Best Dog Hair Clippers (The Best Picks For 2024)

When it comes to maintaining your dog’s appearance and health, grooming plays a pivotal role. Adequate grooming not only keeps your dog looking sharp but also ensures their coat is free of mats and excess fur, which can contribute to discomfort and skin issues.

One essential tool for any pet owner looking to engage in home grooming is a reliable set of dog hair clippers. These specialized clippers are designed to handle the varying textures and lengths of dog fur, offering a smooth and safe trimming experience.

Our Picks For The Best Clippers For Long Hair Dogs

Best overall dog clippers
Andis 23375 Professional UltraEdge Super 2

Best Dog clipper on Manvouvrebiliy
WAHL Professional Animal Arco

Best Dog hair clipper on power
Oster A5 Hair Clippers for Dog

Best Dog Hair Clipper on noise
Oneisall Dog Clippers for Grooming

Best Dog Hair Clipper On Price
oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

What Clipper should Pet Owners Look For?

Choosing the right dog hair clippers is crucial for a hassle-free grooming session. Unlike human hair, dog fur has unique properties and can be much thicker or coarser, requiring clippers with strong motors, sharp blades, and the flexibility to handle different coats.

On top of this, the comfort of the animal is paramount, which means low noise and vibration levels are also important features to prevent anxiety or fear during the grooming process.

When selecting dog hair clippers, it’s important to consider several factors to find the most suitable match for your pet’s needs.

The thickness of your dog’s coat, the desired length of the trim, the corded or cordless design, and the presence of different speed settings are all significant aspects. Additionally, you’ll want to look for clippers that offer various comb attachments for length and are designed for durability and ease of maintenance.

In understanding these nuances, you’re now better equipped to make an informed decision about which dog hair clippers will best suit your furry friend.

Moving forward, we will examine the top models on the market, highlighting their features, pros, and cons to help you choose the ultimate grooming tool for your dog’s specific needs.

Best Overall Dog Hair Clippers

Andis 23375 Professional UltraEdge Super 2

If precision and ease are your top concerns when grooming your dog, the Andis 23375 UltraEdge Clipper is a worthy investment.

Taking the Andis 23375 UltraEdge Clipper into my hands, I immediately notice its substantial feel — an assurance of its professional build. It’s a noticeable step up from the budget-friendly options that wear out after a few sessions. Switching it on, I’m greeted by the hum of its powerful motor, yet it’s surprisingly quiet compared to others I’ve tried, which is a huge plus for nervous pets.

Using this clipper feels less like a chore and more like a precise art. The two-speed rotary motor makes short work of dense coats with an impressive 3400–4400 strokes per minute, slicing through thick fur where other clippers simply bog down. The convenience of the detachable blades can’t be overstated either — a quick swap, and I am ready to keep going with another coat type or get the blades cleaned up for next time.

As I maneuver around my four-legged client, the generous 14-inch cord allows ample freedom of movement. The housing feels robust, capable of withstanding the rigors of frequent grooming sessions. By the time I’m finished, I realize the UltraEdge Clipper has managed to cut my usual grooming time in half, leaving me and my pet less fatigued — a testament to its efficient design and powerful performance.

Evaluating the Andis 23375 UltraEdge Clipper against others on the market, it’s clear why it should be at the top of the list for dog owners. It excels not just in power and quiet operation, but also in comfort and ease of use, making it the best overall choice for keeping your dog’s coat well-groomed.

  • Efficient two-speed operation for different grooming needs.
  • Effortless blade changes for versatile trimming experiences.
  • Quiet motor, creating a stress-free environment for your pet.
  • The metal trimming plate may heat up with prolonged use

“These are by far the best clippers I have every used! I used them on our doodle and the were awesome! I wish I would’ve bought more blades to change out for different lengths! The one it came with shaved her to low!”


Best Dog Clipper On Manouvrebility

WAHL Professional Animal Arco

Finding the perfect clipper for your pet can be challenging, but the WAHL Professional Bravura Clipper Kit stands out for its ease of use and mobility during grooming sessions.

I recently had the opportunity to groom my dog with the WAHL Professional Bravura Clippers, and I must say, the experience was quite seamless. The trimmer felt light in my hand, which allowed for precise control around my dog’s face and paws. Unlike other clippers that can get unwieldy or uncomfortable after extended use, this model made it easy to switch positions and angles without causing any fatigue to my wrist.

Its 5-in-1 blade provided an incredibly convenient way to adjust the cutting length without the need to swap out blades constantly. This feature alone saved me a considerable amount of time, especially when catering to different grooming needs across various parts of my dog’s coat.

In terms of battery life, this clipper did not disappoint. It maintained its power throughout the entire 90-minute session, and it didn’t waver in performance as the battery level diminished. The reality of not having to work around a power cord or deal with interruptions for recharging truly sets this clipper apart in terms of maneuverability compared to others I’ve used.

When stacked against the competition, the WAHL Professional Bravura Clippers offer a blend of features that achieve the right balance between power and agility. While the price may be on the higher end, the investment seems justified, considering the efficiency and ease of movement it offers. For anyone who values mobility and the freedom to groom their pet anywhere without being tethered to an outlet, these clippers certainly earn their place at the top of the list.

  • High maneuverability for detailed grooming
  • Adjustable 5-in-1 blade for versatile cuts
  • Quick recharge with 90-minute cordless runtime
  • Guide combs may not suit all fur types

“I have a Persian who has ultra fine, fluffy angora-like fur. He has a neurological problem so he doesn’t groom himself, won’t let you groom him for more than a minute or two, and develops dense, tightly matted hairballs right up against the skin in his arm/leg pits and on his butt. This clipper was amazing. I didn’t have to repeatedly go over the same swath, or hold the fur or hairball taut to clip it off. Clipper didn’t clog or bog. Very satisfied.”


Best Dog Hair Clippers On Power

Oster A5 Hair Clippers for Dog

If dealing with thick-coated breeds is your everyday challenge, these clippers are a robust choice for you.

Grooming your furry companion with the Oster Turbo A5 Clippers, I was immediately struck by their sheer power. Even the thickest of coats were no match for the 4,000 SPM high-speed setting. This clipper stands out when compared to others in this roundup, mainly due to how confidently it handles dense, matted fur.

Aside from power, the clipper operates more silently than I expected, making it less stressful for noise-sensitive pets. Its design prioritizes comfort with a two-speed setting that brings precision to delicate areas when on the lower setting, without compromising on the overall performance.

Despite its efficiency, it’s worth noting that the Oster Turbo A5 Clippers do feel heavy after some time. I’ve noticed they also generate considerable heat, something to be mindful of during longer grooming sessions. However, considering the features, these are manageable trade-offs. One thing I found missing was a dedicated storage case – with such a top-tier grooming tool, having a safe place to store it would be beneficial.

  • Glides through thick hair effortlessly
  • Quiet operation with two speed choices
  • Durable with easy-to-change blades
  • Heavier than many other models

“Our previous dog clippers were not strong enough to cut through our dog’s fur, but the new one we got makes grooming much easier. Although I am not a professional, I can tell that this clipper is a significant upgrade from the cheaper ones we have used before. If you are looking to replace your old clippers, I would highly recommend this one.”


Best Dog Clippers On Noise

oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

If you’re seeking a tranquil grooming experience for your dog, this clipper outshines others with its impressively low noise output.

Grooming your canine companion shouldn’t involve a battle with noise and discomfort. Oneisall Quiet Dog Clippers are designed to provide a stress-free grooming session. Upon unboxing, I immediately noticed the low hum of its operation—a remarkably soft sound that didn’t spook my typically jittery spaniel.

In comparison to other clippers in the roundup, this one had my labradoodle’s thick fur neatly trimmed without any tug or pull, which can’t be said for some of the noisier models. The smoothness of the blades is also a plus, cutting through dense areas where others would falter, although for exceptionally thick and matted fur, a professional-grade clipper might perform better.

The standout feature has got to be the extended battery life. You can groom without concern for the device dying mid-cut, a feature that proved very handy when I was working on my neighbor’s energetic retriever. Furthermore, the waterproof design allows for a quick rinse under the tap, making cleanup less of a hassle. Yet, take note that while maintenance is a breeze, the non-detachable blade means you won’t be reaching for this clipper if you require a customized blade swap.

Overall, if a peaceful and effective grooming session is on your agenda, Oneisall Quiet Dog Clippers deliver that experience with ease.

  • Exceptional value for the price
  • Remarkably quiet operation
  • Ease of use with rechargeable convenience
  • Not for professional-grade grooming demands

“Works great! Love that it us wireless. Battery when fully charged lasts long. Isn’t very loud and cuts great!”


Best Dog Clippers On Noise

Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

For budget-conscious pet owners needing reliable clippers, the oneisall Dog Clippers offer formidable trimming without the hefty price tag.

When cost and quiet operation are high on your list, these clippers stand out as a wise choice. The hassle-free cordless experience combined with a nearly inaudible buzz makes these oneisall Dog Clippers a godsend for both newcomers and seasoned pet groomers. You’ll appreciate how effortlessly it glides through fur, leaving behind only the desired length without the clutter of wires.

Knowing the importance of a stress-free grooming session, these clippers really shine. The low vibration and subdued noise are exactly what your companion needs for a calm trim. And, it’s not just about comfort; the varied clipper guards ensure a professional-looking haircut every time.

When it comes to upkeep, it’s a breeze. Charging is quick, usage time more than adequate and the intelligent LCD lends you confidence, keeping you informed of battery life during grooming sessions. Balancing price and features, these clippers offer a reliable grooming experience, tailor-made for those who are eager to maintain their pet’s appearance without splurging.

  • Affordably priced for cost-effective grooming
  • Impressively quiet operation, minimizing pet anxiety
  • Cordless design allows for flexible, unrestricted movement
  • May lack power compared to premium models

“Great price, quiet and cut great!”


Buying Guide

When choosing the best dog hair clippers, prioritize models with adjustable blades for varying coat lengths. Look for high-quality motor options that offer quiet operation to keep your dog calm. Cordless versions provide convenience, but ensure they have ample battery life.

FeatureWhy It’s Important
Motor SpeedProvides efficiency for different coat types.
Blade MaterialDetermines durability and sharpness.
Weight & DesignAffects user comfort during long grooming sessions.
MaintenanceClippers should be easy to clean and oil.

Performance & Comfort

Select clippers that offer multiple speeds; slow speeds for delicate areas and faster speeds for thick fur. Your comfort is also important; consider ergonomic handles to prevent hand fatigue.


Your purchase may include guiding combscleaning tools, and oil for blades. These enhance the grooming experience and maintain the device’s performance.

Heat & Noise

Clippers should remain cool during operation to avoid discomfort or burns to your dog’s skin. Noise level is also critical—quieter clippers are ideal for noise-sensitive dogs.

Price & Value

While you may be tempted by low prices, invest in a clipper that offers a balance between cost and features that meet your specific grooming needs.

Remember that a higher price doesn’t always equate to better quality, but very cheap options might compromise on performance or durability. Regular maintenance can extend the life of mid-range clippers to offer the best value over time.

How to trim dogs with long hair


What features do professional groomers look for in dog hair clippers?

Professional groomers often seek clippers that have powerful motors, variable speeds, durable blades, and ergonomic designs. The ease of cleaning and maintenance is also a priority to help streamline their busy grooming schedules.

How do cordless dog grooming clippers compare with corded ones?

Cordless dog grooming clippers offer greater mobility and ease of use, especially in hard-to-reach areas, without the restriction of a power cord. However, they may have less power and require regular recharging. Corded clippers, while less flexible, typically provide consistent power for longer grooming sessions.

What are the recommended dog clippers for thick or matted coats?

For thick or matted coats, clippers with high torque and sharp, wide blades are recommended. Clippers that can maintain a high speed without overheating will handle tough coats more effectively. Models specifically designed for heavy-duty use are often a good choice.

If you found this review article on the the best dog hair clippers useful, be sure to check out more reviews below.



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