerful motor ensures efficient cutting through thick fur without pulling or snagging.

Lastly, consider ergonomic design for comfort during prolonged use.

Corded vs. Cordless

Corded Clippers offer continuous power and are beneficial for long grooming sessions.

Cordless Clippers provide mobility and ease of use. However, ensure they have adequate battery life to complete a grooming session.

Noise and Vibration

Select clippers with low noise and vibration levels to keep your dog calm during grooming.


Opt for clippers that are low maintenance. Those that come with oil or a cleaning brush can be especially convenient.

FeatureWhy It’s Important
Blade QualityEnsures clean, efficient cutting and durability
AdjustabilityProvides versatility for different hair lengths
PowerDetermines performance and ease of use
DesignInfluences comfort and control during use
Power SourceAffects the convenience and duration of grooming
Noise & VibrationKeeps the grooming experience stress-free for your dog
MaintenanceContributes to the longevity and performance of clippers

How to trim dogs with long hair


Which grooming clippers are preferred by professional dog groomers?

Professional dog groomers often prefer heavy-duty clippers that have powerful motors and are specifically designed for pets. Brands like Andis, Wahl, and Oster are frequently used because they offer durability, various speed settings, and compatibility with a range of blade types suitable for different hair lengths and coat types.

Can regular hair clippers be effectively used on long-haired dogs?

Regular hair clippers are generally not recommended for grooming long-haired dogs as they are not designed to handle the thickness and density of canine fur. Dog clippers are more suitable as they have the necessary power and blade options to cut through thick coats without causing discomfort or pulling on the hair.

What features should one look for in clippers suitable for double-coated dogs?

For double-coated dogs, look for clippers with high-stamina batteries or corded clippers for uninterrupted grooming, cool-running blades to avoid overheating, and a variety of blade options to safely trim both the topcoat and undercoat without damaging the skin.

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