How Often Should You Brush Your Beard? (How Often is Optimal)

How often should you rush your beard? 

That’s the question. 

Is there something as too much? Does this change with different beard lengths?

And what’s the best process you can use to still keep your beard looking its best?

Al, of these questions and more are answered in this article. 

So with that said, let’s get into it. 

How often should you brush your beard?

You don’t want to brush your beard too often. 

Look to brush your beard once / twice a day with a brush (such as a boar bristle brush), then touch up your beard when needed with a comb throughout the day. 

Excessively combing and brushing your beard especially when it’s short and close to the skin, isn’t good and in fact, can stop growth, pull hair out/ damage it. 

So what exactly happens when you brush your beard too much?

That’s next. 

Brushing Your Hair Too Much

Yes, there is a thing such as too much. 

When you brush your hair hard, it pulls out hairs. 

The over-brushing pull will pull out a lot more hair than you’d like and over time, your beard will get thinner and whisper and I’m sure that’s a look you won’t enjoy. 

Again if you have a shorter beard, this will become very apparent but if you have a longer beard you may just get away with it but I still don’t advise it. 

Longer beard 

If you have a long beard say around 20- 30 you should look to deep brush it a few times a day, say 4-5 times. 

Larger beards have a higher tendency to become tangled and knotted up. So upkeep throughout the day is justified and it goes a long way in making sure you look your best throughout the day. 

So also be aware of the texture of your beard and its tendencies then from there, act accordingly, just don’t overdo it. 

You may find with your tangled beard, a boar brush or even comb doesn’t work to get rid of the knots. 

In that case, a tangle tweezer may be a good shout even though it’s not a common tool for beards. 

With this tool, you just use it when it’s needed. 

But you come to find it’s best to use this tool in the shower. Get the knots completed in the morning and use a conditioner too. ( We’ll delve more into this later on in this article.) 

How often should I brush my beard?

After you’ve detangled and deep-conditioned your beard, you can then look to add oil. 

Oiling and brushing your beard together is a game changer for better stimulation growth

Apply oil to your face then brush in. 

should I brush my beard up or down 

Brush your hair down to:

  1. Lay your beard flatter
  2. Sweep skin, dirt, and grime out of your beard. 

Also brushing your beard u creates a pubic effect (not a great look).

Again, using a boar bristle brush is best for this task. Grab one below if you don’t currently own one. 

Now, you could use balm it certainly works too, but you better off just using your hand for beard balm as it can get this and stick in your brush. 

Get a double-sided brush 

If you own a detangler, a boar brush, and a pocket comb, you are more than set to take and groom your beard at all times of the day. 

But if you wish to take your grooming to a new level, then you could look into investing in a double-sided brush. 

With a double-sided brush, one side firm, one side soft 

it can be a great investment in controlling your beard. 

Some beards are wispy and strong and some beards fluctuate between both. 

A double-sided brush gives you the flexibility to style your beard how you see fit. 

Brush Process

Here’s a simple process of how you can brush and maintain your beard without doing too much. 

Shampoo/ deep condition beard in the shower. 

Oil and balm it in the morning, brush your beard out at this point. 

Comb/touch up at lunch. 

Oil and brush out in the evening before bed then do the whole process again in the morning. 


In this article, we asked the question, how often should you brush your beard?

The answer varies but you shouldn’t do it too many times a day as overly brushing your beard can lead to more damage than actual growth.

2-3 times with a boar brush should be enough.

If you have found this article helpful, please check out other articles below on this topic.


What type of brush is best for a beard?

Use a boar bristle brush for best results. Boar bristle brushes are gentle on the skin, distribute oils evenly, and prevent static and tangles.

Can over-brushing harm my beard?

Yes, over-brushing can damage your beard. Be gentle when brushing and do not overdo it. Too much brushing can cause breakage, split ends, and dryness.

Patrick Boulang

Patrick Boulang

Patrick is the Primary editor for Clipphub. He has sales background however has always had a passion in barbering and personal self grooming. He now he spends most of his time giving information to hair clipper users to get them comfortable with personal grooming and improve their work on clients as he believes anyone can become skills with their blades.